A Man Kills His Wife. Nobody Knows Why He Did It. So She’s Not Dead.

When normies can’t fathom a reason why our beloved government would lie to them, they dismiss Flat Earth as nonsense. Consider the arrogance: Because I, by my own intellectual powers, can’t come up with a motive, it can’t be true. Or my naivete prevents me imagining people could perpetuate such an enormous lie. Nothing exists beyond what am capable of conceiving.

After all, our government overlords have shown themselves so trustworthy in other cases. And of all the things they could lie about, why would they lie about the shape of the earth?

What’s really happening: The person hits a wall of Cognitive Dissonance, and his subconscious quickly scrambles to find an excuse not to look any further. Imagine the number of people who would have to keep quiet about it! Impossible! Ha! Crisis averted!

The reasoning goes like this: Knowing human nature, and how people love to attention-seek and gossip, there’s no way so many hundreds of people could keep quiet about such a secret. If a journalist offered a fake astronaut money to blow the whistle, surely he would do it. Everyone has their price, they think.

But what about people for whom money is no object? The Rothschild family fortune, for example, reportedly worth 1.61 billion, makes the elite immune to such offers. Since the international bankers own the banks and therefore the nations of the world, they could not be tempted to share their story.

When they hear about Flat Earth, some people contrast the number of people who would have to keep quiet, against the probability of even one person keeping quiet, and that comparison is enough to give them reason not to look into it. It turns off the Cognitive D and makes the pain stop. You can’t keep a thousand people quiet, therefore it’s impossible.

They don’t understand the power structure is more like a pyramid and less like a comparison of numbers. The ones at the top know earth is flat, but they are immune to offers of fame or fortune. Also, it would be very dangerous for them. The elite have ways of keeping people in line.

Elites at the top can’t be tempted with offers of fame or fortune.

The ones at the bottom of the pyramid don’t know the earth is flat. They are just following orders and doing what they are told. Additionally, they believe what they’re told, and they are told the earth is a sphere.

Globers insist that we provide a motive for the crime before they will investigate the crime. Meanwhile, they won’t look at the evidence that’s right in front of them! They ask us to provide a motive first, in addition to providing evidence and answering all their questions.

Why would they lie? is one of the top ten most frequently asked questions about Flat Earth. It has to be in the top three, along with Why don’t you go to the edge and take a picture?

My answer: I don’t know the minds of the elites; I don’t know how they think or what their motives are. It would be arrogant of me to guess. Most of them inherited this system of lies since the globe hoax has been going on for centuries.

crime scene
Investigate the crime before you establish a motive.

It’s as if a normie and I walk onto a crime scene. A dead body on the floor, a murder weapon, blood everywhere. And I say, “We have to report this. We should call the police!” And the normie says, “No, no, we have to figure out why he did it.” And I say, “No, no, that comes later! They have to search for fingerprints and take photos of the crime scene!” And the normie says “No, I can’t imagine why anyone would do this. People are basically good. We have to figure out why he would do this.”

Globers won’t look at the evidence right in front of them—the stationary earth, the flat horizon—because they can’t fathom a reason the government/elites would lie. Investigate first, please, everyone.

The title and inspiration for this post via @rokro11 on Twitter.

Thanks for reading. Stacey

Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

4 thoughts on “A Man Kills His Wife. Nobody Knows Why He Did It. So She’s Not Dead.

    1. Thank you Maxmillian! You’re right. Once people realize they have been deceived, filling in the gaps is easy. Thanks for your comment!


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