Support for Israel Is Not…

Support for Israel Is Not Biblical

In his last words before he ascended to heaven, Jesus told his disciples, “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Jesus and his disciples were in Israel. He was telling them to leave Israel and go to the ends of the earth. When did he cancel those instructions, and tell them to return to Israel? When did he tell them to build an ethnostate for the children of those who rejected Him?

Christian Zionists use Old Testament verses to justify their support for Israel. For example, they use the verse in which God tells Abraham his descendants will possess the whole land of Canaan (Genesis 17:8) and be as numerous as sand on the seashore (Gen. 22:17). Christian Zionists wait for these promises to be fulfilled! But they don’t realize they were fulfilled in the Old Testament:

  • God fulfilled the land promises in the time of Joshua. He led the Israelites across the Jordan, and they possessed the land of Canaan. At the end of his life, Joshua says:

“You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises of the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.” (Joshua 23:14)

  • God fulfilled the “sand on the seashore” promise, and the expanded borders promise (Gen. 15:18), in the time of Solomon:

“The people of Judah and Israel were as numerous as the sand on the seashore; they ate, they drank, and they were happy. And Solomon ruled over all the kingdoms from the Euphrates River to the land of the Philistines, as far as the border of Egypt…” (1 Kings 4:20-21a)

Support for Israel Is Not Moral

The Zionists who set up and run the state of Israel practice discrimination. Only those of a certain bloodline are allowed to become citizens in Israel. This goes against the Bible’s teachings. Under the Old Covenant, a Gentile who wanted to follow the Lord could become part of the nation of Israel (See for example, Isaiah 56:3 regarding “the foreigner who joins himself to the Lord”). God’s people were never a caste system that favored one bloodline over another.

In the New Testament, we see that believers are one in Jesus Christ, regardless of ethnic background. See Peter’s vision of the sheet (Acts 10), which illustrates that Gentiles are now heirs to the promise along with Jews. Our identity is in Christ, not our ethnicity, and believers in Jesus are the true seed of Abraham:

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” (Galatians 8:28).

Jesus says that anyone who takes care of “the least of these” his brethren, will be honored as if he took care of Christ himself (Matthew 25:10). He stated that his mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it (Luke 8:21). Thus he made it clear that spiritual family takes precedence over blood family.

And yet, because they imagine the citizens of Israel are the genealogical descendants of Abraham, the Christian Zionists bless the “Jews” and favor them over their spiritual family members, their brothers and sisters in Christ! Israel’s ongoing persecution of Palestinian and Israeli Christians is ongoing, yet believers in the West turn a blind eye to it. Israel gets a pass, because they are supposedly Abraham’s children.

Support for Israel Is Not Logical

The existence of the state of Israel is not logical. Its founders and occupants don’t believe the Bible, yet they use the Bible to justify their right to the land. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the Talmud, not the Bible, is the official law of Israel. Many people think the Talmud is a holy book, similar to the Scriptures. But it is not. The Talmud is antithetical to the Bible. It’s based on the oral teachings of the rabbis, not the scriptures. It encourages immoral behavior such as pedophilia. How do Christians support the godless state of Israel? They abandon logic in order to do so.

Support for Israel Is Not Peaceful

Every year, our young men and women go fight wars for Israel. Every year thousands are killed or injured. This has been true for generations. No matter who is president, no matter the pretext, our boys are simply cannon fodder for the expansion of Israel. “Greater Israel” is the plan to expand Israel’s power and control over the surrounding regions. The West’s involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Syria serves to ensure that Israel’s neighbors comply with her policies, and inernational banking policies. Our boys die for Israel, not for their own country.

Support for Israel is Not Blessing Abraham’s Descendants

The majority of the so-called Jews in Israel today are Ashkenazis. They descend from the Khazars, a people who hail from what is now northern Russia, not the Middle East. They are not descendants of Abraham, but rather imposters who converted to Judaism in the 9th century. So even if we were obligated to “bless” the children of Abraham, these are not the spiritual or genealogical children of Abraham!

As stated previously, Jesus declared that his “mother and sister and brothers” are those who hear the word of God, and do it (Matthew 12:46-50). In saying this, he diminished the importance of the natural family line, and placed the emphasis on the spiritual family. He himself did not have physical descendants! His kingdom is not of this world. But Zionism places the focus on the natural lineage, and carnal relationships rather than spiritual.

In conclusion, support for Israel is not biblical, moral, logical, or justifiable. Christians, repent of making the state of Israel your idol! Worship the Lord Jesus Christ.


Life After Death?

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I’ve been talking with people from everywhere, to find out what they think about life after death. Their answers have been interesting! Some have said they believe after death, it’s just nothing. Some say your energy returns to the air. Some say you get reincarnated as someone else.

The Bible says it is appointed for man once to die, and then comes the judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

But what is the judgment? It’s based on God’s Law. God’s law is holy, righteous and perfect. And if you break even one part of it, it’s like you’ve broken the whole thing.

For example, have you ever told a lie? Then you’ve broken the ninth commandment.

Have you ever used God’s name as a curse word? You’ve broken the third commandment.

Have you always loved God more than anything else? No? Then you’ve broken the first commandment.

Are you a good person? Take the test.

The Law is like a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.  God knew that no one could keep his law, so he made a provision for us. He sent his only Son to live a perfect life — he was tempted in every way we are, yet was without sin — and he died a criminal’s death, to make atonement for our sin. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Cor. 5:21).  So the only way to salvation is  repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. It’s not possible to earn your way into heaven. No one can be a good person according to God’s standard!

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

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Flat Earth Manifesto

Flat Earthers acknowledge that:

  1. Earth is not a sphere or an oblate spheroid. No one has ever proven that earth curves.
  2. Earth does not move. It is stationary. No one has ever proven that it spins.
  3. The sun, moon, and stars are small local lights. They are not hundreds of thousands, or millions, or trillions of miles away.
  4. Eclipses are not caused by earth’s shadow.
  5. What they call planets are not spherical, faraway objects, but are more likely wandering stars.
  6. Space (as we know it) is fake. Every mission by NASA and every other space agency is a hoax and no object or person has ever left Earth’s atmosphere.
  7. Satellites are fake. No satellite is now, or has ever been, in orbit. GPS and cell data transmission are done by cables, tower triangulation, and bouncing signals off the ionosphere.
  8. Stationary earth can be proven by many simple and repeatable observations and experiments. Many everyday tools could not function if earth were curved and spinning, e.g. the compass, gyroscope, radar and lighthouse.
  9. The physical properties of water, specifically that it always seeks its level, prove that oceans do not curve, and oceans could not adhere to the outside of a spinning ball.
  10. Gravity is a hoax. Rather, density and buoyancy govern how an object behaves in a given medium.
  11. Antarctica is not an island located at the bottom of the globe. It is more likely an ice ring that extends around our realm.
  12. An enclosure, called the dome or firmament, probably exists above our sky.

Why Would They Lie?

Many people let the 24/7 news cycle guide their thinking. They hate certain politicians and love others. They get upset about the latest outrage. They might have patriotic feelings, or they might think their country is the bad guy, depending on the latest thought trends.

They believe we put a man on the moon and a rover on Mars. They believe youths with box cutters brought down the Towers, NFL games are left totally to chance, and doctors lovingly inject patients with pathogens to make them healthy. They believe celebrities are regular people like you and me, they just earned their place with a little luck.

Then Flat Earth comes across their TL. And they have to re-think all that. “What do you mean the governments of the world are in collusion?” They scream at me on Twitter. “What do you mean we never went to the moon? What do you mean secret societies wield tremendous power?”

The reason governments lie is complex, and it prevents many from looking into FE. They can’t figure out why the powerful would lie, so they assume Flat Earth is crazy and don’t look into it. 

But the answer is not so much about the details, since some are unknown and will remain unknown. It’s more about opening your mind to the staged world in which we live, and seeing that world governments collaborate for their purposes.

Ancient Cosmologies

machu picchu
Machu picchu by Skeeze on Pixabay


Globe earth appeared on the scene relatively recently. For thousands of years, ancient cultures taught a flat earth, with stars moving on a dome overhead. All major religions had their version of it. This agreed with what they observed, especially stargazers, who used sundials and astrolabes to predict movements of heavenly bodies with 100% accuracy. 

Copernicus & The Heliocentric Model

In the 1500s, Copernicus theorized a rotating earth with the sun in the center. Later the Vatican endorsed it, and the idea took hold. The scriptures teach a stationary earth, but soon all authorities, sacred and secular, were pushing the spinning globe earth.

For all of human history, we knew earth was flat and stationary. This model has the support of our own senses and ancient writings. But the globe took hold and the psy-op began. Soon a child would see a globe in every classroom.

copernicus 3
Copernicus theorized a round earth that moves around the sun.

1940s & 50s — Discovery of the Dome and Ice Wall

In the 1940s, the U.S. government attached cameras to rockets and sent them high above the New Mexico desert. They captured images from 65 miles (100 km)! As you see, no curve detected! But this is how they discovered the dome.

no curve 1946
Photo courtesy of airspacemag. I added the red line & text.

Operations Dominic & Fishbowl

Shortly afterward, they began exploding bombs at high altitudes in projects called Operation Dominic and Operation Fishbowl. Russia was doing the same thing. They were testing the limits of the dome.

fishbowl n dominic
U.S. Govt exploded bombs high in the air to test the limits of the dome.

Operation High Jump

Around the same time, the U.S. and others were sending teams to explore the Antarctic Ice Wall and beyond. What they discovered is a mystery; many believe Admiral Byrd’s report was a hoax. But whatever they found compelled them to draft the Antarctica Treaty.

All the powerful nations quickly signed the treaty, and they declared Antarctica a land for scientific study only; no one can own it, settle it, or use it for any other purpose.

penguin families
Penguin families. Photo by MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

Confess the Truth or Double Down?

Having discovered the limits of the earth and sky, the government had a choice to make. Would they tell the truth, or double down?

They doubled down. The “space race” began.

The Phony Space Race

dog laika
Russia claimed they sent a dog into space. Photo by 41330 at Pixabay.


People have a hard time understanding that Russia and the USA were in collusion on the whole space race hoax. Maybe they don’t understand how ranks work, how they control the flow of information, so that only the people at the top of the pyramid know the truth.

In 1957 Russia claimed to send a dog into orbit. Since it was before the days of  public outrage over the fate of an animal, they made no plan for Laika’s recovery and claimed that she died painlessly in space one week later. (How did they know it was painless?)

Before anyone gets upset, Laika probably lived to a ripe old age here on the ground, because Russia never sent anyone anywhere, dog or human. And neither did USA. But in keeping with Russia’s publicity stunts, President Kennedy declared we’d have a man on the moon by the end of the decade. So in 1969 Nixon sprang into action. He contacted Kubrick and they faked the moon landing.

The Moon Hoax deserves its own post, but suffice to say it helped drive the narrative of USA’s dominance on the world stage.

control room
Perhaps not everyone who works at NASA knows about the fakery, but they all sign non-disclosure agreements.

Space Generates Revenue

Today, space and space exploration is worth billions of dollars. NASA’s budget is 18 billion annually. Hollywood & the military-industrial-educational complex all participate. The idea of a vast universe invokes fear and awe, and aims to keep people living in fear of an asteroid strike or alien invasion.

NASA has become the propaganda arm of the Climate-Hoax™ industry, a form of fear-based mind control where victims fear they’ve done something wrong to damage the earth, and feel helpless because they can’t stop others from doing what kills the polar bears, melts ice caps, causes hurricanes, etc. 

I Have to Mention Secret Societies Here

Many balk at the idea of Secret Societies, but it’s crucial to understand that membership in these clubs is common among the elite. It helps explain how powerful countries like USA, Russia and Chinathough they seem to be at odds on certain issues actually cooperate and conspire to maintain their power.

secret societies
The elites often participate in secret societies.

Many people ask truthers, Are China and Russia lying about their space programs too? The short answer is yes. If we know that wickedness dwells in high places—that people in power are willing to lie, cheat and steal—doesn’t it follow that the leaders of other nations do this too? If NASA isn’t able to recover a human from a rocket, but rather sends empty rockets into the ocean, why would Russia be any different? All nations lie about their space programs.

The world’s leaders cooperate to maintain their power.

Oh and Another Thing: It’s Spiritual

The end result/goal of lying about the earth is to discredit God. If the elites convince us we’re an insignificant speck in a vast universe, with no God and no purpose in life, they have created a fearful, ignorant populace, easy to control. We will look to government to save us and will not resist, because there’s nothing worth fighting for.

Satan has control over all the kingdoms of the world, and he gives them to whomever he pleases (Luke 4:6). So the leaders of the world, whether aware of it or not, are merely puppets of Satan, doing his will.

For additional insight on who the bad guys are, and why they lie, please see this book on the connections between the New World Order and the New Age Movement. The author is Gregory Lessing Garrett, and you can find him on Twitter.

This video explains how the NWO works, especially regarding the international bankers’ control of government via federal banks.

Thanks for reading. I know there’s much more to say on this; I didn’t even go into the Jesuits, Illuminati, etc. Those are topics for other posts, and one could spend a lifetime researching all the connections. But I hope this gives you a framework for understanding the government’s concealment about the shape of the earth.











From New Age to Jesus – Katrina’s Testimony

When Katrina was growing up, her family didn’t talk about God. So she considered herself a “blank slate” when it came to spirituality. She chose her own path, and researched Eastern religions, adding to her beliefs that which resonated with her.

She became a respected member of the New Age community, constantly adding to her credentials: Advanced yoga teacher, yoga studio owner, oracle card reader, crystal healer, past life regressionist. She earned her income helping others; they were clearing their chakras and moving towards ascension, or “god-awakening.”

But when Katrina became sick, she researched her symptoms. She could barely eat and was exhausted from lack of sleep. What kept coming up was…demon possession? Katrina didn’t believe in demons, so how could that be?

She dismissed it. But she used to channel “love and light” spirits while teaching yoga. Could those same spirits, that seemed so friendly and helpful, have a dark side?

The Principle of Comparative Difficulty Applies to Flat Earth

Michael Behe writes on the Principle of Comparative Difficulty: If a simple task is too complex, then a more difficult task is impossible. It’s a way to know when scientists are exaggerating. They make grandiose claims about what they can do, but fail to show evidence for their most basic claims.

If a high jumper can’t clear a five-foot bar, then he can’t clear a ten-foot bar.

If a swimmer can’t make it to the end of the pool, he can’t do 30 laps.

If scientists can’t give us a real picture of earth that’s not painted or Photoshopped, how could they give us pictures of distant planets?

If they can’t return to the moon, which is in our atmosphere, how can they go to Mars, which is supposedly 249 million miles away? (Nobody really went to the moon. But for the purposes of this post, we use their narrative).

Behe brings his Principle of Comparative Diffiiculty (PCD) to bear on Darwinism: If the theory of evolution can’t explain color patterns in animals, it certainly can’t explain how we went from from a one-celled organism to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. “If nutritionists can’t easily determine how one dietary factor affects health, evolutionary biologists can’t determine what affected the survival of long-dead animals,” he writes.

To use his analogy, a lawnmower is stored in a shed. The shed door is closed by a simple hook and eye latch. If evolution can’t explain the hook and eye latch, which only requires two parts working in tandem, it certainly can’t explain the lawnmower.

That’s how you know scientists are lying. Flat Earthers have been making memes on this concept for a while, noting that if we can’t get a cell signal in the foothills in 2019, how did they call the moon in 1969?

If a rocket can’t go faster than 500 mph to break the sound barrier, how will it reach speeds of 17,000 mph, or TEN TIMES as fast as a speeding bullet?

NASA’s astrophysicists give us images of distant stars, planets and galaxies, but they fail to explain the phenomena we observe right here on our stationary plane…why both “hemispheres” see the same side of the moon, for example, or how we see the same constellations for centuries on end.

Michael Behe is not a Flat Earther as far as I know. His focus is the failure of Darwinism to explain the complex machines found in nature. But his Principle of Comparative Difficulty applies perfectly to Flat Earth.

Are Satellites Real?

Globers find it ironic that we use cell phones to post Flat Earth memes. Because the very devices we are using, prove that earth is a globe! See! Because satellites! We prove that satellites exist when we use cell phones!

But do we really? Do cell phones rely on satellites? Do satellites orbit the earth?

No. Satellites are a hoax. If satellites were orbiting the earth, it would look like this:

satellites junk

Are there thousands of satellites in orbit?

We have no real photos of satellites in orbit. Supposedly thousands of satellites are orbiting the earth. If that were the case, shouldn’t a satellite show up in a photo every now and then? Especially when we’re taking pictures of the moon? With thousands up there, satellites should appear in photos all the time. But we never see pictures of satellites. Aside from fake photos, we never see photos of satellites at all.

What about the ISS?

The ISS (International Space Station) is not real. Something the size of a football field, 250 miles in the air would not be visible from earth. And yet they produce fake photos of it.

Think about this. Take a football field–one hundred yards long–and place it 250 miles away from you. If you’re in New York, place the football field in Washington, D.C. Can you see a football field in D.C. from New York?

If you’re in St. Louis, can you see a football field in Indianapolis?

And it allegedly travels 17,000—ten times the speed of a bullet. TEN TIMES THE SPEED OF A BULLET. Something the size of a football field, travels ten times the speed of a bullet shot from a gun. What makes it go so fast? We don’t know. Is there any footage of it going that fast? No.  You’re just supposed to watch the “Live Feed” (aka green screen video shot here on earth) as the “astronauts” play guitar, wear gorilla suits, and chat with journalists, all the while travelling ten times as fast as a speeding bullet. Are there any critical thinkers left in the world? Is it just me?

So all photos of the ISS are fake, and photos and videos taken from inside the ISS are filmed in a studio here on our stationary plane. The ISS exists to fool gullible people.

But if satellites are fake, how does GPS work?

GPS works by tower triangulation. That’s why it doesn’t work well in rural areas or out in the ocean. Lack of towers = poor triangulation.

cell triangle

How is data transferred then?

Undersea cables transfer data, according to this article from Newsweek, which, by the way, is not a Flat Earth publication.

portrait cables newsweek
If satellites transmit data, why so many cables?

What about images from Google Earth?

Since the 1940s, airplanes have been used for aerial photography. This is still true today.

Aerial RAF and Luftwaffe photos via getmapping.com

What about the satellite dish at my house?

Many have pointed out that these dishes always point sideways, at 45° angles. Why? Because they’re not receiving a signal from a satellite! They are receiving signals bounced off the dome, or firmament, the solid structure above our realm. They call it the ionosphere. 

satellite dishes
Photo via eve@eveandersson.com


If satellites were real, we would have equal coverage all over the surface of the earth. But as it is, we have weak signals…where? In places where there aren’t many cell towers. Like the desert. Or the ocean. Or in the mountains.

Thanks for reading!
Satellites are fake!


Eleven Ways You Can Tell for Yourself That Earth Is Flat

Flat Earth is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. A flat, stationary earth matches our everyday observation. As NASA reinforces their false narrative with moon landing propaganda, asteroid strike near-misses, and an image of a Black Hole (if you think any of that is real, please stop reading this right now and go back to your Marvel comics), more and more people every day are looking into Flat Earth.

You don’t need any fancy equipment or science degrees to determine the shape of the earth. All you need is a little bit of critical thinking.

11) Fake Moon Landings and NASA Images and Accomplishments

NASA’s propaganda is so fake it’s laughable. We truthers often roast the Lunar Lander, and it’s so easy it requires no effort at all. They released this photo of the Lunar Lander, clearly made from paper, aluminum foil, and tape.

lunar lander 4
Nobody went to the moon.

It’s a perfect example of Revelation of the Method. The elites wish to avoid the consequences of their actions, so they show us in plain sight they are lying. Then the blame shifts from THEM to US, because they showed us they are lying, and we didn’t pick up on it. See how that works?

What does the Moon Landing have to do with the shape of the earth, you ask? Well, everything. Once you can see they lied about that, you will see that they CAN and DO lie about EVERYTHING ELSE.

10) Stars 

Stars are one of my favorite Flat Earth proofs. To understand how stars debunk the globe requires visualization skills. So, if you lack that ability, and are going to reply with, “But the stars are far away,” then just go back to your video games. You’re not ready for this yet.

But if you can think conceptually, please hear me out. We see, and have seen, the exact same stars for centuries and centuries. Ursa Major, or The Big Dipper, Ursa Minor, and Orion, are mentioned in the oldest writings and have been documented for more than 2,000 years. Some of them, like Orion, have seasonal rhythms and are visible at different times of the year. But we see the exact same constellations year after year after year. You with me so far?

If the earth were orbiting the sun, at night we would face 180 degrees opposite from the way we faced six months ago. Because we’re on the opposite side of the sun. And we face away from the sun at night. Still with me?

if we were orbiting simple 2.7
We should face the opposite direction every six months, but we don’t.

OK. If that were the case, we could never see the same stars we did six months ago. We would see 100 percent different stars, a completely different night sky. Because in the helio model, the stars do not rotate around the sun.

big dipper 4
We’re not orbiting the sun.

Many reply and say, “But the stars are really far away!” I’m not talking about distance, so please stay on topic. I am talking about which stars would be visible as we face away from the sun at night.

Often a glober replies with, “But the Big Dipper rotates! And it’s right above the North Pole! So that proves the earth rotates!” Yes, the Big Dipper rotates, and that is proof that the stars rotate, not the earth. The firmament dome moves above our heads. And the Big Dipper, which is in the North but visible as far south as Northern Australia, is great proof that earth is flat and stationary. If the Big Dipper were at the top of a spinning ball, you could not see it from Australia because it would be hidden by the curve of the earth.

The Big Dipper is visible from the South, and it is visible all year round. If we were orbiting the sun and zooming through space, we would lose alignment with it and couldn’t see it all year round.

I hope this helps, but I know people will respond with, “The stars do change!” (No one is saying they don’t have seasonal variations) and my personal favorite, “The Pole star changes every 120 septillion years!” (How do you know? Where you there? Go back to your video games and Star Trek).

9) The Sun

The sun is a light in the sky that governs the day, just like the Bible says. It’s not a gas ball 93 million miles away. It is not in the center of our system. Heliocentrism is part of a hoax where they get us to worship Helios the sun god without us even knowing it.

A few questions to ponder:

A) If the sun is in outer space, why is there light on earth but not in outer space?

B) If the sun is 93 million miles away, how do you explain crepuscular rays?

sun cloud beaut flat earth
Trace the rays to their source and we see the sun is close.

8) The Moon.

Forget about how they say the moon is 237,000 miles away for a second. Think of how we can see its craters and shadows. If no one had told you it’s so far away, would you think it was far away?

When you look at it, if no one had told you it’s very far away, what would you think?

Thanks to these brilliant pictures by Kasia, we can see the details of the moon.
moon detail kasia 2 800

moon detail kasia 3 800

Some will reply with, “But the moon is really big!” Mainstream science says Australia is wider than the moon. If we were looking at Australia from 237,000 miles away, do you think we could see its craters and details? Do you think we could see it at all?

The moon is a small local light, not a rock 237,000 miles away.

7) Airplanes. 

Airplanes prove earth is flat in many ways. First, when you get on an airplane, you can see how the horizon rises with you as you ascend. If the earth were a globe, the horizon would continually drop away from your point of view.

Second, you can see how the horizon is flat and straight from 36,000 feet.

Third, you see how airplanes never have to adjust for earth’s curvature–they just fly straight and parallel to the ground. Many pilots have admitted earth is flat.

Fourth, even the most sophisticated airplane navigation system is based on the humble gyroscope–a little apparatus that maintains a rigid axis relative to the horizon or the ground. This keeps the airplane flying straight and could not function if earth was a ball.

Fifth, they say the earth is spinning 1,040 mph at the equator. But the average airplane flies at about 500 mph. So the runway is moving faster than the airplane?

No. As anyone can see, earth is flat and stationary, and airplanes help prove this.

airplane wing clouds sky
Airplanes teach us a lot about the Flat Earth.

6) Lighthouses

Landlocked readers may not often think about this, but a lighthouse can send a beam of light up to forty miles. If earth were a globe, that light would be hidden behind a hill of water. It could never reach forty miles out into the ocean.

Lighthouses send a beam of light up to 40 miles into the ocean.

5) Oceans

Water always seeks its level. In fact, water is what we use to determine level. In a carpenter’s level, also known as a spirit level, the little bubble, suspended in liquid,  responds to the slightest tilt, to let us know when the level is perfectly straight. That is, perfectly perpendicular with the ground. The flat, straight, level ground. It wouldn’t work if the ground were curved, see?

And so it is with oceans. All the oceans of the world are perfectly flat, straight and level. Hence the term, sea level. Your eyes don’t deceive you in this case. The ocean looks perfectly flat and level because it is perfectly flat and level.

And since water covers more than 70% of earth’s surface, we know that 70% of the surface of earth is perfectly flat and level. This would be impossible if earth were a globe. Ergo, earth is not a globe.


ocean 3
All oceans everywhere are flat and level.

4) Earthquakes. A seismograph measures movement of the earth, such as what occurs during an earthquake. Seismographs are sophisticated and can detect the slightest movement. So when the earth isn’t moving, what is happening? Is it at rest? Yes it is. It’s  stationary. Because earth is stationary.

Oh, and remind me again what’s the name of that instrument that detects earth’s wild 1,040 mph spin? Oh that’s right…there’s not one.

seismograph earth spin meme 1

3) No Spin. They say earth is spinning 1,040 mph at the equator, but no one has ever been able to prove this. In fact, the opposite has been proven. George Airy, a British Royal Astronomer in the 19th Century, did an experiment dubbed “Airy’s Failure,” because he failed to prove earth’s movement. He put water in a telescope to track the movement of starlight, and he proved that starlight moves while the telescope remains stationary.

airys failure

2) No Curve. If earth were a ball 25,000 miles in circumference, we would see an 8″ per mile square curvature on the surface of it. But we never see this, nor has it ever been demonstrated by any test, experiment, observation, or instrument.

curve chart

Even from 120,000 feet, where curve should be visible, the horizon is always flat, straight and level.

sun 120 hi alt
Flat earth taken by a weather balloon at 120,000 feet.

1) The Bible. As the best-selling book of all time, backed up by historical and archaeological evidence, claiming to be inspired by God and then proving it by making predictions that come true hundreds of years later, the Bible is trustworthy.

It speaks of a stationary earth that cannot be moved, a firmament dome above the sky, with waters above and waters below. All of this is backed up by observation and science.

bible states earth stationary 2
The Bible contains more than 200 scriptures that speak of a flat stationary earth.



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Flat Earth Glossary – Revised and Updated

Aether: Substance through which starlight moves
Airy’s Failure:
Experiment that proves starlight moves, not the telescope
Path of the sun, varies throughout the year
Antarctica Treaty:
Treaty signed by 53 nations that prevents ownership & settlement of Antarctica
Asterism: Well-known part of a larger constellation, e.g. Big Dipper
Astronot: A Freemason who pretends to go to space
Bedford Level: Experiment (Norfolk England, 1870) that demonstrated no curve in six miles of canal
Buoyancy: Ability of object to float in a medium, upthrust
Cavendish: Experiment where supposedly one ball attracted another, never replicated, proven or demonstrated
Cognitive Dissonance: Irrational reaction to a challenge of beliefs
Convergence: Line at which two parallel planes appear to meet, see also horizon
Coriolis Effect: Myth about earth’s movement and how it affects bullets and footballs, never proven or demonstrated
Density: Degree of compactness of a substance, measured by consistency of mass per unit volume
Density Differential: Mechanism by which objects move up and down within their medium (credit: @rokro111)
Dome: Glasslike structure over our realm. See also Firmament
FE: Flat Earth
Firmament: Transparent impenetrable structure over our realm
Fisheye lens: Wide-angle lens that creates appearance of curvature on flat horizon
Flerf: Flat Earther, (derogatory)
Foucalt’s Pendulum: Pendulum that allegedly moves because of Earth’s rotation; actually it moves because a motor is moving it
Geocentric: Model in which Earth is the center of the cosmos
Glober, Globehead, Globularist: One who defends the globe
Gravity: Unproven theory of mass attracting mass
Heliocentric: Sun-centered model
Horizon: Line at which earth and sky appear to meet, always a straight line and always rises to eye level. See also Convergence
Illuminati, Freemasons: Secret Societies in which membership is required for the elite in every sector of society
Jesuits: Elite sector of control via the Vatican, historic thought-leaders responsible for the counter-reformation and doctrines of demons in education such as the spinning ball earth and the Big Bang
Knowledge Differential: Mechanism by which the elites stay at the top of the pyramid of power; i.e. lies are widely disseminated but knowledge is hoarded by the select few credit: @GrandArch104
Kubrick, Stanley: American film director (1928-1999), probable creative director of the moon landing hoax film (July 1969)
Level: Horizontal plane or line
Michelson-Gale: Experiment that proves existence of aether
Michelson-Morley: Experiment that proves lack of aether-wind (no movement of Earth)
Operation Dominic/ Fishbowl: NASA tests the limits of the dome
Operation High Jump: Exploration of Antarctica
Polaris: Star that levitates over magnetic north, The North Star
Principle of Comparative Difficulty: If an comparatively easy task is impossible, a task several orders of magnitude more difficult is also impossible, e.g., if NASA can’t produce a real picture of earth, they can’t produce a real picture of a distant galaxy
RE: Round Earth
shill: one who is paid to defend the globe and/or troll Flat Earthers
Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Royals: Any of the 13 families that control all the wealth and power in the world
Rowbotham, Samuel: Author of Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not A Globe (1871)
Selenelion: When sun & moon appear simultaneously during a lunar eclipse
Sextant: Mariners’ Navigational tool that debunks globe earth
Southern Cross: Asterism visible from Southern latitudes year-long
Star trails: Movement of stars that prove flat earth
Troll: (noun) insincere joker, not looking for honest debate
Troll: (verb) to post dishonest comments for comedic value
Vanishing Point: formed where two parallel lines appear to converge
Woke: Aware of the deceptions perpetrated on the people
Woke Lite: One who believes part of the truth, but not all, e.g., believes 9/11 was an inside job, but the moon landings were real.


Water Proves Earth is Flat

Water proves earth is flat. Water always seeks its level; all oceans are flat and level; oceans are 70% of the earth’s surface; therefore, earth is flat. Globers don’t like this, so they try to change the properties of water. Let’s look at two counter-arguments globers use:

1) Water Droplets.

Globers like to post pictures of water droplets, thinking this proves water could curve in large quantities. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like pictures of water droplets as much as the next person. Especially with cute little bugs on them, like this:

ladybug water droplet
Water droplets are neat! And ladybugs too!

But water droplets don’t prove earth is a spinning ball. The properties of water bring us to the conclusion that earth is flat and stationary.

Water in small quantities clings to itself, so that it forms a shape with the smallest surface area, i.e. a droplet. But let the droplet fall to the earth, and it sinks into the soil, or assimilates into a large body of water, no longer a droplet:

mud ground earth flower
Water doesn’t stay in droplet form for long.

Several water droplets can fit on a penny, until they all splash out:

But in large quantities, water requires a CONTAINER:

aquarium giant fish tank
In large quantities, water requires a container.

Otherwise, it flows downhill until it can’t flow downhill anymore.

waterfall-lovely river
Water flows downhill til it finds level.

And that’s what we mean when we say water seeks its level. Water doesn’t curve in large quantities, no matter how much you post pictures of water droplets.

Globers also like to post pictures of a meniscus:

Meniscus examples

A meniscus can be convex or concave, depending on the liquid. But it occurs because of the molecules’ attraction to the CONTAINER. Again with the container.

That leads us to the next point globers make, when they despair of proving water curves:

2) Redefining level. 

Globe defenders don’t like to live in a world where water is level. Because that means oceans are level, which means earth is flat. So, they try to redefine what level means.

“Level doesn’t mean flat! Level means curved!” they say. But the dictionary disagrees with them:

level definition
The definition of level.

Globers want to construct a reality where instead of flat oceans we have curving oceans. The only problem is that there’s no evidence for this.

In conclusion, globers try to escape the reality of water seeking its level, and all oceans being flat and level, but they fail.

Thanks for reading!