The Case of the Disappearing Stars

In press conference after the moon landing, British reporter Patrick Moore asked the Apollo crew if they could see any stars, or if they were blocked out by the “corona of the sun.”

Truthers know everything is scripted in these things, and nothing is left to chance. But for whatever reason, the boys seemed unprepared for this question. They fumbled it, with Neil Armstrong saying he couldn’t recall what stars they could see, and Michael Collins saying he couldn’t recall seeing any.

The problem is, Apollo’s entire navigation system was based on stars. It included a “space sextant.”

flat_earth_apollo star navigation
The Apollo navigation system supposedly used stars for guidance.


Here is Buzz Aldrin with the star chart that they supposedly used:

flat earth buzz aldrin star chart

Here’s a closeup of the chart. The inscription reads, “Flown to the lunar surface on Apollo XI.” Signed by Buzz Aldrin.

star chart apollo 11 flat earth

So the men couldn’t see any stars, yet they had used stars to find the moon. No stars appear in the photos supposedly taken on the moon. This has long been heralded as an anomaly in moon hoax evidence by truthers.

NASA couldn’t figure out what stars would look like from the surface of the moon, so they just left them out. You’re not supposed to notice.

earth from moon
No stars? No problem!

Then in later years, the Apollo crew’s memory improved. In this appearance, Aldrin recalled seeing stars from space brighter than you can see them from earth.

So there you have it, folks. A collection of contradictions, as we’ve come to expect from NASA. The men found the moon via stars, but then they couldn’t see stars, but then later they could see them, but they don’t show up in pictures.

Because the whole thing was faked.

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6 thoughts on “The Case of the Disappearing Stars

  1. Ignoring the magnification properties of the atmosphere is why there is confusion as to why we don’t see the stars in photos from space, outside the atmosphere.

    Lasers bounced off reflectors left on the moon show that we have been there and the only fake is thwe cry that the moon landings were faked.


  2. You were told a fictional story about moon landings and reflectors that were placed there. You have been lied to and are promoting those lies by believing that completely fabricated stuff by mindlessly repeating it. If you have proof of those reflectors (from your story) then present that evidence. The evidence must be objective and verifiable. When you attempt to present it, you will realize the story you’ve been told is just that – a story.


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