Coordinates Don’t Lie

Coordinates Don't LIe; A vintage red Volkswagen bug sits in a snowy scene.

Written by @rokro11  An image of “Antarctica” on Google Maps looks like this:

antarctica 2

Does this look like a continent at the lower edge of the earth?  It does to me.  I’m sure that’s what it looks like to everybody who looks at it.  That’s what Antarctica is supposed to look like on earth were we live.

Let’s examine how distorted this image is and what it really represents.  Because all maps need to be plotted correctly and to scale, there’s a mapping system that uses latitude/longitude coordinates to pin-point any place on earth. All we need to know are its latitude and longitude to get there.

There are many identifying locations contained within the continent people have incorrectly accepted as Antarctica.  These locations are Antarctica Stations, bases, and research facilities.  These places all have latitude/longitude coordinates attached and it’s very easy to plot their locations.  These places are scattered at the outer perimeter of our flat & stationary earth and I’ve plotted the approximate locations based on their coordinates so you can visualize our actual earth.

In total, I’ve mapped 59 places we are told are in Antarctica and the locations of these places are very revealing.  All the locations are scattered along the outer perimeter of our earth with the land masses called continents contained within the boundary of the ice barrier that surrounds earth.

map coordinates

A map with these locations has been marked out for your review and confirms an outer perimeter.  Are the coordinate locations of the continents on this map accurate?  Yes they are; however, the land masses in the center of the map are disproportionately smaller compared to the land masses going from the center outward.

For example, the approximate width of the United States is 3,000 miles, and so is Australia. Australia looks wider on the map than the United States.  That’s because in order to match the coordinates with the map, the further from the center, the distances and coordinate points are accurate but the appearance makes it look bigger. The limitation of coordinate maps and their plotted locations create a distorted image of the land masses.

A longitude/latitude coordinate system has been designed to account for every single square inch of our earth. This latitude part of this system is based on the 0 point, representing the equator, and moving inward. The numbers increase to 90 degrees north which represents the center of our earth.  From the equator starting at 0, and moving outward, the latitude increases until it reaches the very edge at 90 degrees south.

The longitude portion of this coordinate system identifies the location east and west of a certain point, the Prime Meridian.  These points begin at 0 degrees W and proceed along the western area until it reaches 180 degrees W.  The other side starts with 0 degrees E and proceeds up the eastern side until it reaches 180 degrees E.

This is a pin-point accurate system and more information about it can be found here.

It’s important to understand that the Antarctica locations are not located on a continent, but rather an ice-ring around the perimeter of our earth. This is not new information – it’s merely been withheld from us by people who know the earth is flat and stationary.

With the conclusion of this article, I can confidently say the earth, with Antarctica coordinates forming a circle of locations around the earth’s perimeter, is flat. We can now be confident we have a flat earth map and we can dismiss the representation of Antarctica as nothing more than lies to keep us from knowing the actual layout of our flat and stationary earth.

The latitude/longitude data to plot the Antarctic perimeter can be found here:

1Sanae IVAntarctica-70°17’60.00″ S, -2°21’59.99″ W
2Queen Maud LandAntarctica-71°23’59.99″ S, -2°30’59.99″ W
3Neumayer Station IIIAntarctica-70°39’59.9″S, -8°15’59.4″W
4SveaAntarctica-74°34’34″S, -11°13’31″W
5WasaAntarctica-73°03’S, -13°25’W
6Halley Research StationAntarctica-75°36′16″ S, -26°12′32″ W
7Belgrano II BaseAntarctica-77°52’26.2″S, -34°37’35.3″W
8OrcadasAntarctica-60°43.9998′ S, -44°43.9998′ W
9Marambio BaseAntarctica-64°14’27.0″S, -56°37’37.6″W
10Esperanza BaseAntarctica-63°23’53.8″S, -56°59’49.5″W
11Carlini BaseAntarctica-62°14’16.8″S, -58°40’00.8″W
12Palmer StationAntarctica-64°46’27.1″S, -64°03’07.3″W
13VernadskyAntarctica-65°14.72’S, -64°15.40’W
14San Martín BaseAntarctica-68°07’49.0″S, -67°06’12.6″W
15Rothera Research StationAntarctica-67°33’50.1″S, -68°07’26.0″W
16Fossil BluffAntarctica-71°19.76’S, -68°16.02’W
17Sky BluAntarctica-74°51.38’S, -71°34.16’W
18BharatiAntarctica-69°24.41’S, -76°11.72’W
19Smyley StationAntarctica-72°45’07.6″S, -78°01’09.6″W
20EllsworthAntarctica-75°29’59.99″ S, -80°00’0.00″ W
21Hercules DomeAntarctica-86°S, -105°W
22ByrdAntarctica-80°01’00″S, -119°32’00″W
23Marie Byrd LandAntarctica-75°10’58.80″ S, -139°05’60.00″ W
24Roosevelt StationAntarctica -79°05’20.9″S, -162°31’53.8″W
25Troll StationAntarctica-72°00’44.9″S,  2°31’56.5″E
26TorAntarctica-71°53’S, 5°09′ E
27MaitriAntarctica-70°45.95’S, 11°44.15’E
28NovolazarevskayaAntarctica-70°46.43’S, 11°51.90’E
29Princess ElizabethAntarctica-71.9500° S, 23.3473° E
30JinnahAntarctica-70°24’S, 25°45’E
31Syowa / ShowaAntarctica-69°00.37’S, 39°35.40’E
32Dome FugiAntarctica-77° 19′ 0″ S, 39° 42′ 0″ E
33S17Antarctica-69°01.50’S, 40°06.50’E
34Enderby LandAntarctica-67°30’0.00″ S, 53°00’0.00″ E
35Kemp LandAntarctica-67°15’60.00″ S, 59°24’59.99″ E
36MawsonAntarctica-67°35’59.0″S, 62°52’50.7″E
37Mac Robertson LandAntarctica-70°00’0.00″ S, 65°00’0.00″ E
38Druzhnaya 4Antarctica-69°44’S, 73°42’E
39Progress 2/Law RacovitaAntarctica-69°23’S, 76°23’E
40ZhongshanAntarctica-69°22.27’S, 76°23.22’E
41TaishanAntarctica-73°51’S, 76°58’E
42Dome ArgusAntarctica-80°21’59.99″ S, 77°20’59.99″ E
43DavisAntarctica68°34’36.9″S, 77°58’06.8″E
44Kaiser Wilhelm IIAntarctica-66°47’59.99″ S, 89°10’60.00″ E
45Queen MaryAntarctica-66°44’59.99″ S, 96°00’0.00″ E
46Vostok StationAntarctica-78°27’48.2″S, 106°57’17.2″E
47Wilkes StationAntarctica-66°15’15.36″ S, 110°31’19.31″ E
48CaseyAntarctica-66°16’56.5″S, 110°31’38.7″E
49Law DomeAntarctica-66°43’59.99″ S, 112°49’59.99″ E
50Dome CharlieAntarctica-75°05’60.00″ S, 123°20’59.99″ E
51Concordia StationAntarctica-75°06’02.4″S, 123°21’29.0″E
52AdelleAntarctica-66°11’60.00″ S, 136°10’60.00″ E
53Dumont d’Urville StationAntarctica-66°39’47.2″S, 140°00’07.6″E
54Mid PointAntarctica-75°32.44’S, 145°49.12’E
55Mario Zucchelli StationAntarctica-74°41’44.0″S, 164°06’07.8″E
56Jang BogoAntarctica-74°37’0″S, 164°12’5″E
57VictoriaAntarctica-77°53’59.99″ S, 164°23’59.99″ E
58Scott BaseAntarctica-77°50’59.99″ S, 166°44’59.99″ E
59McmurdoAntarctica-77°50’38.2″S, 166°41’33.3″E

Be assured the above representation of earth (map) is accurate and can be shown to be the actual flat and stationary earth upon which we live. Antarctica is a circle surrounding our earth and not a land mass in the fictional south portion of our earth.  Don’t take my word for it – if you want to check the layout of the land masses using the true and accurate latitude/longitude coordinate system – it’s an accurate representation of the earth we all live on. By all means check the map to see if the coordinate layout is pin-point accurate based on your home. The lies about our earth must stop right now!

If you have any questions, you can direct them to @rokro11 on Twitter or post any questions or comments below.

Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

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  1. All locations on earth have a latitude and longitude coordinate. For example, to find the coordinates of Marambio Base, an internet search using the words, “Marambio Base coordinates” will provide several different sources for that location’s coordinates.


    1. If you type “earth” into Google’s search field and press enter you get all kinds of interesting information about our planet;
      It being a globe, the fact that it orbits the sun, the moon orbits the earth, gravity etc.
      Funny how you distrust anything and anyone but accept coordinates listed on some websites as is.


      1. It’s easy to indoctrinate and program you when you don’t suspect it’s currently happening – and actually has been happening from the moment you were born. You are the perfect subject who won’t cause any trouble. You are making your owners proud of how easy it is to control your mind.


      2. Funny how the proof is shown in the work above, yet you’re citing a Google search as the end-all-be-all in terms of scientific, empirical truth. Open your eyes guy, its literally spelled out above for you.


    2. Alright, let’s suppose I’m stationed at the Sanae-IV Base (#1 on your list) and wished to be the first to trek across Antarctica (or in your special world, “around” Antarctica) to reach McMurdo Station (#59 on your list). By the given coordinates the expected trek would cover about 2,100 miles. On your “flat-Earth” Gleason map, it appears that the two bases are across the entire disc apart from one another, nearly 170° of longitude between them. Are we to believe the 2,100 mile distance or the coordinates? Obviously the Earth is larger than this “flat-Earth” map of yours would indicate. Indeed, by this map one would need to travel nearly over the North Pole in order to journey from one base to the other. Does that seem reasonable to you? I suppose one could trek “around the ice wall” from one base to another, but that would involve a much longer journey, given that the circumference of your map is some 78,000 miles and one would be journeying around some 170° of longitude. I don’t believe you have thought this out and so I’ll disagree with your conclusions.


      1. You will never travel to the ice ring and I don’t deal with hypothetical situations so your scenario has been ignored.


    3. It’s unfortunate that your Twitter account was suspended.
      My sense of reasoning prompts me to suspect that suspending your account was strictly to discredit you, and simply because the truth always hits a nerve.
      The Flat Earth is taking the world by storm.
      It isn’t something that’s here today and gone tomorrow.
      Another thing that people are neglecting to notice is the level of intelligence among those advocating the Flat Earth.
      The highest form of ignorance is ridiculing something one knows nothing about.
      Society has been conditioned to react to anyone who will dare go against popular belief.
      The burden of proof is on NASA, historians, science, scholars, and the religious sector on any subject at hand.
      “It’s a lot easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone that they’ve been fooled”.
      I support you all the way and I wish you success in all your attempts to create awareness.
      Jack Menendez


  2. That’s the information you are supposed to get because you are supposed to believe it’s a ball. Just keep letting people tell you what to think and you’ll be perfectly fine. I’m not the one misleading and lying to you but it’s successfully being done. When you freely accept the lies, you are as responsible for the lies as the ones programming you with those lies.


    1. What you don’t seem to understand is that you obtained these coordinates from a source published on the Internet, from Wikipedia or other such source. You say, “That’s the information you are supposed to get because you are supposed to believe it’s a ball.” You DON’T believe the Earth is a ‘ball’ or globe or oblate spheroid, yet you freely admit that that the coordinates given for these sites are correct – you even quote them down to the hundredth of a second of arc – but ignore the fact that those coordinates reference that selfsame globe that you don’t believe in. Why, then would you believe the coordinates? In doing so, you’re doing the EXACT same thing you accuse ‘ballers’ of doing – letting other people tell you what to think..


      1. I don’t use wiki. I consider is worthlesswiki. If you don’t think the coordinates are correct, point out the errors in the latitude and longitude and I’ll review it. When there is a central reference point for latitude and longitude (magnetic north pole) the most logical map to produce is a circular map.

        When all the land is flat, other than hills and valleys, the rest of the earth’s surface is 73% flat water, and there has never been any motion detected, perceived, or measured yet you conclude it’s a spinning ball is the most outlandish assumption anyone can make. You’re a baller because you were programmed that way. Start thinking on your own.

        It’s not a globe, a ball, or sphere. The coordinates don’t reference a globe. To conclude the coordinates that map out our flat and stationary earth is actually plotted on a globe is not a well-thought out assumption.


  3. I would like to see a globe earth map of these stations you’ve plotted beside your FE map. I’m wondering if we knew the flight plans, or if they get there from South America or Australia, for the countries that have stations all around Antarctica-if there would be any clues in that info when thinking of Antarctica as the ice wall..?


  4. I am confused about Australia. If its about 3,000 miles across and the coordinates are accurate why would it appear so much wider than the United States. I am a flat earthed but that makes no sense.


  5. Thanks for bringing it up that the land masses in the center appear smaller than they actually are and the land masses on the perimeter appear larger than they actually are. If you read the article, that distortion is already mentioned.

    All maps have distortions. If maps didn’t have distortions, the land maps would be as large as the land masses. You’ll mention a perceived width difference from a land feature at the center of the map looks different than a land feature near the edge of the map, but you seem to gloss over the fact that on a globe map, the united states is upright and australia is up-side-down. It’s not just a little wider on a globe map – it’s completely inverted.


  6. I like it, makes sense to me, in a circular way(as we were taught) the latitude lines all start at North, and seeing the stations plotted in Antarctica this way helps with my understanding of why you cant fly fom cape horn to sydney, or cape town or anywhere southern which should be easy on a globe, but just looking at and seeing the silly routes planes take you can’t help but think somethings wrong
    Great work i’m gonna look at more of your stuff


  7. Not all maps show distorted land masses. It is true that all maps that hang on a wall are distorted, but maps in a globe shape show true scales of the land masses. You can scale distances off the globe map and they match up perfectly with flight times and distances. A fact that seems obvious to the entire human race except for a hand full of flat earthers that seem to think they need to distort the entire shape of the known world and then go through extraordinary lengths to explain their bull shit. Yea, good on you guys, keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks for the laugh. The most obvious distortion of our flat and stationary earth is that it’s on a ball, held up by 2 points (one on top and one on the bottom) that allows our flat and stationary earth to spin, tilt, and have an access. Realize that since you were born, the round spinning earth with spin, tilt, and an axis has been shoved in your face. Because you were exposed to it when you were an infant, including your entire life, it seems normal. There is absolutely no proof of axis, tilt, or a ball that spins. Your programmed beliefs are controlling your thinking at this point. No one should believe fabricated stories, even if those stories are repeated non-stop since birth.

      Realize on every single globe ever purchased, the words “GLOBES ARE NOT MEANT FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE BUT ONLY DECORATIVE PURPOSE” are affixed as a disclaimer. Despite these clear and concise words – in all capital letters – you still choose to put value in a decorative toy. The spinning globe programming is a work of art.

      I’m going to provide you with a bit of physics information. The alleged spinning ball has a rim (edge) speed of 1000 mph. That means at the equator, the surface speed is 1000 mph. At 45 degree latitude, the surface speed would be 500 mph.

      In order to get a 40 foot diameter carousel/merry-go-round to have a rim (edge) velocity of 500 mph, the carousel/merry-go-round would need to be spinning 350 rpm. To have a rim velocity of 1000 mph, the merry-go-round would need to be spinning 700 rpm. ***

      Prior to even reaching close to these speeds, it is certain that all lights, poles, stairs, rails, animals, chariots, and actually every-single-thing would be dislodged and thrown due to the enormous centrifugal force. But somehow that force doesn’t apply to the spinning earth having the equivalent rim velocity. Something doesn’t compute with this information.

      *** Although the carousel information was provided via wiki, I want to point out that wiki is the most unreliable source of information for anything. The largest carousel is not the one indicated by wiki – it is one located at House on the Rock, Spring Green, WI since 1981. Wiki had 37 years to correct it’s information but it’s never been a reliable source so who cares?


  8. rokro111 – Damn, you have giving me lot to get through, I will just respond to couple of your points.

    You had me going there for little bit, I checked my globes for the disclaimer, I even took a look at the globe at my office. No disclaimer, just a scale measurement that allows me to verify distances. I looked at your flat earth disc, no scale, interesting. I guess prove doesn’t need a scale or any other means of verifying distances. I guess I just have to accept your word that you are correct. Yea, right.

    I would also like to inform you that I don’t believe everything that I’m told, I’m here on this site responding to your comments, if I was indoctrinated and incapable of having an objective opinion I wouldn’t have been scrolling the web and I wouldn’t have came across this web site. But looking at all of the so called evidence that you folks have to offer, I have seen nothing but some claim that the earth looks kind of flat. Well, heck, good enough for me. Hell no, you have to understand scale before you understand why you can’t see the curve. Take your globe, imagine dividing it into 24,000 parts around the circumference, one of those parts is equal to one mile. Push a small pin into the globe, the head of that pin would be about the height that a plane flies at 35,000 f.t. 3/4 of a mile. Now you can understand the shear size of our planet and why you can’t see the curve, you have just learnt scale, well done.

    Sorry if I came across a little condescending, but I am having a discussion about the shape of our planet with an adult. I cant be expected to take this to seriously.

    Your friend,



    1. It’s great that you took nearly no effort to find the disclaimer is on globes. Placing that disclaimer on the globe provides the plausible deniability to the educational system and others who have presented the spinning ball earth as real when it is not.

      Other than that, nothing in your post was worth a response.…22128.22407..23062…0.0..0.93.337.4……1….1..gws-wiz-img.9AVJuJAniig


  9. Rokro111 – You need to understand the scale of the earth, you present me with a piece of garbage flat earth map. No scale, no means of verifying distances.

    The world presents you with a scaled model of the earth. Distances can be verified and checked.

    Present a map that I can use to sail from the Galapagos islands to Fiji. I know I could get there with my globe, people do it everyday, every chart made uses longitude and latitude lines and their scaled off the globe earth. How is sailing the earths oceans using charts generated from your flat earth map?


  10. You are avoiding presenting evidence. I think you know that your flat earth is wrong. If you cant present something as simple as a map with a scale, then you have no case. The earth is a globe.


    1. Present the objective and verifiable evidence you were given by the collective space agencies that receive $42,000,000,000 per year to provide you with cgi, photoshop, movies, manipulation, artwork, drawings, paintings, hearsay, nonsense, and unfounded claims. You have been lied to your entire life and you think that is normal. You hold those people to no standards while they have fooled and lied to you since you were born but you have the audacity to say I’m avoiding presenting evidence to you? The collective space agencies are lying to you and you are doing exactly what they want you to do. If you were able to determine what evidence and proof is, you would see that I and others who have figured out the earth is flat and stationary honestly provide it. You seems to have become so complacent that you require cgi, cartoons, manipulated video, outlandish claims, etc. from those who are trying to help you figure out how you’ve been deceived before you consider it evidence. Get your priorities figured out.


  11. Ron,

    You missed my point. All charts are produced off the globe earth model giving us distances and longitude lines to navigate to. Fiji is located just North of 20 degrees longitude South and just West of 180 degrees Latitude. Where is Fiji located on your flat earth map? Pleased provide coordinates.

    Your flat earth distances are off by thousands of miles from reality. Before you say whos reality. The reality of everybody navigating the worlds oceans. They are all doing so using charts based off the globe earth model.

    For your claim to be valid, (the earth is flat) you must be able to present a scaled model so I can verify distances. I can give you such maps (All maps that are drawn to scale). I am simply requesting a scaled map so I can do my own research.

    A map without a scale is not a map, it is an idea or a believe, it is nothing more than that.


    1. I’m not here to discuss details. Figure out what is confusing you and don’t involve me. I’m not here to guide you through the things you are confused about.

      Let me make this clear for you. You require me to prove to you, with evidence and proof that the earth is flat and stationary, yet you require absolutely no evidence or proof from nasa, esa, and all the involved government space agencies that tell you earth is a spinning ball and it orbits around a stationary sun? Nasa and the like provide you with cgi, trickery, deceit, deception, lies, photoshop, edited movies, etc, and you accept that without lifting a finger.

      What methods and means have you done to verify distances? I suggest you have done nothing. when the world’s government space agencies have $42,000,000,000 each and every year they are going to fool you very nicely that their measurements work out on the globe. Take some time to do this – Look at the alleged round earth in google earth and see how many times you have to turn the earth for it to make a full revolution. The earth in that trickery program is not to scale. It is much larger to fool you to think the scales are accurate. Do you have to turn the earth 1.5 times to make a full revolution? Is that to scale? If you can’t see the obvious deception and deceit you are being filled with, I don’t want to spend another moment conversing with you


  12. Rokro111 – You stated that globe earthers should look at the evidence before believing the globe earth, I am merely trying to do this, but if you refuse to offer evidence that I can use to verify that you are correct. I have no choice but to assume that you are the fraud and that every agency that offers evidence is honest. If I am to believe that you are honest, then give me some honest evidence, a scaled map.


    1. What objective and verifiable evidence do you have that the earth is a spinning globe?

      You just said you will have to assume the spaces agencies funded collectively with $42,000,000,000 per year have your best interests in mind. If you and the billions of people didn’t believe these space agencies, their money would go away. These collective space agencies have a $42 billion incentive to make sure you believe the things they want you to believe so they remain relevant to take tax payer money in order to perpetuate the lie. It’s a cycle. It needs to be broken.

      If people knew the earth was flat and stationary, and the furthest star in the moving aether was no more than 6000 miles away, and there is absolutely no possibility of getting higher than 32 miles from the surface of earth, there would be no reason to pay these “space agencies” $42 billion per year.

      Nicolas Copernicus in the early 1500s estimated the height of the earth’s atmosphere to be 32 miles from the surface of the earth. Look at the high altitude balloon height achievements in this article. Note the last part of the article closely. The record so far is 25.75 miles. Copernicus was correct that our air is confined to within 32 miles of the earth’s surface.

      Rockets can’t even get as high as this since the air it too thin for the rocket’s thrust to push off and the rocket’s weight is too heavy. The lies started in the late 1960’s when the moon landings were faked and it’s has only continued to get worse with the lies and fraud presented to the world. We are at the limit of where we can go but these space agencies have an incentive for you to believe space and all this magical stuff so their money keeps being replenished year after year.

      For the record, my funding is $0 for what I do. I don’t have a financial incentive for anything. If you personally had access to just $100,000 yearly as a salary to perpetuate the lies upon people and you knew it was all a lie, would you come forward and tell everybody even if it cost you a yearly salary of $100,000 yearly, benefits – including health insurance, job security, and a secure retirement package? You would have to consider the ridicule you would endure of being crazy if you tried to expose the space agency fraud. Money is, always has been, and always will be a powerful motivator.


  13. Your article is called coordinates don’t lie. I believe this to be true. I gave you coordinates based off the globe earth and asked you to provide coordinates on the flat earth. I know travel distance from the Galapagos islands to Fiji. I need your coordinates (Or a scaled map) to see how close your distances are. If the travel distance on the flat earth map fits with reality than I agree you may have a case for the flat earth. Because you cant provide me with basic information that I need to fact check you. You leave me no choose but to dis-believe this entire article as garbage. I have giving you enough opportunity to provide the evidence.

    This article cant be verified for truth thus it has to be dismissed as fake.


    1. Use the map in the article and use the latitude and longitude system to confirm locations. If you use 9 decimals points, you can obtain accuracy in resolution with latitude between .110 and .111 mm.

      With longitude, your accuracy resolution can be between .029 and .111 mm

      Travel distances are not an acceptable measurement tool – in fact travel distances are not remotely considered a measurement tool at all. Travel is travel and measurement tools are measurement tools. Your endeavor to measure distance with the wrong instrument is like installing a ceramic tile in a room and expecting it to be a soft, plush carpeted floor. It’s the entirely wrong application but what do you know?

      Generally a map’s scale to the real word land/sea is on a scale of 1:10,000 ( or very close to that). It would be ideal if the map could be 10,000 times larger to enable you to do a 1:1 review of the map but that isn’t an option you have. Because the bases, stations, and research facilities are all around 70 degree latitude, obtain those measurements first and compare them to a specific and unique map location which is the dead center of the above map. That way you will have a constant variable (north pole of 90 degree N latitude). Provide the results of your endeavor so I can see the nonsense you’ve put together.

      One last comment: The oceans, water areas, and seas comprise over 70% of the surface of the earth. What features of moving oceans or seas will you use as reference to mark and verify the accuracy of the coordinate system and the flat earth map?

      Or, in other, but very similar words, what features of the moving oceans and seas did you reference to mark the and verify the accuracy of the coordinate system and the spinning ball earth map when you verified the spinning ball map? I’m 100% confident you did no such thing. I have no doubt you probably have (and wrongly) used a travel tool instead of appropriate measurement tools since you mentioned that would be the incorrect instrument you would use.

      If over 70% of the map you are trying to verify is not verified because it is covered with moving oceans and seas, your map verification error rate will begin with over 70% error rate. Because you are using the wrong instrument to measure (travel??), your error rate of your process, EVEN BEFORE IT BEGINS, will actually be at a 100% error rate. Don’t forget to report your results.


  14. Rokro111 – Thanks for the response and giving me some tools to help me figure this out. I am still a little confused, you refer to use a measurement of 0.29 an .111 mm, are you referring to millimeters? If so, what size do I have print the map to for this scale to work?

    Just so you understand where I’m coming from. When I was child in my home country, my father and I would sail over the horizon to the off shore islands for our holidays. My father taught me basic navigation traveling with a compass and charts, this was before the global positioning system was available for private use (Showing my age). My father explained how the charts we were navigating with matched perfectly with our globe earth, even to the longitude lines being curved on the flat sheet of paper. If you sailed in a straight line from point A to B (Longitude) on a flat map you would actually be traveling further, The distance is shorter if you travel by the curve on the chart due to the earths curve. This is easy to see when you look at your globe. Early sailors knew this, captains would calculate the earths curve. Of course, you also have take into calculation true north and magnetic north when travelling by compass, The modern GPS systems calculate this automatically. When I was a child, I had great fascination holding my fathers charts against the globe, mentally lining up the our sailing routes with the globe to see where we had traveled during our holiday.

    This is why I am so offended with your flat earth map. I don’t know how I could possible navigate to this map. My father is still alive, I sent him a link explaining that this is the map that many people believe to be fact. Of course after great laughter we discussed the seriousness of intelligent people getting their education off a random web site.

    In your article, you were trying to explain that Australia looks bigger than the states though it is the same size- Absolutely absurd. Look at the globe, everything scales, calculates, fits and matches every scaled chart in the entire world.

    Your map doesn’t represent true scale because it is 100% wrong.


    1. Your map had curves on it? Did you notice sailing up and down curves in the water – which I might add is always flat? Great, the map you used must be for a round earth – it only makes sense because it had curves on it. That’s an ideal way to confuse someone to think they are navigating on a ball. Just put some curves on it. (Or just put curves on a flat map and tell people it’s a ball map.)

      So your dad took you to some coastal islands and now you think you were sailing on a ball. Mentally lining up your sailing routes of a few miles may have created some fond memories for you. You will have to realize your travels by air, by water and by land never was on a ball – you (and it appears your dad) were programmed to believe it’s a ball. With this time lapse video, can you show me the uphill and downhill water hills you experience on the alleged ball?

      There are no curves to calculate pathways oceans because water is always flat. The mind control to get people to think flat water curves is amazing. In the simplest terms, one doesn’t need a map on the ocean or seas to get from point A to point B – they simply need a bearing (and constant confirmation of that bearing) so they can get from one point to another.

      It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince the person he has been fooled. Denial to accept one has been lied to is a strong emotion especially if those lies have been around for generations. It’s easy to laugh together when you both have been duped to believing a ball earth because it gives both of you comfort that you think you know things because the lies have been part of your life for a long time. Did your dad and you watch the fake moon landing hoaxes and believe those were real too? Did you have a bonding moment and laugh together?


  15. I have heard this before. Water lies flat – Nova Scotia has 52′ tides. where does this 52′ of water go. You claim water always lies flat, is there a 52′ hole in the ocean that all this water drains into, perhaps 12 hours later it pumps back to the surface? Of course not. the water disperses around the globe following the moons orbit. How stupid are you people. Do any of you there have an education?

    By the way, the equator has minimal tides, the further south and north you go the tide levels increase. The northern hemisphere has larger tides than the southern hemisphere due to the land mass. If you bother to chart the tides you will see that water does not lay level, it moves by force. The moon.


    1. Your confusion has been noted. Your anger has been noted too. Anger is a normal reaction when you realize everything you think you know is a lie.

      Fill your tub with water and makes some waves. Observe what happens when you are not disturbing the water. Try not to let tides confuse you as much as you have just allowed them to do.

      You were told the moon causes tides and that is a story you’ve accepted without any proof. It’s simply an unfounded story.


  16. Rokro111 – Please explain Australia again on you flat earth map. How does it go, Australia is the same size as the USA but looks four time as big on your flat earth map due to distortion, Brilliant. Out of all of your nonsense, that has to be your finest moment. Just accept it. Your map, your theory, NASA’s mind control – all garbage. You claim that globe earthers have no evidence, I have seen nothing from you but conspiracy theory’s and some strange hatred for NASA.

    How does NASA control our minds, perhaps hidden sound waves through the TV. I guess that would explain the 42 billion dollars you claim they have to spend each year. Keep up the good work.


    1. Your lifetime of indoctrination happens slowly, steadily, and nonstop – beginning at birth, much like it happened to me. I’m not indoctrinated anymore like you because I overcame it.

      I’m not taking explanation requests at this time. If you can’t figure something out, read the article again and again until you do.


  17. Rokro111 – How does the tide work, where does the water go, is there a 2,000 ft mountain of water following the moon around your flat earth. You cant offer an answer to this question or any question because your base model – the flat earth is 100% wrong.

    The moons orbit and earths shadow on the moon and the tides all match the same cycle. You cant explain this on your flat earth.


    1. Who in the world cares? The subject of this article is not about tides. If you want to talk about tides, find a forum about tides. This article is about the coordinates around our flat earth perimeter which you’ve been trained to think is all grouped together at the imaginary “south pole”.

      You have been told your entire life that the things match. That’s called indoctrination. You are well-indoctrinated.

      You, everybody, and I are all flat earthers because the earth upon which we live is flat and stationary. You just don’t realize it yet because of the way you’ve been programmed since birth.


  18. Rokro111 – You insist on claims that NASA has got into my head and has brainwashed me. Why would NASA bother – easy question for you to answer, in your words “We don’t know”.

    Here is a quick list of things that you don’t know based on our conversations,

    1. Navigation
    2. Solar eclipse
    3. Lunar Eclipse
    4. Moons orbit
    5. Earths gravity
    6. Distances to scale
    7. Tides
    8. How big Australia is – Added that for comedy.

    You claim that these things can’t be explained. You are correct – Non of these things can be explained with your flat earth.

    Great news – All of these things can be explained with the Globe earth. Why – Easy. the flat earth is fake, The globe earth is truth. Well, what do you know, I must be a truther. Strange, I’m a truther but I don’t feel stupid, makes sense, I’m following the correct truth.


    1. You are not special. Nasa, and their partner space agencies have been fooling the entire population of our flat and stationary earth since the 1960s. Who funds this fraud, lies, and deceit? Ironically all of us tax payers pay for our respective governments to fool us with lies and deceit. If you want to know why governments of the world do this to their citizens, ask them. I don’t know the motive of others.

      I’ll guide you back to the subject of this article and it’s called “Coordinates Don’t Lie”. It’s about our flat and stationary earth and the location of the bases, stations, and research facilities around our flat earth’s perimeter. Nothing in your enumerated list falls into the subject matter of this article so your list has been summarily dismissed because you seem confused and get distracted fairly easily.


  19. You always answer every question with nothing. The shear fact that you cant muster up opposing theories is prove that you don’t have a case. The flat earth can’t be proved, thus it is has to dismissed as fake.

    If I’m wrong. then present evidence; an opposing theory, just repeating that I’m brainwashed by NASA and moon landings fake does not suffice as any type of prove that the earth is flat.


  20. Dismiss realty if you want. I don’t care. I have no opposing theories to made-up stuff you’ve been exposed to your entire life. I don’t care about your situation. That’s your problems, not mine.


  21. Lets go back to the flat earth map. You said that your map is distorted and Australia doesn’t fit to scale as it does on the globe earth. This is prove by your own account that your map is wrong and that scale works better on the globe earth (Globe Earth has scale). There is a good reason that Australia doesn’t fit on your flat map.

    How much clearer can I make this? The evidence is overwhelming and right in front of your nose. Open your eyes my friend, the magnificent natural world awaits you. Be brave, no need to be scared.


  22. If you allow yourself to be confused about maps, that is not my concern. Do you know that all maps are distorted? I don’t mean just a few of them – I mean every-single-one. Maps are generally on a scale of 10,000:1. That means the size of the things on the maps are 10,000 times smaller than the actual features in real life. I have no time to help you understand maps and that absolutely every single map begins out of scale immediately. Even your the spinning globe has distortions that are about 10,000 times smaller than the actual features in real life. Another glaring error is that a flat earth is places on a circular map and is called a globe.

    Look at what you wrote, “globe earth has scale”. It’s a flat earth put on a ball. That couldn’t be more distorted if a lot of effort was put into distorting reality. The funny thing is you think it’s really supposed to look that way.


  23. I agree with you. You are correct. As I have stated before, all flat maps are distorted. I know this as fact.

    No one can take a sphere, flatten it out and expect to get true scale of distance. A globe is the only map that gives true actual scale.

    Your map is off by thousands of miles, the distance between south America and Australia is about 9,400 miles. Your map has the distance about 27,000 miles. Of course you don’t have a scale so I used the united states as a bench mark to gauge your ridicules distance across the pacific ocean.

    Yes – all maps have some distance distortion. And then there’s your map. Your map is wrong by 18,000 miles, that’s not some distortion, that my friend puts your map as most likely the worst map ever conceived. Absolut garbage, I cant believe you even have the nerve to try and defend it. Do yourself a favor, throw it away before anyone else sees it, I encourage you to save yourself from further embarrassment.


    1. I read your first 2 sentences and decided that you’ve figured things out when you said you agree with me and I am correct. I stopped reading your post after the first 2 sentences and concluded you may be on the right track. There actually might be hope for you.


  24. Stacey – What do mean you don’t have time to help me with maps. Why – because you don’t understand maps. Lets talk about maps, explain scale to me, your friend Rokro111 was incapable of educating me, lets see what you know. Bring it on.


    1. Sammy, I’ll let you in on a little secret…..Stacey McStationary and Rokro111 are the SAME PERSON. Don’t tell anyone!


  25. Those who are unable to figure things out lash out at others for their insecurities. That is the case here. Sammy cannot comprehend maps are all distorted and inappropriately begs someone to assist with his deficiencies. Stacey owes you no assistance. however, with a couple of key board entries, she can make you disappear entirely from this forum. I am not going to discourage her from that option. Those who remain willfully uneducated and look for others to help with their deficiencies deserve no assistance or compassion.

    Let me make this clear, sammy. Stacey controls this site – you do not. When someone rudely says, “bring it on”, they are asking to be deleted from any and all interaction on this site. In my experience, the rich will become richer, and the dumb will become dumber. You, sammy can only become dumber – there are no other options available to you.


  26. Rokro111 – This entire experience communicating with you is nothing more than cheap internment for me. I love watching TV shows like finding big foot and ancient aliens. it is fascinating how far folks go to explain the un-explainable. The Earth is a globe, the globe is the only means of calculating the known world. You do everything in your power to try to form a case to prove the un-provable. I am curious why. Why go to such lengths to try and prove the earth is flat when the obvious truth is right in front of your eyes. You are obviously intelligent, so why work so hard to try and prove the un-provable.

    The flat earth map is the most glaring evidence of the flat earth delusion.


    1. Conversing with me is an honor and a privilege that’s earned. Try conversing with me when I ignore your posts like I just did.


  27. Have you just realized that you don’t have a case for the flat earth. Took you a while.

    A map without a scale is not a map. Its just an idea, it’s nothing more than that.


  28. I tried to locate you on Twitter, but, needless to say, and as expected, turns out that your account has been suspended.
    It would seem to me that the ruling elite still continues to shut down anyone trying to share the truth or making any attempts to create awareness.
    Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X weren’t assassinated because they were black…they were erased because their audience was growing and they were rapidly creating awareness. And why didn’t they kill Muhammad Ali for refusing to be drafted by the U.S. Army?
    Ali wasn’t about creating awareness, he was all about entertainment, and entertainment generates money.
    Society has been conditioned to allow entertainment to take precedence over knowledge & education, and over anything and everything else. The entertainment industry, sports, movie, and music industries are primarily for distraction purposes only. Our respective countries don’t want its citizens getting involved in our own nations political affairs.
    What do you think has been the hottest commodity in the last 30 to 40 years?
    The black entertainer, the black athlete, the black hip-hop artist, all have been the hottest commodity as a means of keeping the masses entertained for distraction purposes only.
    Keep up the good work.
    Others who have been killed for creating awareness are, Ghandi, John Lennon, Professor Lloyd Pye, Professor John Mack Leading Psychiatrist of Harvard, John F. Kennedy, etc.
    I think you get the point.
    I’d much rather die on my feet than to go on living on my knees.”
    Emiliano Zapata


      1. Thank you Stacey.
        I think we as a human species need to re-identify ourselves, and re-identify the terrain we live on.
        Like we keep fish in an aquarium, so too might we be kept in a terrarium.
        The Flood could be like washing out the fishbowl for the purpose of making room for a new species coming in…man.
        We throw in artifacts with the idiotic intention of making the fish feel at home.
        Perhaps we had nothing to do with the pyramids. Recent measurements of the biggest pyramid has it recorded at only one half inch off of absolute square. That’s almost 14 acres. We couldn’t replicate that feat even if we wanted to until 1963 when they invented the laser transit.
        What does that tell you?
        We only know what they want us to know.
        Our children in America are competing academically at a third world level, and it’s by design. As far as the ruling elite is concerned everything is going according to plan.
        In the 243 years since the birth of America, we’ve only seen peace for 21 years. That makes America the biggest threat to world peace.
        And we lost our independence back to the UK in 1933 when Roosevelt filed a U.S. bankruptcy loan with the Federal reserve using American citizens and their hard labor as collateral. We no longer pledge allegiance to a republic but to a democracy since 1933.


    1. Thanks for the post, Jack. I’ve relocated on twitter. I was silenced once and I know I will be silenced again. The only unknown is when. @roko111 All the answers to all things in our world is available to us if we know where to look and how to interpret those things. One of the things I’ve always said is that our earth can be a spinning ball if we make assumptions upon assumptions and create mind-boggling distances (including trillions of light years), theories propped up by even more theories, – including the unproven theory of gravity so it eventually works out, or it could be the reality of our flat earth and everything seems at it is with no assumptions – just reasonably sized sun and moon circling our stationary earth, each about 30 miles wide and no more than 4000 miles above us. The lies and misinformation provided by those who we’ve trusted is what has confused so many of us.


      1. I want to share something with you.
        I left two comments on YouTube, and they were both removed by both owners of their respective channels. You may or may not agree with me, and I just want to make it clear that there is still much that I’m not conclusive on. Aristotle said, “It’s the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought accepting.
        I have a huge respect for your bravery and intellect. Would appreciate it very much if you took the time to read the following.

        “I saw a video on YouTube in which scientists seem to have difficulty understanding where the source of our consciousness might actually come from.
        My answer:
        “If you consider that the spiritual world is more real than the physical realm, and because the soul is distinct from the heart, the soul is distinct from the mind, and the soul is dinstinct from the spirit, perhaps the soul isn’t as real or real enough to be able to interact with the spiritual world.
        The soul is distinct from all conscious levels.
        That might explain that famous saying that no one really pays much attention to, “MIND OVER MATTER”.
        The Spiritual World over The Physical Realm.
        Therefore, the source of our consciousness is unattainable from any physical sense or realm as in the same manner that, thus far, the idea of a game character interacting with its controllers (us) is entirely impossible.
        Our bodies are merely vessels for spiritual use only.
        Reminding ourselves that you can’t destroy nor create energy, with the fact that our spirits individually is all energy,
        we’re either spiritual beings volunteering ourselves into the physical realm, like that makes a lot of sense from a spiritual point of view, or we had to have been captured (energy), which seems to make more sense, transferred (energy), and released (energy) into this physical realm we now reside in.
        “All The World’s A Stage”
        Shakespeare must have known what he was talking about.
        These scientists are either asking the wrong questions, or simply refuse to believe in their own spiritual existence, thus, hindering their efforts in the search for Truth.
        We’re not human beings trying to create our spiritual awakening, we’re spiritual beings trying to understand our human awakening.
        Stop this fuckin world…I want to get off”
        And it would seem to me that all the rewards and punishments taking place here in the physical realm is in the same manner of that character in the Matrix movie who gets rewarded with riches and a juicy steak for betraying Neo.
        Any rewards and punishments being dished out now is actually coming from evil simply because evil rules this world (Ephesians 6:12)
        Because the real rewards and punishments won’t take place here when all is said and done. The rewards & punishments will take place in the spiritual world, where the true source of our consciousness actually comes from.”

        “We have two scenarios
        1- A man on a TV ad attributes his rags to riches success to God.
        2- A man who killed dozens of people says that evil spoke to him and told him to kill.
        Which is more likely to be true?
        God handpicked a man to make it rich or
        A demon influenced a man to kill.
        The hint is in Ephesians 6:12
        “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places”
        We seem to have a problem being able to interact with the spiritual world. And it would seem to me that the spiritual world has no problem interacting with the physical realm.
        That’s simply because those in the spiritual world ARE the authorities, and the rulers of this world.
        Our creator or creators have done their part. It is us, humans that has spread evil across the world since the very beginning.
        There isn’t a single institution in this world that hasn’t been corrupted by evil.
        The spiritual world is more real than the physical realm we live in.
        The soul is distinct from the mind because the mind and body both exist as separate entities.
        Therefore, the soul also cannot interact with the spiritual world because the source of our consciousness comes from the spiritual world.
        Mind over matter or the spiritual world over the physical realm.
        On the grounds of the Vatican there is a giant statue of a pinecone.
        Right in the center of our brain, in-between the two hemispheres is an organ called the pineal gland, and it’s in the shape of a pinecone.
        If you cut the brain in half, its appearance strikingly resembles the Eye of Horus.
        Far too often people continue to ignore the hidden truth.
        The longer you hold something to be the truth, and to learn that you’ve been lied to, the more difficult it is to let go.
        In this world you can believe in anything you want. Believing is the easiest part…but letting go is the most difficult.
        As we continue to discover that we’ve been lied to on a massive scale, and nothing today seems to make any sense, what makes us think the truth will be any different?”
        Jack Menendez


    2. Jack, are you somehow implying that @rokro111 may be KILLED for creating awareness of flat Earth? Interesting…..


      1. No I’m not. But in the search for Truth, I believe I have paid dearly for my involvement and attempts to create awareness. I lost my wife awhile back. I believe something sinister since our creation has prevented man from achieving spiritual growth.
        If we were created as mentioned in the Sumerian Tablets, there stands that chance that we might be stuck here in an ongoing reincarnation trap.
        I saw a movie years ago called Damned Yankees with Tab Hunter, Jean Stapleton, and Ray Walston. The only musical I can stand to watch. I believe it was released in 1958. It’s about the devil making a bargain with a Washington Senators fan, to sell his soul in exchange to be young again to help the senators win the pennant. Only one letter is on their uniform W for Washington. There is s scene where 3 players facing the viewer are singing, and I couldn’t help but notice the www. And we know today www stands for world wide web. Being that the film was made in 1958, we can only suspect a prophecy in the works here or, with a little research we learn that www in Hebrew means vav vav vav or 666. I’ve never mentioned this to anyone until now.
        Something else I find disturbing is in the movie The Ten Commandments where Charlton Heston is pictured holding the two tablets. Supposedly the writing is authenticated to be ancient Pheonixian. Reads from right to left and written from right to left. Why is there a tablet with four letters at the very top that spell out the name ENKI, a name that comes from the Sumerian Tablets. He’s often referred to as the father of all humanity.
        I also believe the Sumerian stories were stolen by the Hebrews and added some Hebrew mythology to make it their own story. That would explain the self-proclaimed “God’s chosen ones”
        The bible mentions Egypt over 500 times, but Egyptian records and documents in hieroglyphs show not a single mentioning of the Israelites.
        Someone is lying big time.
        I can’t trust history simply because it’s his story.
        It’s enough to drive anyone nuts, or in my case, enough to lose a marriage.
        If I had to do it over again, I would do it the same again.
        I’d much rather save humanity than to be selfish so as to save my marriage.
        If you’re not the hero of your own story, then you have no concept of your own humanity.
        Sorry, I got way off track.


  29. “In order to get a 40 foot diameter carousel/merry-go-round to have a rim (edge) velocity of 500 mph, the carousel/merry-go-round would need to be spinning 350 rpm. To have a rim velocity of 1000 mph, the merry-go-round would need to be spinning 700 rpm.

    Prior to even reaching close to these speeds, it is certain that all lights, poles, stairs, rails, animals, chariots, and actually every-single-thing would be dislodged and thrown due to the enormous centrifugal force. But somehow that force doesn’t apply to the spinning earth having the equivalent rim velocity. Something doesn’t compute with this information. ”

    Yes, what doesn’t compute is that you fail to understand that the earth isn’t spinning at 700rpm
    It’s spinning at 0.0006 rpm
    The actual centrifugal force generated by this spin at the equator is around 0.03 m/s which is negligible, especially compared to the almost 33000 m/s you would get in your “carousel”

    “Rockets can’t even get as high as this since the air it too thin for the rocket’s thrust to push off ”

    Rockets do not need anything to “push off”. Unless of course you disregard Newton’s third law of motion.

    “Travel distances are not an acceptable measurement tool”

    Really? You mean that if I drive from Perth to Sydney and the odometer in the car says 4000 km then somehow that means that Perth and Sydney aren’t 4000 km apart?
    Is this why on your map they look to be around twice that distance?

    “The limitation of coordinate maps and their plotted locations create a distorted image of the land masses”

    This limitation applies to flap maps compared to the globe earth. This is a known phenomenon.

    A flat map compared to a flat earth there should be minimal distortion, certainly not stretching a continent to twice it’s actual size.


    1. The edge velocity is what is relevant. The rotations per minute or second are not – just the rim or edge velocity. In order for the 40 foot merry-go-round to have a edge velocity equivalent to the edge velocity of earth, the merry-go-round would need to turn 11.5 times per second. In order to compare the edge velocity of things with differing rpm, we need to compare the edge velocity so we have an apples to apples comparison.

      I ignored the rest of your post.


      1. Would that be a negative apples to negative apples comparison, or a positive apples to negative apples comparison, or just a positive to positive apples comparison? Asking for a friend.


    1. Your question is flawed from the beginning. First, the furthest any organization or country has dug is not even 10 miles from the earth’s surface. So, if you imagine you can get inside the 8 inch bore hole and did further, go for it. Second, there is no such thing as space. I don’t talk about things that are based on fantasy, lies, and fraud.


  30. You’ve included a link to an unreliable source who contributes to fraud, deceit, and lies. If you have a reliable source, I will review it, but until then, I won’t even click the link associated with the perpetrator of fraud.


  31. In your diatribe above, you state the following:

    “The longitude portion of this coordinate system identifies the location east and west of a certain point, the Prime Meridian. These points begin at 0 degrees W and proceed along the western area until it reaches 180 degrees W. The other side starts with 0 degrees E and proceeds up the eastern side until it reaches 180 degrees E.

    This is a pin-point accurate system and more information about it can be found here.”

    Note that the “here” is a link to the website GIS which, not surprisingly, describes the latitude, longitude and grid coordinate system ON A GLOBE, not a flat disc. That’s probably not the best reference material you could come up with to make your point. Just sayin’.


  32. Nice that u dodged showing any distances between these stations.

    Lines of longitude reconverge south of the equator. You can check and measure that in places a like Australia.


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