Five Easy Ways to Tell Earth is Flat

1) No Curve

If earth were a ball of 25,000 miles circumference, we would see 8″ per mile squared of curvature. See the formula here and a curve calculator here.

But we never see the curve from any height. Globe defenders say we’re too close to the ground to see the curve. But even at 120,000 feet, the horizon is straight, flat, and always rises to eye level.

If we were on a sphere, the horizon would drop away from us in all directions. But it doesn’t, and that proves we are on a plane, not a sphere.

Photo taken by a weather balloon at 120K feet (3,6576 meters).

2) No Spin

No one can prove the earth is spinning. No one can feel it, sense it, or measure it. They say the earth’s spin causes day and night, but we see the sun travel across the sky, causing day and night.

If earth were spinning, a hot air balloon or helicopter could simply hover in midair and wait for its destination to arrive beneath it. But that’s impossible, because earth isn’t moving.

Globe defenders say the atmosphere spins along with the earth, but in their model, it has no enclosure to make the atmosphere move with the earth.

hot air balloon
No hot air balloon can hover and wait for its destination to arrive beneath it.

3) No Upside-Down Continents

Australia doesn’t cling to the bottom of a ball. This piece of globe logic gets increasingly ludicrous the more you ponder it. After a while, you’ll marvel that you ever believed it.



4) Gyroscopes

Many tools function perfectly on our stationary plane, but would not work on a spinning globe.

For example, airplanes use gyroscopes to fly straight and level. It works by spinning on an axis relative to the horizon or the ground. If the horizon were curved, or the ground were moving, gyroscopes could not work.

gyroscope 2
The most sophisticated airplane navigation tech is based on the humble gyroscope.

Examples of tools that could not function on a spinny Spacepear™:

Carpenter’s Level
Laser Level
Plumb Line
Rail Gun

These all depend on a flat, stationary earth and could not function on a spinning globe.

5) Small, Local, Mobile Heavenly Bodies

We observe daily how the sun moves across the sky. I know your teacher told you that we are moving around the sun, but forget about that for a second. Use your senses and observe. What do you see? You see the sun moving, not the earth.

We can see the moon, take pictures of it, and get close-ups of its surface. Would this be possible if the moon were 237,000 miles away?

We see the stars twinkle in the night; a good zoom lens reveals how they seem to reflect light through water. I know your teacher said they’re trillions of miles away, but if they were, how could we see them?

The heavenly bodies are small, local, mobile lights. They’re not far away. The heliocentric model depends on celestial bodies being extremely distant. But they’re not.

deflated bag
Could we get a close-up of the moon’s surface if it were 237,000 miles away?


Besides these 5 proofs, how do *you* know earth is flat? Leave your answer in the comments!


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28 thoughts on “Five Easy Ways to Tell Earth is Flat

  1. 1) curve is not visible at low altitude because the horizon forms a circle around you. Even an airplane is only 1/1000 diameters above the surface. Thinner than the layer of paint on a classroom globe. If you’d go to 120.000 feet you can see the curve if you have a wide view (not the narrow camera) but it is not easy to get there.
    2) you cannot detect movement. When on an airplane you don’t detect speed. You feel accelleration at mych lower speeds when on the runway.
    Why would the atmosphere or the helicopter stay behind? Windstill means wind does not move from a to b over the surface. Atmosphere doesnt need enclosure to keep up with earth, it needs a force that drags it behind for your argumentation, what is that force?

    3) up is to the sky, down to the ground. Everywhere on earth.
    Have you been to australia? Not easy to do, do not really an easy way to prove something, and what would you see there?

    4) the clue is as you say “relative to the ground”. Not original ground but current ground. Current up and down! That s why these other instruments work as well.

    5) we see a constant size and speed of both the sun and the moon. That is impossible if they are goibg away in the distance. They woul shrink and slow down.


    1. A.) Sweet Jesus – take your time and type properly. Maybe even proofread before submitting next time.
      B.) You know that you need a wide view camera at 120k how? Because you’ve been there? Congrats – I hear “it is not easy to get there”.
      C.) We do see changes in the size of sun and moon as they move away from your view.
      D.) There are many more proofs but you need to digest these first, clearly.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the rebuttal, Jimbo!
        In his defense, Wichor is one of our treasured skeptics from the Netherlands. Hence he defends the globe daily in his second language.
        It’s very kind of you to visit and comment on my site!
        Hope to hear from you again soon!


      2. When you said, “WE do see changes in the size of sun and moon as they move away from your view” do you actually mean that YOU see this daily (because you don’t), or it it that you saw someone post something on a YouTube video that shows something that you and I don’t ever see in everyday life? I certainly don’t see this.

        The last time I checked, I see the sun and moon drop over the horizon without any distortion or size change, “they don’t fade away into the distance” which is what should happen (due to your FE fav “perspective”) if the Earth was flat. In fact, the sun and moon should be at least a 1/4th the size they are overhead when they are “fading away” at the horizon if the Earth was indeed flat. And then they should fade away to a speck and poof, they should be gone. They are not. In fact, due to refraction, the sun is visible a little longer after sunset (a minute or 2), and the sun is actually stretched very slightly as it sets. Bigger, not smaller.

        I know it is hard, but try to concentrate on the content of someone’s post, not about typos. They were probably using Siri while driving for all you know.


    2. I can go down to the shore any day of the week and look at objects 7 to10 miles away that should be invisible due to curvature. Unless there is a standard unchanging bending of light I am looking across straight and level water. For me its case closed.


      1. What are you looking at? Are you sure that you are seeing the bottom of what you are looking at? At “7-10 miles”, you are only missing 12-35 feet of the object you are looking at, when viewed from 5 feet above the water surface. If it is a 500 foot island or building, you are missing an inconsequential part of the object…


      2. So, since there is no curvature, you surely can see Mt. Everest from the middle of the Atlantic, can you?


    1. Yes indeed! The shape of the earth is a major battleground for waking people up but a bigger truth is we have been lied to on just about everything. Its about the Satan hiding God and controlling the masses through a few elite rulers and royalty.


    1. Hi Sean,
      You’ve made 2 assumptions:
      1) That there are other “planets”
      2) That they are round


      1. There is scientific evidence that there are other planets, and we can see them on certain occasions.


      2. What they call planets are wandering stars! They are circular, but not spheres.


  2. It’s really hard to get by the magic that holds the heliocentric madness together. The magic of gravity is impossible to justify using any kind of scientific reasoning. Maybe on a spinning tube! A spinning ball? Really? A force that is performing identically at the axis of a spinning ball as at the extremities? 900+ mph? I remember when I first thought that seat belts were a good thing. The lap belt kept me from sliding away from the controls when taking a left turn at high speed! Shouldn’t it be hard to keep my footing when I turn North or South when walking on this spinning thing you call home? Just spend some time thinking about gravity and how it holds the universe together. Get real scientific about it. I dare you.


    1. Why don’t you fall over when you stand up on an airliner that is cruising at 500mph at 30,000ft? Oh, because it is not accelerating. Neither is the Earth. And all of the atmosphere is traveling the same speed. The earth is spinning at the equator at 1000mph, however, the Earth spins ONCE per day. Not that fast. Imagine being on a merry-go-round that spun around once in 24 hours, AND you didn’t have your eyes to see motion. You wouldn’t even notice any motion.

      When a planet as massive as the mass of the Earth exists, it pulls everything to it’s center. What causes things to fall on your FE? A feather and bowling ball falling the same acceleration is not buoyancy. Try again…


      1. If you create the right experiment, the water WILL spin in opposite directions from different sides of the equator. The coriolis effect is so slight, though, that any tiny aberrations need to be removed from the bowl.


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