Why Would They Lie?

An owl stares at the camera with the text, Why Would They Lie?

Many people let the 24/7 news cycle guide their thinking. They hate certain politicians and love others. They get upset about the latest outrage. They might have patriotic feelings, or they might think their country is the bad guy, depending on the latest thought trends.

They believe we put a man on the moon and a rover on Mars. They believe youths with box cutters brought down the Towers, NFL games are left totally to chance, and doctors lovingly inject patients with pathogens to make them healthy. They believe celebrities are regular people like you and me, they just earned their place with a little luck.

Then Flat Earth comes across their TL. And they have to re-think all that. “What do you mean the governments of the world are in collusion?” They scream at me on Twitter. “What do you mean we never went to the moon? What do you mean secret societies wield tremendous power?”

The reason governments lie is complex, and it prevents many from looking into FE. They can’t figure out why the powerful would lie, so they assume Flat Earth is crazy and don’t look into it. 

But the answer is not so much about the details, since some are unknown and will remain unknown. It’s more about opening your mind to the staged world in which we live, and seeing that world governments collaborate for their purposes.

Ancient Cosmologies

machu picchu
Machu picchu by Skeeze on Pixabay


Globe earth appeared on the scene relatively recently. For thousands of years, ancient cultures taught a flat earth, with stars moving on a dome overhead. All major religions had their version of it. This agreed with what they observed, especially stargazers, who used sundials and astrolabes to predict movements of heavenly bodies with 100% accuracy. 

Copernicus & The Heliocentric Model

In the 1500s, Copernicus theorized a rotating earth with the sun in the center. Later the Vatican endorsed it, and the idea took hold. The scriptures teach a stationary earth, but soon all authorities, sacred and secular, were pushing the spinning globe earth.

For all of human history, we knew earth was flat and stationary. This model has the support of our own senses and ancient writings. But the globe took hold and the psy-op began. Soon a child would see a globe in every classroom.

copernicus 3
Copernicus theorized a round earth that moves around the sun.

1940s & 50s — Discovery of the Dome and Ice Wall

In the 1940s, the U.S. government attached cameras to rockets and sent them high above the New Mexico desert. They captured images from 65 miles (100 km)! As you see, no curve detected! But this is how they discovered the dome.

no curve 1946
Photo courtesy of airspacemag. I added the red line & text.

Operations Dominic & Fishbowl

Shortly afterward, they began exploding bombs at high altitudes in projects called Operation Dominic and Operation Fishbowl. Russia was doing the same thing. They were testing the limits of the dome.

fishbowl n dominic
U.S. Govt exploded bombs high in the air to test the limits of the dome.

Operation High Jump

Around the same time, the U.S. and others were sending teams to explore the Antarctic Ice Wall and beyond. What they discovered is a mystery; many believe Admiral Byrd’s report was a hoax. But whatever they found compelled them to draft the Antarctica Treaty.

All the powerful nations quickly signed the treaty, and they declared Antarctica a land for scientific study only; no one can own it, settle it, or use it for any other purpose.

penguin families
Penguin families. Photo by MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

Confess the Truth or Double Down?

Having discovered the limits of the earth and sky, the government had a choice to make. Would they tell the truth, or double down?

They doubled down. The “space race” began.

The Phony Space Race

dog laika
Russia claimed they sent a dog into space. Photo by 41330 at Pixabay.


People have a hard time understanding that Russia and the USA were in collusion on the whole space race hoax. Maybe they don’t understand how ranks work, how they control the flow of information, so that only the people at the top of the pyramid know the truth.

In 1957 Russia claimed to send a dog into orbit. Since it was before the days of  public outrage over the fate of an animal, they made no plan for Laika’s recovery and claimed that she died painlessly in space one week later. (How did they know it was painless?)

Before anyone gets upset, Laika probably lived to a ripe old age here on the ground, because Russia never sent anyone anywhere, dog or human. And neither did USA. But in keeping with Russia’s publicity stunts, President Kennedy declared we’d have a man on the moon by the end of the decade. So in 1969 Nixon sprang into action. He contacted Kubrick and they faked the moon landing.

The Moon Hoax deserves its own post, but suffice to say it helped drive the narrative of USA’s dominance on the world stage.

control room
Perhaps not everyone who works at NASA knows about the fakery, but they all sign non-disclosure agreements.

Space Generates Revenue

Today, space and space exploration is worth billions of dollars. NASA’s budget is 18 billion annually. Hollywood & the military-industrial-educational complex all participate. The idea of a vast universe invokes fear and awe, and aims to keep people living in fear of an asteroid strike or alien invasion.

NASA has become the propaganda arm of the Climate-Hoax™ industry, a form of fear-based mind control where victims fear they’ve done something wrong to damage the earth, and feel helpless because they can’t stop others from doing what kills the polar bears, melts ice caps, causes hurricanes, etc. 

I Have to Mention Secret Societies Here

Many balk at the idea of Secret Societies, but it’s crucial to understand that membership in these clubs is common among the elite. It helps explain how powerful countries like USA, Russia and Chinathough they seem to be at odds on certain issues actually cooperate and conspire to maintain their power.

secret societies
The elites often participate in secret societies.

Many people ask truthers, Are China and Russia lying about their space programs too? The short answer is yes. If we know that wickedness dwells in high places—that people in power are willing to lie, cheat and steal—doesn’t it follow that the leaders of other nations do this too? If NASA isn’t able to recover a human from a rocket, but rather sends empty rockets into the ocean, why would Russia be any different? All nations lie about their space programs.

The world’s leaders cooperate to maintain their power.

Oh and Another Thing: It’s Spiritual

The end result/goal of lying about the earth is to discredit God. If the elites convince us we’re an insignificant speck in a vast universe, with no God and no purpose in life, they have created a fearful, ignorant populace, easy to control. We will look to government to save us and will not resist, because there’s nothing worth fighting for.

Satan has control over all the kingdoms of the world, and he gives them to whomever he pleases (Luke 4:6). So the leaders of the world, whether aware of it or not, are merely puppets of Satan, doing his will.

For additional insight on who the bad guys are, and why they lie, please see this book on the connections between the New World Order and the New Age Movement. The author is Gregory Lessing Garrett, and you can find him on Twitter.

This video explains how the NWO works, especially regarding the international bankers’ control of government via federal banks.

Thanks for reading. I know there’s much more to say on this; I didn’t even go into the Jesuits, Illuminati, etc. Those are topics for other posts, and one could spend a lifetime researching all the connections. But I hope this gives you a framework for understanding the government’s concealment about the shape of the earth.











Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

26 thoughts on “Why Would They Lie?

  1. This is very well written yes, but there are a lot of holes in your argument. (I’m not trying to make you think a certain way, I’m just pointing things out.) First of all, you talk about Russian and American collusion, which is absurd considering the this was during the Cold War Era, where Russia and the US were spying on each other every chance they had. Whatever you may think, it is borderline impossible to fake a war. The space race took multiple years, too. You would think if they were gonna fake it that they would only wait a year, tops. Another point I want to bring up is the fact that the tests you mentioned weren’t conducted to test “The Dome.” It was post WWII, after the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Of course nations we’re going to test out this new technology. And the Antarctica treaty happened because of logical reasons too. It was a large chunk of land and multiple counties were claiming it at the same time. So, to stop the chance of a fight for the land, they created a treaty. I know these stories COULD be cover ups, but I’m just asking to look at the logic behind these experiments. And lastly, Secret Societies. You can’t prove a secret society exists if the society is SECRET. If you have no evidence to prove there is a secret society, that notion is ignorable.


    1. 1) Russia-America collusion. Please consider that the international bankers fund both sides of every war, WW2 included, and proxy wars included, e.g. the Vietnam conflict. Russia and U.S. both signed the Antarctica Treaty, so whatever they may pretend to disagree about on the world stage, their supreme leaders know what lies beyond the ice wall.
      2) Operations to test the dome. I know the official narrative. How do you know it’s true? Also, some believe nuclear weapons are a hoax.
      3) No credible evidence exists of Antarctica being “a chunk of land.” And if it were, why all the secrecy?
      4) Some secret societies are well-known such as the Freemasons (of which George Washington was a member) and the Illuminati.


  2. Sorry but would you mind reading this article and explaining it… https://www.popsci.com/10-ways-you-can-prove-earth-is-round#page-16
    Also can you explain why we have time zones, how I, or any of my family, (we have been all over the world including Canada, South Africa and New Zealand) never seen or fallen off the so called “edge of the world”. And also what is the “flat” earth standing on and what is on the other side…


  3. Hey. Great article. I think all of these lies are based on hermetica. Paganist evil religion. In that books there are several basis like everything moves, vibrates, spins. Kopernik and all other globers turn their religion to “science”. No determinism. Just a religion.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This report fails to mention that Christopher Columbus discovered the Earth was round when he set sail for Asia in 1492 by travelling west instead of east, thinking it would be a shorter route. He ended up back where he’d begun, thus discovering that the earth is a sphere!


  5. Debbie – The earth is a sphere, the Greeks had worked it out 1,500 before Christopher Columbus. The church’s of Columbus’s time tried hard to convince the people that the world was flat, many accamidics knew that the earth was a sphere but they feared the church so knowledge was kept in the underground. Luckily we now live in a time where knowledge and free thought are welcomed and not persecuted by backwards religious ideas.

    The flat earthers would love to take us back to the dark ages where the church holds absolute power. It is up to us (The free thinkers) to fight against religious persecution and backwards ideas.


  6. Thankyou Stacey, very interesting FE views. So many weird shilly arguments here, they do my head in. My genuine questions Stacey are these: 1. JFK is well known by truthers to have been assassinated for exposing secret societies (which obviously exist to anyone who has done a gram of real research and has a single brain cell). What I don’t get is how he could be in on fake space, yet exposing the elite too?
    2. Are you sure when you say the elite funded both sides of WWII? Have you seen Eric Dubay’s Hitler vs the Jew world order, or the more recent – Europa – The Last Battle? Don’t worry, I am a hardcore flatearther – me and you follow each other on Twitter – but I am also now (ahem) pro Hitler, that is, the real Hitler not MSM “Holocaust Hitler”, and I just can’t see how he was being funded. Sorry to ruffle feathers and for lengthy post. Just hungry for some clarity on all contradictory facets of FE and Eric is too busy! Amazing work BTW 🙂 x


    1. Hi Phil, thanks for your encouragement and questions. JFK and Hitler were tools of the NWO, just like every figurehead. They were members of secret societies. Unfortunately, there are no heroes among the elite and their chosen puppets. Thanks again.


  7. Thank you Stacey. However, you didn’t say whether you had seen Europa – The Last Battle, posted on you tube by Truth Seeker. It is essential that you watch it, as I agree with EVERYTHING you tweet, apart from on this topic. You may be surprised, the evidence is spellbinding. I thought the same as you until I saw it (it is 10 hours long though, but so so so worth it). It was also made by the original and authentic flatearthers, including Dubay I believe, who started the very resurgence of FE that we base most of our FE facts on. The first one Dubay made was totally banned on all media, so watch this one before it disappears forever. Keep an open mind as ever, even if you disagree with any content – though I guarantee intrigue. It speaks volumes, and makes so much sense when you look at the atrocities of Israel today. When you make it to part 4, something about this staged political drama suddenly makes so much more sense. It is very dark, the truth of the last 100 years that is, so be prepared (I cried 3 times). Peace and love, and God bless you.


  8. My gosh – New World Order – World leader puppets – Fake Hitler’s – Flat Earth – Fake Space – What the hell are guys smoking?

    What ever it is – Keep me away from it – Its driving you lot insane.


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