These Two Little Lights Debunk the Globe

Flat Earth has many stand-alone proofs. Taken separately, any one of these debunks the globe.

The star Polaris is one; lack of curvature is another; flat oceans is still another.

But today I want to talk about Mercury and Venus, the two little truthers that Globers hate!

I have a friend who is very intelligent. When he goes all science-y on me, and starts using big science words, I tell him: Please explain it to me like you would a Golden Retriever.

Now, I know my readers are way, way smarter than a Golden, but I want to give you the accessible version of why Mercury and Venus debunk the globe. Because every time I post this, globers’ wiring starts to short-circuit, and they say, “refraction,” and “gravity,” and other words from their default programming.

So here it is, how Mercury and Venus debunk the globe, Golden Retriever version:

golden 2
I often ask my friend to give me the “Golden Retriever version.”

In the heliocentric model, Mercury and Venus orbit closer to the sun than earth. So they orbit inside earth’s orbit of the sun. Their circle around the sun is smaller than Earth’s circle around the sun. They are ALWAYS closer to the sun. You with me so far?

graphic solar system meme 2
In the Helio model, Mercury and Venus orbit close to the sun.

Now, let’s suppose it’s nighttime. What causes night in the helio model? It’s when part of the earth faces away from the sun. Right? Half of earth faces AWAY from the sun, and that part experiences night.

Let's Explore Science... Space
In the helio model, the part of earth facing away from the sun experiences night.

OK, so Mercury and Venus orbit close to the sun. And half of earth is facing away from the sun. If you’re on the part of the earth facing away from the sun, you’re also facing away from Mercury and Venus. So you should never see Mercury and Venus at night.

solar meme 4
If facing away from the sun causes night, we should never see Mercury and Venus at night.

We should never be able to see Mercury and Venus at night.

If the rotation of earth causes day and night, and Mercury and Venus orbit closer to the sun than earth, we should never see them at night.

But we do:

flat earth
Sometimes Mercury and Venus are visible all night long. That debunks heliocentrism.

Whenever I post this article, globe defenders tell me to read the whole thing. They say, it’s only visible at dusk and dawn! But guess what the article says? It says, Venus is visible all night long this weekend.

( is not a Flat Earth publication, as far as I know).

And it’s not an anomaly. It happens often. See this article about how Venus is visible three hours after sundown.

venus leave evening sky

So that’s it, the globe is debunked. We can all go home. I know they come up with excuses, and say it’s refraction, or gravity, or something. The reality?

What they call Mercury and Venus are wandering stars. Lights in the firmament. There’s no “planet” Mercury, or “planet” Venus. And we never would have known about them unless they were visible at night. 

venus 2
Venus taken with a Nikon P900. It’s not a “planet,” it’s a star.


So there ya go. Globe debunked. Again.

Thanks for reading!

Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

25 thoughts on “These Two Little Lights Debunk the Globe

      1. Hi Anonymous, even if they’re not in a straight line, their orbits are supposedly inside Earth’s orbit, and therefore they would always be closer to the sun than earth. The picture shows them in a straight line for the sake of understanding.
        Thanks for your comment!


      2. And do you think that these planets are so close to each other as in that image?
        If so, you could see Venus at day.
        I mean, as I mentioned in another post, the distances are so huge.
        For the sake of understanding check this tweet (one that I know you ignored) and this page:

        I know your mind is a bit narrow but please, try to understand the distances.


      3. Hello Hyper, thanks for your continued attention to Flat Earth. I don’t contend that the “planets” are close together; the image serves to facilitate understanding; regardless of their distance from each other, their alleged orbits are inside the earth’s. Mercury and Venus are lights in the sky, not “planets.” I appreciate your comments!


      4. At least tell me that you understand that is perfectly possible to see Venus at the horizon. If you don’t understand, I’m going to start thinking that you have a comprehension problem, or you are just trolling, because is so easy to see.
        The page that I gave you ( has the planets in scale. Are you serious when you say that it’s not possible see Venus? It is true that the orbit of Venus is inside Earth’s, but it is true, too, that you can see Venus near the horizon.
        Thanks for your attention. If you still do not understand, I can help you.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Hyper, whether the “planets” are in scale is immaterial. At midnight, earth is supposed to be facing opposite the sun. No matter the point in its orbit, Venus could not be visible. Thanks again for your contributions to the discussion. Stacey


      6. You just read and don’t research.
        “At midnight, earth is supposed to be facing opposite the sun.”
        That is true just in the ecuator. If you were, for example, in the wood buffalo national park, in Canada, Venus was visible until 2:30 am. The sun was not in the opposite site of the park, that’s why you can see Venus at northern latitudes.
        If you are incapable to understand it, let me know, I’ll glad to help you.


      7. Hyper, when will you give up defending the globe? There’s no “Planet Venus!” I know you offer to help me understand, and question my reading comprehension skills, but regardless of what they may be, the earth is not a spinning ball. 🙂


      8. My intention in this post is not to defend the Globe model.
        It is to explain and make you understand that venus can be visible at midnight in the Globe model.
        The fact that Venus can be visible at midnight, doesn’t prove neither Earth is a globe nor it is flat.
        Venus can be viewed at midnight and that is a fact.
        I don’t really know the shape of earth, but venus and mercury doesn’t debunk anything.
        Please, respond this:
        Do you understand that Venus can be viewed at midnight in a (fictional or not) globe earth?
        It is a simple question, I think that there are only two possible answers: NO and YES.
        If your answer is NO, I got another question:
        Do you want to understand how is this posible (Venus at midnight)?
        If your answer to this question is NO, I will stop answering in this post.
        If you answer NO to both questions, let me tell you that you are only misinforming people and I suggest you to put at very beginning of this post something like:
        “The next article is only a personal opinion, it is not based in scientific evidence. I don’t understand it and I don’t want to.”
        I really hope that this time you can answer the questions. It is very important to me because maybe you don’t want to understand and I am only bothering you.
        So, please, answer the questions.


      9. Hello Hyper,
        1) NO, Venus should not be visible at midnight IF it were a planet and IF earth’s rotation caused day/night (it doesn’t).
        2) YES, that debunks the heliocentric model, and therefore the globe.
        Venus isn’t a planet, but rather a wandering star; it doesn’t orbit the sun (nothing does), but it moves around; that’s why it’s not always visible.
        Let’s agree to disagree and move on to the next point, shall we? xox Stacey


      10. So, I understand this:
        Your answer to first question is NO (You don’t understand how is possible to see Venus at midnight) and:
        The answer to the second one is YES (You want to understand how is possible)
        Am I right? Please let me know. I think that I got lost in you last comment. I will appreciate if you just say YES or NO.
        I will put my questions again just to maintain us in the thread:
        1) Do you undestand how is possible to see Venus at midnight?
        2) Do you want to understand how is that possible?


      11. Hyper,
        This is like asking me
        1) Do you understand how Goku’s Dragon Balls got stolen?
        2) Do you want to understand how he recovered them?
        It’s all fiction, false, make-believe. There’s no Planet Venus. There’s no spinning ball earth.
        Thanks for your contributions.


      12. It doesn’t matter if is ficional or not. That fictional universe has certain rules and happen certain things, and if you don’t saw certain episode, you can easily ask to your friend, “hey, how goku recovered the dragon balls?”
        It will be stupid if after your friend answer you respond: “That is not true, goku doesn’t even exists, there are no dragon balls”
        Even knowing that Goku is fiction, in that fictional universe, he recovered the dragon balls and he had to have done something to achieve it.
        That’s why I said in the original question:
        Do you understand that Venus can be viewed at midnight in a (fictional or not) globe earth?
        Please, notice the three words between parenthesis.
        This is the point where I start to doubting of your reading comprehension skills.
        Imagine that the Earth is a sphere and that all your indoctrination about that is actually true.
        I’m gonna ask you one question and you must choose one of three options.
        Which of the following options best describes your opinion?
        a) I understand how Venus is visible at midnight in the globe model.
        b) I don´t understand how Venus is visible at midnight in the globe model, but since I am a curious person, I want to know how this works.
        c) I don´t understand how Venus is visible at midnight in the globe model and I don’t care. Nothing gonna change my beliefs.
        I know that it’s a difficult question to you, but please, try to choose an option.
        A B or C.


      13. Hyper, I appreciate your commitment! As you continue to insult me and boorishly repeat yourself, you reveal the weakness of your argument. I’m not inclined to answer questions on science fiction topics at this time, nor will such behavior induce me to do so. Thanks! Stacey


      14. I’m really sorry about that.
        It is not my intention be so rude.
        It’s just that is not easy to me understand how is possible that you don’t want answer my questions.
        I don’t know what “the weakness of my argument” means. I’m just asking you some questions.
        I’m arguing that Venus is visible sometimes in this spherical world at midnight, and then, i’m asking you if you understand that. The title says: “These Two Little Lights Debunk the Globe”. and actually they don’t. I’m trying to explain to you why Mercury and Venus doesn’t debunk the globe model.
        It is correct that you have some opinions about stars, the sun, the earth, etc, and it’s ok that you want to share that opinions. What it’s not correct, is that you are saying that certain things are not possible in the world when actually are very possible.
        I really enjoyed our conversation and I want you to apologize my behavior.
        I just disagree with the title and I want to tell you why.
        My argument is not weak, I will consider you weak if you don’t answer the questions. I have a solid argument and if you think that you have solid arguments too (I think you have), you should not be afraid.
        Please, don’t reject this opportunity to open your mind and learn something new. I learned a few things here.
        As I said before: this is a controversial topic and you will receive many attacks from everywhere. Some people just want to bother you and maybe laugh. Belive me, I’m not the case.
        I been speaking with other people abouth the FE model and when they don’t know the answer to my questions just say to me: “It doesn’t care what you think, Earth is flat, period.” And that is so frustrating. Please, forgive my rudeness and let’s continue the nice chat.
        Obviously, this will happen only if you want to. So, I ask you:
        You want to continue this and answer my previous question?
        If your answer is NO, I will leave this site and will search another person to talk about this.


      15. Hyper, I forgive you. The globe model is a lie, and the lights “Venus” and “Mercury” are just two of the many proofs that the globe is a lie. What you attribute to my failure to understand, is actually my refusal to acquiesce that Venus and Mercury should be visible at night on the globe model. I will not agree to that, because it’s simply not true. It’s not a lack of understanding. It’s me looking at the evidence and going, “This should not be possible.” So yes, I would recommend you drop this particular point, because it’s like asking me to acknowledge that Mt. Everest will fit in my teacup. You are very welcome to comment here and on all my social media accounts, but asking me to agree with a falsehood is something I cannot and will not do. Thanks again for your commitment.


  1. You should do a research before posting things like this. I mean it.
    If you read the full article (this is the link, please read it and understand it before posting anything else: you should notice the explanation of why this happens. But, obviusly, you didn’t read (or just ingore) the things that go against your beliefs.
    Venus, at 60 degrees North of Earth April 12 of 2012, was visible from 9:00 pm until 2:00 am.
    It’s not literally all night.
    If you believe that Venus was/is/will be visible, literally, all night long, you need to do a very intensive research to find it because this, as you already said, can’t happen.
    I know that you want to share your truth, I respect that, but, if you really want to do that, first do a little research. You are only misinforming the people that reads you.


    1. Thanks for your vigilance, Hyper…9 pm to 2 am is the middle of the night, and therefore way outside the “morning or evening” parameters they say Venus should follow. Again, thanks for being so attentive to these matters, but Venus and Mercury debunk the globe by being visible when earth is supposed to be facing away from the sun.


      1. Venus and Mercury doesn’t debunk anything. I’m going to tell you something that I know that you don’t know:
        “The sun, Mercury, Venus and Earth doesn’t form a straight line all the time.”
        And that’s why they can be viewed sometimes near the horizon. When the Earth is facing away from the sun, not necessarily Venus is between Sun and Earth. Can you understand this?
        What are the “morning or evening” parameters that Venus should follow?


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