Podcast Episode 1

Text, Radio Stationary Podcast. A vintage radio with Stacey McStationary's airplane logo.

Civilian X and Stacey talk Antarctica, the Ball, and Controlled Opposition.

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Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

16 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 1

    1. A round ball Earth cannot be proven.
      Luciferian-NA$A Does Not Prove It
      …becuz it simply does not exist.
      God Created our True World. 😊


      1. Have a look at the most recent post on my blog. The curvature can be seen even from high altitude balloons.


  1. I enjoyed listening to this podcast. Thank you. I look forward to the next installment.

    I listen to sermons online from a pastor in detroit sometimes who has a good grasp on most truth. He just had a guest pastor speak about how the flat earth is just the devils lie (when it appears to be the exact opposite).

    I could not listen to it after reviewing the outline he posted:

    Click to access 1893%20-%20Biblical%20Cosmology.pdf

    I was disheartened that he would opt for one-sided arguments quoting newton as someone who has an authorative voice on this issue, rather than actually facts-especially new information that has come to light in the last few years thanks to citizen researchers such as yourself. I think most have been so deceived by movies, sci fi books, and propaganda-that man’s pride will not allow them to believe that was all a lie and that we were so deceived about so many things..

    Keep up the good work!


  2. This podcast starts out with a claim that Civilian X hates liars. Yet Civilian X is a liar. He makes false claims that only one airline out of Britain flies over Antarctica but doesn’t fly over the interior. This is absolutely false, Quanta’s has been flying a tourist trip over magnetic South Pole for years and it doesn’t cost $85K.For just $1,600 Australian dollars you can fly over the interior of Antarctica. Another lie, there is no army stationed at an ice wall. The ice wall is nothing more than sheet ice at the edge of the continent. Further more, anyone can hire a private jet and fly over Antarctica, there are no governing agencies prevented it. Anyone can sail their private vessels to Antarctica. However, it isn’t common to do so due to severe weather and icebergs. And of course most organized tours only travel to the northern islands and to the edge of the continent. Most travelers go to Antarctica to witness the extraordinary wild life that doesn’t exist in the interior of Antarctica.

    I suggest you folks do more research before making outlandish false claims.


    1. Rather than get involved with he said she said I will just say I have tested the earth over several miles at various locations over water and find no evidence of a curve. If you have not tested it yourself then you are just believing what someone tells you.


  3. Ray,

    Yes I have tested it for myself. I live on the coast. There are a series of islands off the east cost, The closest islands are a mile of the coast, these islands are 100% visible, the next island is 6 miles of the off the coast, the island has a height of 700 ft. The upper half of the island is visible but the lower portion of the island isn’t, It is hidden behind the earths curve. The most distant and largest island is 15 miles off the coast and its highest peak, Mt Hobson is 1,300 miles above sea level. I can only see the upper portion of the Mt Hodson, the entire lower portion of the island is hidden from view.
    I have a telescope on my balcony, but magnifying the island shows clearer the portion of the island above the horizon that I can see with my naked eye but the lower portion of the island is still behind the earths curve. Magnifying the island doesn’t bring the entire island into view.

    However, There is a 1,400 ft. mountain near my house, Mt Mania. From the top of Mt Mania both islands become visible due to my new prospective of sight. I sail to the furthest island every summer, as I travel across the ocean my view of the large island increases. In fact, I have done this trip so many times, I know my location by looking across at Great Barrier Island and seeing how much of the island that is visible to me. And of course, the reverse happens as I look behind me, Main land gets lower on the horizon.

    If I sailed past Great Barrier Island and kept heading East, eventually main land would completely disappear behind the horizon.


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