Is Earth Shaped Like a Basketball?

Globe defenders love to post this meme. It shows when you zoom in on a basketball, it looks flat.

basketball flat meme

And that proves earth is a globe! See!

Except that it doesn’t. A basketball is a sphere. It doesn’t have thousands of miles of flat and level oceans like the earth does. It doesn’t have thousands of miles of flat and level coast lines, salt flats or deserts like the earth does. It doesn’t have Kansas, proven to be flatter than a pancake.

But let’s humor the globists for a moment, and pretend the earth’s shape is like a basketball. First, you would need to put a clipboard on top of it, to represent the Pacific Ocean. It covers 30% of the earth’s surface.

basketball earth pacific ocean clipboard 2

Next, you need a slightly smaller clipboard to represent the Atlantic Ocean, since it represents 20% of the earth’s surface.  And, as my friend @rokro111 points out, you need quarters, nickels and dimes to represent all the earth’s lakes.

Since all the world’s oceans and lakes are flat and level, you’ll end up with a lot of flat shapes on your sphere. And I don’t mean things that look flat close up, like a basketball, I mean things that are demonstrably flat, like oceans.

That’s why earth’s shape can’t be represented by a basketball. This glober meme is nonsense.

Globe defenders think the reason the horizon looks straight and flat, is because we are viewing it from too close. But the reason the horizon looks straight and flat is because it is straight and flat.

Occam’s razor applies here. The explanation that requires the least amount of assumptions, is that the horizon is straight and flat.

Also, it rises to eye level at every altitude, which would be impossible if it were curved.

ascend helicopter water tower
View from a helicopter as it ascends. via Mike Davino @davino_mike

Also, Globers debunk themselves when they say we’re too close to the horizon to see the curve, but then in the next breath, they say a ship disappears over the curve. So we can’t see it from 120,000 feet, but we can see it from sea level, aka zero elevation? #selfdebunk

Thanks for reading. When a globe defender posts the basketball meme, feel free to post the clipboard meme.



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7 thoughts on “Is Earth Shaped Like a Basketball?

  1. Flat earthers don’t understand scale. The earth is 24,000 miles in circumference. If you divide your globe into 24,000 parts, each part would represent 1 mile. 3 miles is as far as you can see to the horizon at sea level.

    Simple minded people can only understand simple things. Flat earthers statement, “The earth looks kinda flat so it may be kinda flat”. Think deeper and you will be able to grasp deeper concepts.


  2. Yes, the Earth is shaped like a basketball in that both are spherical. The Earth’s mass and rotation in space gives it a slight oblate shape, whereas a basketball is closer to a perfect sphere.


  3. Well stated David –

    I really like the flat clip board sitting on top of the ball representing the pacific ocean. I wonder how they explain changing tide levels across the pacific ocean on their flat clip board?

    Got to hand it the flat earthers – they sure work hard in an attempt to explain nonsense.


  4. I wish the flat earthers would claim that their flat earth is a chicken nugget, at least that would make them more interesting. After all, they might as well take their claims to even more ridicules levels.


  5. Your logic for the counter argument works on the basis that the centre of gravity is a line running underneath the planet. The centre of gravity is the centre of the planet so water can’t run off. The basketball graphic is an attempt to show you that although something is round, at the appropriate scale it can appear flat. Earth is huge. You see flatness and think our planet must be flat. It does appear to be flat but the missing piece from your logic is scale. And common sense. The problem with common sense is that it isn’t as common as the name suggests. You and your group are living proof of that!


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