If Earth is Flat, Why Are the Other Planets Round?

People often ask: If Earth is flat, why are the other planets round? This question comes from two assumptions:

1) That other planets exist
2) That they are round

These assumptions stem from the indoctrination that we received since we were infants.  By the time a child reaches school age, he has seen the globe and “planets”  hundreds of times. When he begins his schooling, this bombardment only increases.

universal studiosIt’s no accident that a child sees the globe multiple times before he has capacity for critical thought. This is deliberate, methodical brainwashing.

We see the images and hear the narrative so many times, that by the time we encounter Flat Earth we say, “No…it couldn’t be.” The images of our “planet” and “solar system” are embedded deep in our psyche, through images and constant repetition.

So when Flat Earth comes across our desk, we respond to the anomaly: Why would earth be the only flat planet? We know all the other planets are round, don’t we?

In reality, we have no proof that any of the heavenly bodies are spheres. We have evidence that they are circular. Circular does not equal spherical.

My readers will argue, “But we can see the spheres through a telescope!” We see circles through a telescope. A “planet” viewed with a Nikon P900 looks like this:

venus 2
Venus via Nikon P900 zoom lens.

What they call “planets” are wandering stars, and they are visible with the naked eye. The ancients saw them, wrote about them, and made accurate predictions about them long before the telescope was invented.

We know the heavenly stars are circular, and we know they move. But we don’t know they are spheres. The only evidence we have for the spheres is CGI, and that doesn’t count as evidence.

So the “round planet” question comes from a lifetime of indoctrination, not from any observation or experiment. Any other Frequently Asked Questions you encounter, let me know in the comments.


Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

28 thoughts on “If Earth is Flat, Why Are the Other Planets Round?

  1. Great article! Indoctrination is real and it’s been happening for generations – it starts at birth for everybody and nobody is immune from it. Additionally, nobody knows if the sun or the moon are spherical. People simply assume they are, or they are led to believe they are .

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    1. So true, Ron K! I think that’s why people react to FE the way they do…..images of the globe are deliberately rooted deep down in their soul…..

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    2. I’ve logged about 500,000 air miles and the last 200k or so I’ve paid attention to level flight path at altitude vs nose down to compensate around a sphere, certainly intriguing from 35,000ft and no compensation to keep from flying much higher.


  2. Good stuff Stacy! It’s a common question by the “indoctrinated” and not easily explained by the average “red pilled” like ourselves. Thanks and keep rockin!

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  3. The sun itself was once called the “solar DISK”. I think we live on a flat disk and each PLANEt is the same as Planet Earth. Curiosly I think about the old long playings (disks) as well and the song “rock around the clock” and imagine people dancing on a disk moving like the firmament does on our heads. Is it crazy? 😁😁😁 MK


    1. And yet we can all sides of the planets as they rotate, and the are round from every angle, which would be impossible if they were discs.


  4. A Nikon P900 is rubbish at taking images of planets. I have seen other planets through my telescope:
    – I have seen the Great Red Spot on Jupiter rotate into view
    – I have seen the plains on Mars during different times in its rotation
    – I have seen the phases of Venus

    These objects are spherical.


  5. So, um… the entire world is in on the conspiracy to make people believe the earth is a spheroid because it benefits them how…? If anyone here truly believes this, then please, present a single piece of evidence as to why, or even give me a single reason why ANYONE would want to lie about this. What is there to gain!? Increased globe sales?


  6. You have got to be kidding me. if all the celestial bodies are flat circles, then why do we only see them from one angle? Why do we never see the thinner side? The critical thinking skills of you and your followers are severely lacking to say the least.


  7. They’re all just energy fields. What shape do energy fields have? Well, the ones I’ve seen are constantly changing and (of course) we only see a very narrow frequency band within them anyway. The Earth is neither a spinning ball, nor a flat disc (in my opinion) it’s just another energy field which we construct into an apparent solid reality through information we receive through our senses. Think laptop and wifi, and you’re on the right track! 🙂


  8. If the earth is flat the what are the sun and moon. I want to put in a request to slow the damn things down so we have more daylight hours and longer nights. I suppose were alone in the universe as well. lol


  9. “If earth is flat, why are the other planets round?”
    “Other planets aren’t spheres because nobody has proof of them being spheres”
    “Also, all the proof you have? Yeah that’s fake CGI space actor bullshit.”


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