Constellations Debunk the Globe

A person sitting in a snowy place looking at the Northern Lights. Text reads: Constellations Debunk the Globe

Constellations are a great topic for Flat Earth. The stars in our night sky bear witness to our stationary earth, and make it impossible for earth to be a globe. How?

Constellations debunk the globe in two basic ways. First, their year-round visibility  proves we don’t orbit the sun. Second, their visibility from far-flung latitudes proves the earth is not a ball.

The Big Dipper shows up in the Northern latitudes all year round. This would be impossible if we were spinning, orbiting and whirling through space. So that’s Debunk Number One.

The Resilient Earth

Debunk Number Two: The Big Dipper is visible as far south as Northern Australia. This should be impossible on a globe, for it would be hidden behind a hill of curvature.

field of view round flat earth
If earth were a globe, The Big Dipper could not be visible from Northern Australia.

Next we have Orion, the Hunter. Orion is a seasonal constellation, meaning he only shows up in winter (summer for the southern latitudes). But when he does appear, he is visible all over the earth. You can see him everywhere on our stationary plane. How could this be possible on a globe?

orion the hunter

On a globe, it’s impossible for any constellation to be visible everywhere. The curvature of the earth would hide certain stars from view. And yet, Orion is visible all over.

Observe the Southern Cross. The pride of Australia and New Zealand, the Southern Cross is visible year-round from the Southern latitudes. Another globe debunk. If we were spinning and orbiting, we would lose alignment, remember?

The Southern Cross is also visible from Northern latitudes, like Hawaii and the Florida Keys. If we were on a ball, the Southern stars could not be visible from the North.

southern cross hawaii 2

Southern Star Trails. Southern stars seem to move in an opposite direction from the Northern ones. There’s basically two schools of thought on this. One is that refraction causes them to appear to move in the opposite direction, as if seen through water, that is, the waters above the firmament. This fascinating video illustrates the concept perfectly.

The second idea is that we have two points of rotation, one in the North and one in the South, like two cogs in a timepiece.

I personally don’t have the answer; if you would like to weigh in, please do so in the comments.

To summarize, constellations debunk the globe. Thanks for reading! Stacey


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36 thoughts on “Constellations Debunk the Globe

  1. First of all we do see different constellations at different times of the year.
    Please Google to know this simple fact.
    Do not skip the other version that non alignment can be explained by far away stars too.


    1. Hi Abhinav, slight variations in star patterns are not consistent with a spinning, orbiting earth. We have seasonal asterisms, sure, but we have year-round ones like Big Dipper and Southern Cross that would not be possible if we were moving through space. Thanks for your comment.


      1. That’s explained by far away stars. First of all, the stars are in the same arm of the galaxy as us. The earth’s orbit is inconsequential at that enormous scale, and movement through the galaxy is eliminated because the stars move too.


      2. Of course we can see the big dipper all year with a globe. It is within 20 degrees of the north star which is always straight above the north pole. It is the lower constellations closer to the equator that change.

        Secondly, you can see the southern cross from the hawaillan islands because:
        1) This constellation is not right at the south pole, and
        2) Due to the tilt of the Earth, the Islands latitude of 20 degrees during summer, will put it slightly below the equator due to the 23 degree tilt of the Earth. You need some basic knowledge to understand this.


      3. Of course we can see the big dipper all year from the northern hemisphere with a globe. It is within 20 degrees of the north star which is always straight above the north pole. The lower constellations closer to the equator, however, change perfectly based on our rotation around the sun.

        Secondly, you can see the southern cross from the hawaillan islands because:
        1) This constellation is not directly above the south pole, and
        2) Due to the tilt of the Earth, the Islands latitude of 20 degrees, will, during summer, put it slightly below the equator due to the 23 degree tilt of the Earth. You need some basic knowledge to understand this.


      4. Thanks for your response; the Big Dipper is visible from the Equator, and as far south as Northern Australia, which would be impossible on a globe. Appreciate your comment!


      5. Stacy:
        I don’t think you quite understand any of the concepts you are discussing. I’m not sure if you just cut and paste what you get from other flat Earthers or what, but all you need to do is really think about the concepts and your “impossible” statements become completely “possible”.

        Orion essentially is directly above the equator, and crosses the Equator with the upper 2/3rd being above, and the lower 1/3rd below the equator. Assuming you have a 180 degree uninhibited view at night on a non-mountainous region, this constellation should take up 30 degrees, of this view, and it does. Every part of the Earth that can see North enough or south enough on their 180 degree view should be able to see Orion. This turns out to be Northern hemisphere up to 85 degrees north latitude, and 75 degrees south latitude on the southern hemisphere. Not impossible, you just have to understand the concept…


      6. Stacey:
        It would appear that you really don’t have an answer as to why the stars rotate the opposite direction around the south star from the north star. Do you seriously think there is a huge, round, glass of water in the firmament making us all think the stars are rotating the opposite direction? OK. How do you explain the sun and moon (supposedly in this SAME FIRMAMENT) moving the same direction as expected across the sky as everywhere else in the world??!! Also, if there was such refraction (your only other option) causing this effect, it would again make the sun and moon appear completely opposite as the rest of the world. I love how FE-ers think it is so hard to imagine the earth spinning 1000 miles per hour, but they actually believe the ridiculous theories coming out of their mouths…


      1. Hi Stacy:

        This article may help you wrap your brain around why the constellations change throughout the year, and why you can EASILY see the big dipper all year from the northern hemisphere. Even northern parts of the southern hemisphere (attitudes less than 23 degreesS) can see the big dipper, and even the north star during parts of the year. See below.

        Any part of Australia north of Alice Springs is north of 23 degrees south latitude, marking the Tropic of Capricorn. Therefore in southern hemisphere summer, the Earth (and Australia) will be tilted 23 degrees from level, and the sun will be directly overhead at the tropic of capricorn. Thus Alice Springs and all of Northern Australia will not only be able to see the big dipper, but they will be able to see the north star in northern Australia.

        So as you can see, when you actually think about it, and know the science, it is not impossible. For flat Earthers, sadly, impossible usually means they don’t know how something works with a globe (or with math, or with physics, or astronomy, or space, etc)…


  2. The southern cross as the entire night sky is reversed as we travel north to south, but the stars are staying pretty much stable, the stars appear to be upside down because as we move south we are positioning ourselves up side down in relationship to how the north hemisphere views the stars. This is a simple experiment that can be done in real time with a couple of I phones and face time and friend in the opposite hemisphere. I love traveling back down to southern hemisphere and seeing my old friend the southern night sky.


  3. Here is a great article on constellations. Specifically, it shows that the Big Dipper can be viewed from +90 degrees (North Pole) to -30 degrees latitude (30 degrees below the equator). This makes complete sense on a globe since people at the equator should be able to see the north star right at the horizon (exactly 90 degrees down from straight up) and the top of the Big Dipper starts at +60 degrees latitude, so 90 degrees south of that point is -30 degrees latitude. BTW, this will allow the upper 2/3rds of Australia to see the Big Dipper, which they do. Nice try. The Earth has never been, and never will be flat…


  4. Tom,
    I’m responding to your post that begins with “Stacey:
    It would appear that you really don’t have an answer as to why the stars rotate the opposite direction around the south star from the north star.”

    You may want to review that the atmoplane acts as a lens, similar to looking at things through glass. If the stars appear to be rotating the opposite direction, it’s likely they are not and your interpretation of the apparent star field motion to you is inverted to you as the observer. I ignored the rest of the information you posted.


    1. You ignored the rest of my post. I guess you didn’t understand it. As I said before, you can make up any fabrication you want for why the stars spin in the opposite direction, but at least make sense. Your sky lens makes stars go backwards, but sun and moon go normal. Right…


    2. OMG. atmoplane!! FE-ers making up more and more BS terminology to fill in the gaps of their lack of explanation for anomalies of their FE. As I said before, If there is some ridiculous “atmoplane’ that just happens to exist in the southern hemisphere, then for some reason it exists to just alter star movement, and it doesn’t affect the motion of the sun or moon that are traveling in the same sky. There are many time lapses from the equator showing star trails from north pole all the way to the south pole. Here is one example:

      How does your FE explain this, and don’t give me BS atmoplanes. These stars are all moving the same direction from north pole to south pole in the sky, but as you go towards the south pole since you are on the underside of the Earth, you appreciate the stars rotatiing in the opposite direction as the north pole.

      Once again, impossible is what FE-er says when they don;t understand how something happens…


      1. If you want to present a gas or liquid that forms in a curved fashion without a container, please do so and I’ll review it. Your usage of atmosphere will be considered incorrect and simply part of your programming reinforced by your imagination. Until then, I will continue to use atmoplane correctly because undisturbed gasses and liquids are always flat.

        I have no interest in looking at you stitched/fabricated/altered imagery from twan. Don’t let manipulations of realty fool you so much. If you don’t understand how things are happening, don’t just make things up, or believe made-up things that people have told you about them.

        Let me be clear – The star field, sun, and moon all move above us. Not only do star field time lapse videos or images from locations all over the plane prove the earth is stationary, so did Arago, Fizeau, Airy, Lorentz, Michelson, Morley, Miller, Davie, Gale, Sagnac, and Joos. When one can’t comprehend that the only way near-perfect star fields can be captured with time lapse is from only 2 points on a spinning ball (poles), they are assuming star field time lapses or near-perfect circles can be captured at places that are not the exact pole locations. It does take a bit of comprehension skills to figure this out, but that would require people to question their programming. (If the earth was spinning to create the relative motion between the earth and non-moving stars by means of time lapse, the image captured from the moving earth would be nearly linear, not circular.) I don’t expect you to understand this because it’s contrary to the programming you and so many people have.


      2. Raindrops, meniscus on water in a glass, curved water surface on an overfilled (but not overflowing) shot glass, many water experiments in zero gravity on ISS showing balls or water. If water doesn’t “always” find its level, then it doesn’t always find its level.


      3. I also love how you completely ignore my debunk of Stacey‘s argument about why you can see constellations from northern and southern hemisphere at the same time. It is the basic misunderstanding and lack of education on the basic sciences which puts people on the flat earth train to begin with


    3. Examples of curving water? OK. Waves, drops of water, menisci in a glass, water in a shot glass that is above the level of the glass but not overflowing.

      You state in your question, “without a container”. F-you. Do you realize that the oceans are contained in land-locked borders? That is a container. Just like a glass of water in a shot glass.

      How dare you tell me to not believe what others have stated. That is the ONLY reason you believe in FE is bc what others have told you in YouTube videos.

      FE-ers are seriously bat-shit crazy. You ignore anything that does not conform to your world view. For example, you claim that ISS does not exist, and when you are told that you can see it in the sky, as predicted, to the SECOND when it was predicted to be seen from anywhere on Earth over which it orbits, you just say, “its fake, I don’t even need to look in the sky.” Some FE-ers even admit that they see the ISS and even witness it doing a lunar transit at the exact second it was predicted to do so, and they still make BS arguments regarding how high it is which are thoroughly shot down by people who actually know how to do math. Insanity.

      On the fall equinox, take out a compass and see if the sun rises due east (90 degrees) and sets due west (270 degrees), and when it does, no matter where you are on the Earth, explain how this is possible??

      Go to Antarctica and tell me that the sun is not above the horizon for 18+ hours. I am going there in January. Trust me, it is not to prove round Earth. That proof was done 1000 years ago.

      Show me any video where you can consistently see (read “every day for the most part”) land masses 50+ miles away over water at sea level which cannot be accounted for by the size of the land mass being viewed (which would still confirm a globe earth).

      Wake up…


      1. I looked at your several comments for a few seconds and decided that they weren’t worth reading so I didn’t. Then I took the time to post this comment to inform you that your comments were ignored.


      2. That’s alright. When you bring a pea shooter to a gunfight, you might as well run away as you are. It’s OK. It’s shameful, but I completely understand when your argument has more holes in it than swiss cheese.

        Lets try to make it so easy a kindergartener can understand the concept. Even when the Earth is on the opposite side of the sun, night lasts for about 10 hours each night on average, meaning you can see the stars for 10 hours. The Earth rotates 15 degrees per hour–even your FE-ers demonstrated this to their chagrin on the Behind the Curve movie. That is a 150 degree rotation in the sky from east to west that occurs at night. So in addition to the 180 degrees we can see horizon to horizon when we look east to west at any given moment, throughout the night we can actually see 330 total degrees east to west (180 + 150)–this is 92 percent of the whole 360 degrees around east to west. We also have a 180 degree view north to south. So in reality, there is only a very small, 30 degree north-south wedge of the sky, a small minority of the stars that we can’t see at some point in the night sky, even on opposite days of the year such as Dec 21st vs June 21st.

        “Open your eyes” is the FE mantra, but you don’t want to see anything, or try to understand science and concepts that you can’t explain away with refraction or FE propaganda.

        Anyone can see with a powerful telescope that a crecent moon is illuminated by an external light source–all of the craters perfectly demonstrate this. If you disagree with at least this appearance, you are lying. You then say trust your senses, until your senses tell you otherwise on this topic. The partially illuminated moon always points towards the sun. FE-ers somehow see this and say, “the moon has its own light source.” Many quote the Bible saying it says so, when the Bible says the moon was created and “rules the night”, when in reality, the moon is in the day sky an equal amount of time, so maybe, just maybe, the Bible was giving a generalization.

        You distrust everyone in authority, many of your FE disciples believe in all sorts of fantasy conspiracy theories, like there is no climate change, 911, JFK, and that vaccines are dangerous, and so you don’t vaccine your children. Now many children are suffering bc of their parents’ ignorance.

        FE in and of itself is a harmless fantasy, but it can lead to a total distrust for anyone in an authoritative position–you actually think our US government is continuing an elaborate 50+ year old deception which, in addition to the whole world’s governments, space, telecommunications industries, would involve millions of people. No whistle blower. Not a peep from people in the know. With a decent percentage of these alleged conspirators being Christians. You can’t keep a secret among 5 friends for long. Think about that.


      3. Tom, your comments have been ignored. Some comments have nothing within them to spend even a few seconds. Those are the kind of comments you post.


  5. Aren’t all of the year round constellations “Northern Circumpolar Constellations”? So how does this debunk a globular model when all constellations one sees from the equator change – and the “Northern Circumpolar Constellations” would be seen year round if we circled the sun?


      1. When u say right off the bat that there will be a 100% change in the constellations you see between summer and winter, that just displays your extreme ignorance of astronomy bc the circumpolar constellations are visible all year, regardless of the season. Look outside in the sky and get off of the YouTube videos. Jeez…


      2. Your gibberish makes no sense. I think you know this. You say, “I can’t see the window and the door at the same time, thus the Earth is flat.” Seriously?? You can’t see the zodiac winter and summer constellations in the sky at the same time. But guess what? You can see the floor and ceiling if you look up or down. Wow. What a concept…


      3. Hey Rokro111, why don’t you let Stacey reply? She may still not understand the concepts, but this is her site, right, and she seems like a nicer person at least. Go ahead Stacey, give er a go. Rokro111 can’t seem to be able to read a short post anyway. Rokro111 seems to think that saying they ignored the content in a post is a sign of higher intelligence, although in reality, it reaches the dizzying mental heights at the level of saying “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

        I assume your mind is “open” right, Stacey?


  6. OK, this will be fun.

    Step 1–no argument, this is correct

    Step 2–Not correct at all. Just as night starts, you are not facing180 degrees from the sun all night long as your pictures imply, the sun is only 12 degrees below the horizon, so you are actually facing only 102 degrees away from the sun when you look at the west horizon. Just before dawn, you are only facing 92 degrees away from the sun when you look at the East horizon. Since you can see 180 degrees east to west on a non-mountainous area, you can see stars that are within 12 degrees of the sun at the start and end of night. That leaves you a 24 degree wedge, 12 degrees on each side of the sun, where you can’t see any stars bc they are too close to the sun. Yes, from East to West at night, you can see about 338 degrees around of the total 360 circle. You are NOT in a chair facing 180 degrees from the sun all night for crying out loud.

    Step 3: “Summer stars are completely different than winter stars”? Seriously? This cannot be more incorrect. You obviously have no clue about this subject matter. Have you even looked at the stars throughout the night throughout the year, bc if you have than you are just lying about what you are seeing. As shown in step 2 above, on a globe, there is only a very small wedge of sky that can’t be seen at any given night from dusk to dawn.”100% different stars”??? You must be joking. That is like saying you spin around in a room looking at the ceiling and say you can’t see the ceiling all the way around.

    There are no more lame FE constellation steps, thank goodness, bc these steps are completely ridiculous. Go outside, look at the stars.

    PS–You are correct, comprehension abilities are definitely needed, but not much. I guess this level of comprehension exceeds your abilities.


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