What About the Edge?

People ask about the edge.

When people hear about Flat Earth, they ask about the edge. They say the universe doesn’t have an edge, or it’s constantly expanding. But when people hear “flat earth,” they picture an edge with water running off the sides.

We’re surrounded by an ice wall.

Evidence suggests an ice wall surrounds our realm. What’s beyond it? We don’t know. The Antarctic Treaty, signed by 53 nations and never violated, declares Antarctica exists for scientific purposes only and is owned by no one. No settlement or energy exploration is allowed.

antarcica w ship
An international navy patrols the ice wall.

What’s beyond the ice wall?

Some believe more land lies beyond the wall. Some believe the dome meets the earth. But Antarctica isn’t a continent like they told us. It’s a circle that extends around our realm.

AE map
The white circle around the edge is Antarctica.

Are you saying no one has ever been to Antarctica?

No, I’m saying Antarctica doesn’t have Eastern or Western borders, or cling to the bottom of a ball. The government-sponsored media periodically releases stories to support the narrative. Globe defenders like to post those stories, like the one below. They underscore how the world’s government tightly controls exploration and information on Antarctica.

Please note the British military sponsored this story:

british ladies
Globers like to post this article as proof that anybody can go to Antarctica whenever he likes. They somehow fail to note it was govt-sponsored.

Antarctica is not what they told us.  Thanks for reading!




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Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

5 thoughts on “What About the Edge?

  1. Did you research about Admiral Richard E Byrd? Surely, you can tie him in here on his missions and discoveries.


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