Throw a Ball on a Moving Train

In order to explain how earth’s atmosphere sticks to its surface while the earth spins, globe defenders use this illustration:


Inside a moving train, throw a ball up in the air. Does the ball fly to the back of the car? No it does not! It falls back into your hand! Checkmate, Flat Earth!

Other variations of this include hopping while on a moving train and throwing a ball inside a moving car.

As delightful as these scenarios are, they do nothing to explain how earth’s atmosphere would be velcroed down as the earth spins 1,040 mph.

My favorite, and most succinct, response to this comes from @FriePresseDK on Twitter. He wrote, “A train car has walls that push the air along with it, next”

He dismisses this very simply, as it ought to be done. And while I can’t add to his elegance, I’ll say that I don’t know why globers think we are inside the earth. You would have to be inside earth for your ball analogy to work. For this to be analogous to the globe model, you would have to be on top of the train, and toss your ball.

Or better yet, stand on the wing of a Concorde jet flying 1,040 mph, and toss your ball.

h/t @rokro111


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20 thoughts on “Throw a Ball on a Moving Train

    1. Hi Roger, Newton or no, in the globe model, the earth’s atmosphere does not have a solid barrier to attach it to the earth. Thanks for your comment!


      1. It doesn’t need a solid barrier “to attach it to the earth.” There is Newton’s first law which says that ” an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force”, and of course the force gravity keeps the atmosphere from floating off into space. How does one become so willfully ignorant?


      2. You’re using assumptions. You’re assuming the earth rotates, with no evidence. And then you use the false concept of gravity to make it work.


      3. “You’re assuming the earth rotates”
        Lets see, sunset is the sun disappearing over the horizon, not the sky getting darker because the sun is getting smaller and smaller. That is not an assumption, that is a fact we can see every day.

        “And then you use the false concept of gravity ”
        Try jumping off a cliff if you think gravity is a “false concept”.


  1. Atmosphere doesn’t move independently from the Earth. The Atmosphere moves with the Earth. Hence why meteorites burn-up (Shooting Stars) on entering Earths Atmosphere. They burn -up due to hitting the wall of friction between zero Atmosphere and the Earths positive Atmosphere.


    1. You see falling stars in the sky, but you don’t know what they are, where they come from, or where they go.

      Liars have convinced gullible people like you that “meteorites” are from outer space.


      1. People can track down and find them, and thus have physical evidence, and not assumptions. Man you REALLY don’t think these things through do you?


  2. You claim I’m gullible……I have a reason and means of testing my opinions. You just have opinions. One of us is gullible, but its not me sweetheart.


    1. “sweetheart” is condescending and patronizing, but I’ll overlook it as I eagerly await your proof of earth’s motion!


      1. The 1926 Michelson, Gale, Pearson experiment proved the earths rotation and is backed by the coriolis effect on bullets fired 1000 yards.


  3. The ball/train thing would work on a train in a vacuum, no matter how fast the train is going. You can check this yourself if you like, you just need a vacuum chamber.


  4. Stacey,

    I responded to your post with evidence, but it didn’t seem to go through. Oh well, I just explained friction in the outer atmosphere again. But I guess it would have just fallen on deaf ears anyway.

    Sorry for being condescending and patronizing in calling you sweetheart, but please see it from my point view, being called gullible by someone that thinks the earth is flat; is the true definition of hypocrisy.


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