How to Tell Friends and Family About Flat Earth

You’ve done your research and you’re convinced. Earth is not a spinning globe. But how do you tell your loved ones? A few things that have worked for others:

Go Slowly

When you share about Flat Earth, some people get very emotional. The globe earth lie touches something deep inside them, and they can get angry and upset. Sometimes their Cognitive Dissonance kicks into high gear. They might attack you verbally. Don’t attack them back. Stay calm.

Start with NASA

nasa lies 4For many, NASA is the tip of the spear. It’s easier for people to look at a picture of the Lunar Lander and see its flaws, than for them to comprehend a lifetime of lies. Show them that hunk of junk or Kubrick with the head of NASA. These visuals can be powerful, and plant a precious seed.

Mention the Spin

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning 1,040 mph? Simple questions like these can get a person’s mind moving in the right direction. To point out the great weaknesses in the globe system, ask people to apply their reasoning skills to everyday situations. Have you ever noticed the horizon is always straight and flat, even from an airplane? In this picture from 120,000 feet? Etc.

Send Links to Your Favorite Resources

In the moment, they may not seem interested. But follow up with your favorite Twitter account, YouTube channel, article, etc. And later, in the middle of the night, in a fit of boredom, they might click the link you sent them.

Be Patient

I have received a broad range of responses when I share FE with friends and family:

1) It’s not true and it’s not important
2) Even if it’s true it’s not important
3)┬áIt’s true but it’s not important
4) It’s true and important!
5) Violent Rage
6) Meh

So be patient. People travel their personal journey and can’t be rushed. Somebody told me the truth about 9/11 and it took me years to wake up. So never underestimate the power of planting a seed. Respect their “No,” when they prefer not to talk about it, and just wait.

Someday, *everyone* will be a Flat Earther. Until then we plant seeds and wait.

What has helped you share with friends and loved ones? Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, Stacey



Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

2 thoughts on “How to Tell Friends and Family About Flat Earth

  1. Great post. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I agree slow and easy with your friends and family. It’s a lot to absorb in just one day.

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