The Circular Reasoning of Globe Defenders

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Many lies of heliocentrism only exist to prop up other lies. Science bros continually offer assumptions as proofs, without realizing they are assumptions. They rely on one assumption to make the next one true.

They say, “I know the ocean looks level, but it is actually curved. The ocean is curved because the earth is curved.” Then we say, “But how do you know the earth is curved?” They don’t realize that curved earth is an assumption, with no evidence to support it. So they get themselves into a loop of circular reasoning, where the ocean is curved because the earth is curved because the ocean is curved.

This loop is only broken by an appeal to authority, which they say is the scientific establishment, but if you probe a little deeper, it’s usually their Grade 5 teacher.

spiral circle reasoning 2
The circular reasoning of globe defenders

As another example, if you look at the stars, with no indoctrination, you wouldn’t think they were trillions of miles away. They told us they’re far away, but why? To support all the other lies of the “solar system,” “galaxy,” “Big Bang,” etc.

This leads to circular reasoning:

Space is a  vacuum!
How do u know?
Because that’s the only way light can travel trillions of miles!
But how do u know stars are trillions of miles away?
Because space is a vacuum!
But how did you know space is a vacuum?
Because that’s the only way light could travel trillions of miles!
[repeat indefinitely]

circular reasoning 2

Another example of circular reasoning is gravity. Globe defenders cry out when I post about the Nile, because they say I don’t understand gravity, and that gravity makes rivers flow in all directions, because it’s pulling everything towards the center of the earth. But what evidence do we have that gravity is pulling everything to the center of the earth?

They don’t realize gravity is an assumption because it’s an assumption shared by so many, particularly the priests of scientism and science teachers. Unfortunately, most teachers are just repeating what they were taught, without objectively verifying it. And as for the elites at the top of the pyramid, they may know, but they ain’t tellin’.

So you get what we have daily on my Twitter:

*science bro puts forth an assumption
*someone points out that it’s an assumption
*he gets mad, throws insults, or changes the subject

I don’t write much about evolution, because my focus is Flat Earth, but the same is true there. The “billions-of-years” lie only exists to prop up the other lies. The notion that Slime + Time = a bald eagle, or whatever, is nonsense. No one would believe a bald eagle just magically appeared one day, so they concocted the idea that over millions of years, a bald eagle might appear. It’s still nonsense, but seems to be somehow more palatable nonsense.

Apart from Bill Nye & Co. telling you earth is millions of years old, what evidence do you have? When you look around, what makes you go, “Oh yeah, gazillions of years?” The carbon dating process that suggests fossils are gorillions of years old has been proven a hoax. Even the Grand Canyon, which scientism teaches was formed over zillions of years, was created by the sudden rushing waters of the Great Flood.

Anyways! I’ve gone off-topic here! But I guess that’s the luxury of a blog post as opposed to a Twitter! Many many thanks for reading and I’ll see you around!

P.S. If you have another example of circular reasoning in scientism, please leave it in the comments!
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8 thoughts on “The Circular Reasoning of Globe Defenders

      1. Observation.
        If you look planets with a telescope (not the famous nikon p-whatever) you see the shadows in the planets. They fit perfectly in their roundness. Like the moon. I personally saw Venus through a telescope and it perfectly sees round. It does not look like the images you’ve put in other posts. A weird lights. No. Get a telescope and see them. I think that you don’t like to reserach anything. You watched some youtube videos and you believe everything in them. Instead of research how the spherical world works, you just said: “yeah, I don’t see that water curves, I don´t see planets with my nikon, I don´t know how you can see certains constellations all year long and others don’t. I don’t know how Venus is visible at midnight.”
        Have you ever heard about Divine fallacy?
        Basically it says: “I don’t understand something, therefore, it must be false.”
        I know that you don’t want to hear the explanations that debunks your theories. But is necessary to hear them. What kind of person you are if you only accepts the explanations of people that thinks the same as you? You don’t even analyze the explanations of ideas contrary to yours.
        Please, don’t be like that. Do your homework before posting something.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Hyper, a couple things:
        1) Just because an object is round, doesn’t mean it’s a sphere.
        2) You’re making assumptions about what I’ve done, who I am, and how I am. Assumptions that are wrong.
        Thanks for posting!


      3. 1) You’re right. The moon and Venus are round. Maybe they are like a sausage and always see the circled side. The thing that I know is that they have three dimensions, and, because its shadows, they looks like spheres.
        2) You don’t understand how venus is visible at midnight, don’t understand that if the earth were flat the sun would never touch the horizon (with very precise calculations, I can share with you certain experiment that anyone can repeat and see. The conclusion is the sun at 4,700km altitude, and that means that the sun should be visible at night towards the north). You don’t understand how the constellations works. I assume (you’re right) that things, but, if you really understand what I said, why you don´t edit your previous posts with non-misinformig info? Or maybe, you’re lying and you still do not understand and you’re just going to tell me: “hyper, no matter what you say, earth is flat, I cannot answer sci-fi questions…”


  1. Could you please give us the references to that? Who says: “Earth is a globe because oceans curve” or “Stars are far away because space is a vaccum”?
    I think that the FE use the circular reasoning:
    “Earth is flat because I cannot see any curvature because Earth is flat because…” or
    “Horizon level rises to eye level because the sun seems to go below the horizon because the horizon leve rises…”.


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