Logical Fallacies of Globe Defenders

When people try to defend the indoctrination they’ve received, they get all emotional and abandon logic and reason. A typical glober response to Flat Earth contains logical fallacies. Let’s look at each one!

1) Ad Hominemad hominem

Anyone who has defended Flat Earth online knows that globers quickly resort to personal insults. There’s something about Flat Earth that inspires rage and fear, and an inability to reason. When a glober’s worldview is touched, he has no other recourse other than to assume the Flat Earth defender is dumb.Β  They don’t have any proof for Globe Earth, so they attack the messenger.

2) Anecdotalanecdotal

If you hang around shape-of-earth discussions for a while, you meet a lot of people with an uncle who works for NASA, a father who installed the air conditioning in the warehouse where they built the Moon Buggy, a cousin who saw the curve, a friend who sees satellites in his telescope, and on and on. Of course these anecdotal stories have no place in shape-of-earth discussion, but that doesn’t stop people from posting them.

It affects people emotionally to think someone THEY KNOW could be part of a lying organization, but there it is. It messes with their worldview and Cognitive Dissonance kicks in.

3) Appeal to Authorityappeal to authority 2
Unfortunately, people with science degrees lie. Some of them know they are lying, and some are duped themselves. Flat Earth is so simple a child can understand it. It doesn’t require advanced degrees. And those who would rather trust the word of someone they perceive as smarter than themselves, are victims of brainwashing and intellectually lazy.

4) Bandwagonbandwagon
“Everyone knows” this or that. But are they right? From infancy, we’ve all been subject to brainwashing and indoctrination, via culture, media, and school. Some of us begin to question what we were taught. When you look behind the commonly accepted narrative, you begin to see there’s no proof for what they say is true.

5) Burden of Proofburden of proof

This is a huge one. The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim. Flat Earth is not a claim, it’s an observation. Anyone can go outside and see with their eyes that earth is flat and stationary. We witness it every day. We can tell earth doesn’t move. We can see that it doesn’t curve. We look up and see the sun, moon and stars moving overhead.

If we had never been subject to indoctrination, we would never assume earth is a big round ball. We would never assume the sun is 93 million miles away. Our senses give us information about our world, but we have been taught to disregard our senses and believe lies.

But these outrageous claims–that earth is spinning, that it curves, that the sun is 93 million miles away–must be backed up by proof. And they are not.

6) Personal Incredulitypersonal incredulity

To avoid looking into Flat Earth, many people consider the number of people who would have to be “in on it,” and they dismiss the idea, thinking the number is too high. But they fail to consider how organizations work, how only the people at the top of the pyramid know the truth. The people at the bottom are not important enough to know.

That’s how ranks work; that’s how every organization works, including the government andΒ  NASA. Fellow traveler @GrandArch104 calls it the Knowledge Differential:

knowledge differential pyramid

7) Strawmanstrawman

When you attack an argument your opponent is not making, that’s Strawman Argument. Globers like to bring up hoaxes within Flat Earth, such as the time a fake Flat Earther posted on Facebook that Australia doesn’t exist. That was misinformation deliberately circulated to discredit Flat Earth. Please time to learn what we’re actually saying, instead of attacking things no one is saying.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve had experiences with Logical Fallacies, and which ones you’ve come across.


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Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

119 thoughts on “Logical Fallacies of Globe Defenders

  1. You’re the one with logical falicies, Where’s your pictures of the flat earth, edge or dome? , you havent got any and never will,


    1. Where’s your real photographs of the earth from space?? There are none…so there, it works both ways pal…


      1. The photos of our globe earth are real. Most of the photos have been photo shopped but that doesn’t stop them from being real. What you are failing to realize is that the photos are taken from just outside of our atmosphere so many small photos are joined together to make a large photo of our globe earth. If you took individual photos of your family members and then photo shopped these photos to develop a new photo of your entire family it would still be your family members in the new photo. Your family doesn’t magically become fake because you photo shopped their images.


      2. Globe Earth is a psy-op … if you don’t have the intelligence to see that then go back to what you were doing and stop wasting your time defending the liars and their lies. P.S. The geological timeline of millions and billions of years is also a psy-op – the timeline of hundreds of thousands of years from ice cores is also a psy-op, the historical timeline of thousands and thousands of years is a psy-op – the fake biblical timeline of 6,000 years is also a psy-op.

        The ice ages are fiction, pangaea is fiction, continental drift is fiction, etc.

        The fact that you don’t realize that unintelligent fake experts are propped up and paraded around to lure the gullible public into regurgitating the preposterous nonsense is revealing.

        Enjoy your programming and your prison of lies – if truth were a priority in life, you wouldn’t fall for such ridiculous lunacy.


      3. Perhaps you can explain more about why you believe this, “the fake biblical timeline of 6,000 years is also a psy-op.” What “biblical timeline” are you referring to? There is no “timeline” per se in the Bible. However, we are indeed given chronological information, particularly in Genesis, which leads me to believe that the earth is not much more than 6,000 years old.


      4. Thousands of unintelligent wanna-be experts have concluded that our Earth was created about 6,000 years ago – part of that fake timeline comes from the assumption that Julius Caesar and Cleopatra – and the other fake ancient civilizations – existed thousands of years ago – that lie was concocted and promoted to prevent the public from figuring out the true timeline for our Earth and the true timeline for our human history which exposes the timeline for the parasitic hybrid parasites that control our world.

        Those that prefer not to notice that the evils of the world – like war, poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism, rape, murder, etc. – result in a small percentage of the population siphoning hundreds of trillions of dollars into their control – are cheating themselves out of understanding why our world is such a mess.


      5. Actually, the Scriptures inspired by the LORD God Creator informs us of the age and the nature of the earth, not so called “unintelligent wanna-be experts”.


      6. I KNOW he lived on earth for about 33 years about 2000 years ago. He then died for our sins upon a Roman cross, was buried and rose again three days hence. He then ascended into heaven and sits now at the right hand of God interceding for all who believe.

        You do not believe these things?


      7. Tim, the Gregorian calendar is reportedly based on the Julian calendar – which is a pagan calendar with the days and months named after hybrids, etc. – the year 2019 is not based on the birth of Jesus – surely, you are not trying to use the year of 2019 to claim Jesus lived thousands of years ago.


      8. Tim, hundreds of historic documents tell us what the year 2019 is based on – they tell us it is not based on Julius Caesar and it is not based on Jesus – but it is a demonic / pagan / hybrid calendar that glorifies the hybrid descendants – I’m sorry that you seemed to take pride in imagining the year 2019 is based on the birth of Jesus – I cannot even imagine why you would stoop to such nonsense.


      9. Tim, since the year 2019 is clearly not related to the birth or death of Jesus – since it is a pagan calendar that glorifies the parasitic hybrid predators, to refer to the year as AD is complete nonsense.

        You’re an intelligent man, Tim, why do you allow yourself to fall into those traps.

        I can explain to you what the year 2019 refers to but you won’t believe me until you see with your own eyes and understand with your own mind the evidence in hundreds of independent historic documents that are written in over a dozen languages from all across our Earth that explain what 2019 refers to.

        Since you refuse to acknowledge the conspicuous evidence that you’ve been deceived, manipulated and exploited across the full spectrum, explaining the timeline and calendar to you would be a waste of time, Tim. I’m sorry but your comprehension and awareness is like that of a child who cannot think for himself.

        I will leave some clues for you here – that come from the parasitic hybrid’s calendar:

        Sept Oct Nov Dec

        We all know what that refers to – now study those abbreviations from the perspective of the linguistics – the Latin … and see if that will help you to break free of some of your programming.


  2. Stacey, you wrote a wonderful article and the first thing keith resorts to, even after reading your article, is both Ad hominem and burden of proof attacks. Someone should re-read this article over and over again until they figure things out.


  3. “Fallacy” 1: Not a fallacy; Ad hominem works like this: “You’re dumb & uneducated, so you must be wrong.” Simply observing that one is dumb is not fallacious.

    “Fallacy” 2: Anecdotal fallacies are not relevant when trying to determine the shape of the earth, because the shape of the earth is not something that is experienced; it is something that is seen and observed.

    “Fallacy” 3: This is not a fallacy either, so long as the person cites their source where the claim is made and the evidence is provided. The appeal to authority fallacy goes something like this: “X authority figure says Y is true, so Y must be true.”

    “Fallacy” 4: Finally, you’ve found a legitimate fallacy. But if your argument rests on “That’s a bandwagon argument”, then you’re going to have a poor time.

    “Fallacy” 5: This is an outright lie. Flat earth is not an observation, it is a claim. Here are some examples of claims: “The earth is a globe.” “The earth is flat.” “The earth is stationary.” Here are some examples of observations: “The earth LOOKS flat.” “The earth FEELS stationary.” “You just told a lie.”*

    “Fallacy” 6: This is only fallacious if they base their conclusion solely on this question. The question “How could all the space agencies lie?” is valid, because the burden is on you to prove that they are. Unfortunately for you, every flat earther has failed to prove that every single space agency (as well as airline companies, satellite communication companies, etc.) is lying. Not to mention the fact that the real argument is usually, “There would have to be untold millions of people who are in on this, and that is just extremely unlikely,” cleverly applying Occam’s Razor.

    “Fallacy” 7: Uh-oh, it appears you are guilty of both the Shill Gambit and the No True Scotsman fallacies. First, you stated that any alleged flat earther says they believe in an accelerating disc or that Australia is fake, they’re just trying to spread misinformation. Secondly, you arbitrarily redefined “flat earther” to exclude these people.


    1. What you just said is the most insanely idiot thing I have ever read. At no point…in your rambling, incoherent response, did you even come close to making a rational point. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points….and may God have mercy on your soul.


  4. Thank you for the providing a review of the deception. The public is programmed to bow down to unintelligent fake experts as if the unintelligent fake experts are the omniscient authority. As more and more of the deception becomes conspicuous: the fake billionaires and their fake millionaire minions with their fake paper dollars lording over the fake economy, the fake government, the fake politicians, the fake healthcare, the fake icons of economic success, the fake justice system that does nothing as hundreds of trillions of dollars are unlawfully siphoned into the control of the frauds that pose as our leaders as they control the publishing houses that print the lies in the schoolbooks and college textbooks, along with the lies in the fake science magazines, the lies in the fake bestsellers as they prop up fake relics in their multi-million dollar museums that reinforce the fake timelines for our Earth, Earth’s cataclysms, the timeline for our human history, etc.

    Meanwhile, psychologists have uploaded the IQ’s of the unintelligent fake experts so we know that geologists – with few exceptions – have IQ”s in the 85 to 115 range which is – at best – equivalent to the smart kids in fifth and sixth grades – and since we know that science majors are required to take classes in chemistry, physics, geology, computer science, etc., and since most students do not earn A’s in those classes – since most earn C’s in those classes, we know that most science majors graduate with a C average – and we also know that most graduate from low level institutions with minimal entrance requirements while the fake billionaires that control our world get their science reports from the magna cum laude PhD’s – from highly-selective universities – whose IQ’s are in the 170 to 200 range – this means the discrepancy between the fake experts that the public puts on a pedestal and the real experts is approx. 100 IQ points – those that want to imagine this IQ discrepancy is irrelevant might also imagine that the 15 to 20 point discrepancy between the general public and the developmentally challenged is also irrelevant.

    Propping up unintelligent fake experts as science gods of the sacred and holy realms is intentional – and the deception is successful.

    Beyond the deception of our Earth’s shape is the timeline lies is the psy-op known as the fake geological timeline of millions and billions of years, as well as the psy-op of the fake timeline from ice cores – of hundreds of thousands of years – along with the psy-op of the fake timeline for our human history of thousands and thousands of years and the biblical timeline of 6,000 years which is also a psy-op.

    Those that want to cling to the inside walls of that prison of lies are free to do so – those that prefer the truth are free to reject the lies and embrace the true timeline – the timeline lies cloak the true timeline which exposes the ancestry of the parasitic hybrid predators that control our world – the deception is full spectrum and so is the exploitation.


    1. Thanks for pointing this out, Soulful Truth. The system is designed to make us think they’re smarter than us. I appreciate your input! πŸ™‚ Stacey


  5. It doesn’t matter if you say Australia isn’t real, that will not discredit you as much as claiming we live on a flat disk. Claiming that the Erath is flat is the most ridicules statement that anyone could make.

    Flat Earth contradicts everything we understand about our Planet and our Solar System. The Globe earth provides answers. The flat earth provides un-rational nonsense. It is apparent that flat earthers get upset having to explain their nonsense to rational people. But that can’t be helped, flat earthers will always be ridiculed.


    1. Actually, understanding that the earth is relatively flat and stationary confirms all that we sense and observe on the earth and in the sky. It really takes “faith” to believe otherwise; faith being having a conviction about things you cannot see.


      1. Tim,

        Your claim is absolutely false. Everything we witness in our natural world and our solar system can only be explained by our spinning globe planet. I understand that flat earthers lack the insight to witness our spinning earth because it takes more than a just a feeling. Of course you can’t feel the earth spin, we know it spins by observing the rest of our spinning solar system and the stationery objects such as stars and our sun in relationship to our spinning Globe Earth.

        You have to think deeper to grasp the complexity of our amazing globe planet and our solar system. But if you grasp it, you will be able to experience the grandeur of our wonderful natural world.


      2. Hemp,
        I do indeed experience and appreciate the incredible grandeur of Creation.
        No, my claim is not false at all, unless you are able to prove that it is, which of course you cannot.
        You simply interpret what you see on the earth and in the heavens in terms of your presumption that the earth is a globe that spins and revolves around the sun which is careening through “space”, and all of the visible “stars” with it, even though that idea is contrary to the visible observations of man for thousands of years.
        I interpret what I see on earth and in the heavens otherwise.
        Things may not be as complex as you imagine.


  6. They’re all real, its you that are a cult telling people that the earth is flat (with no pictures at all of your flat earth lol)


    1. I live in a tropical paradise where food grows 12 months of the year – bananas are free, papayas are free, avocados, citrus fruits, etc. I work under a gorgeous tree, alongside turquoise waters, doing research I love – I have no boss, no bills, no debts and my only obligation is to my well-being and those I love – I live an awesome life which includes telling the truth – those that cling to – and defend – the liars and their lies are telling us everything we need to know about them. If you had a conscience, you’d see beyond the walls of the prison of lies that is imposed upon you – the fact that you can’t see it … screams of your addiction to their poisons and drugs… enjoy your programming while you can… very little time is left.


      1. Soulful Truth,

        I apologize – Thanks for reminding me to have a little more humility.

        Excuse me for not joining in on your strange flat earth believes. But you are entitled to your own opinion.

        Enjoy your paradise, it sounds wonderful.


  7. If you didnt know, there’s a company that does flights/trips in a MIG airforce jet that flies on the fringe of space and you can see the round earth for yourself, so why don’t you do it?


  8. Great work! I think another great proof is β€œbar graphs”. If you bar graph anything like computing power or automobile dependability it always gradually improves. Bar graph distance travelled from earth. It’s like 40 miles in the 40’s, 50 miles in the 50’s, 240,000 in 69’ to 72. 60 miles in the 80’s, 70 miles in the 90’s. 80 miles in 00’.


  9. Why were even arguing about this when you can see live footage of the Round earth from the space station right now on their you tube channel lol


    1. I can see cartoons on the disney channel too, but I don’t think those cartoons are real. Same thing with the fiction nasa inundates you and others with on a continual basis. That begs another question – why is nasa so scared that they have to over promote and over promote their actions and supposed achievements? Doesn’t that raise alarm bells in your mind? A liar will always over-talk to try to convince others he is not lying.


      1. You are constantly mentioning NASA as your number one enemy. For the rest of us, NASA is nothing more than a scientific agency. It is an agency funded by USA tax payer dollars but that doesn’t make it untrustworthy. Satellites that support communications and global positioning are funded by the private sector but the private sector has no interest in private funding for space programs that cant offer financial returns. NASA along with rest of the scientific agency’s are giving us an insight to the origins of our universe and vastness of space.

        The truth of the matter, you don’t like the answers that NASA is providing. It doesn’t fit with your fake narrative for a flat earth planet.You want to shoot the messenger because you don’t like the message.


      2. Sammy,

        Your are using the fallacies of Bandwagon and Personal Incredulity. There is no need to provide real life examples of the fallacies since the article talks about those fallacies already. If you didn’t learn anything from the article, keep reading it over and over until you do.


      3. Sammy, NASA is not a scientific agency – NASA is a disinfo agency – it is a scam, a fraud, a hoax, a con and a swindler. If you can’t see that – so be it.

        When teens declare themselves as science majors, they are required to take classes in chemistry, physics, geology, computer science, etc. – most students do not earn A’s in those classes – most earn C’s which means most science majors graduate with a C average – and most graduate from low level institutions with minimal entrance requirements – if that’s not enough to convince you that your fake science gods are imbeciles, you can find their IQ’s uploaded online by psychologists. For example, the IQ of geologists – with few exceptions – is 85 to 115 – which is equivalent to the intellect of the smart kids in fifth and sixth grades and yet, this is the group that is assigned with the task of compiling, analyzing and computing the history of our Earth. In other words, the unintelligent public is indoctrinated to accept fake science from those with the mind of a child – this deception is intentional.

        If that’s not damning enough, as the unintelligent public regurgitates the lies, lunacy and other preposterous nonsense from those with the mind of a child, the fake billionaires that control our world – with their fake paper dollars – are getting their science from the magna cum laude PhD’s from highly selective universities like Oxford, Cambridge, etc. – their IQ’s are typically in the 170 to 200 range – if you imagine this ~100 point IQ discrepancy is irrelevant, then you might try explaining to yourself why the 15 to 20 point IQ discrepancy between yourself and the developmentally challenged requires a completely different academic curriculum.

        A person needs intelligence and courage to face the facts of our world – which includes the fact that the geology, chemistry, astrophysics, etc., which are taught in schools and universities are intentional disinfo – they’re a psy-op.

        For example, astrophysicists tell us that our sun is the primary driver for climate change as the Arctic and Antarctic – which get the least amount of sun – are warming up faster than any other place on Earth. The reason for this contradiction is that astrophysicists are idiots – as are geologists, chemists, etc. The unintelligent public is programmed to think ” scientists ” are brilliant genius minds that need to be revered and regarded as sacred and holy – this is all part of the deception. They’re too stupid to realize they’ve been spoon-fed a load of lies – so they pass on their ignorance to the children, teens, young adults and the general public.

        The fact that you cannot see the obvious is revealing. If truth were a priority in life, you would have noticed the scam long ago – as I did and as thousands of others.

        Not only is the chemistry, geology, astrophysics, etc., intentional disinfo – which includes the Periodic Chart of Chemical Elements … you really think chemicals organize themselves into rectangular boxes like you see on that chart? You think the truth of our chemical elements has no better depiction – no more accurate depiction – than silly boxes? It’s intentional disinfo, Sammy – you think chemists don’t accept money in exchange for concocting poisons for our pharmaceuticals, food, etc?

        You think the politicians are working for the public? You think the military forces are working for the public?

        To realize the public is trapped within a prison of lies as they’re dumbed down, drugged up, poisoned and programmed with lies and lunacy across the full spectrum of fake science, fake history, fake politics, fake economics, fake commerce, etc., while the child rape cults of catholicism, mormonism, judaism, islam, etc., traumatize and terrorize the children … is to see the truth of our world. Few have the courage to face the fact that this evil imposed upon us is intentional, calculated and sinister, devious and heinous.

        Most prefer to live in la la land – so detached from reality as to be rendered insane.

        The true timeline for our Earth’s continents, oceans, ocean trenches, mountains, cataclysms, etc., is completely different from what the public is programmed to believe.

        I don’t expect you to believe me – I don’t expect you to acknowledge that the vatican allows priests to rape children while doctors are raping children, while muslims are raping children, and so on … all across our Earth. I don’t expect you to believe that the child rape cult of islam was concocted by the child rape cult of the vatican but many researchers have uploaded the evidence for this – so you can see it with your own eyes and understand it with your own mind.

        Islam was concocted as a child rape cult in the mid-1600’s – it is not a religion that’s over 1,000 years old. Judaism is also not thousands of years old – catholisicism and christianity are not thousands of years old … all this is lies, lies and more lies

        I don’t expect you to believe that military teens are paid to slaughter babies, children and other innocent victims. I don’t expect you to believe that the fake billionaires that control our world also control the military forces, they control the politicians, they control the fake public airwaves and the fake free press – they control the entertainment industries, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits from cocaine, heroin, meth, ice, crack, toxic pharmaceuticals, poisons in our food, water, beverages, etc. – they control hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits from gas and oil, aviation, the automotive industries, profits from the fake nuclear power plants, profits from their fake news stories, profits from military weaponry, tele-com, etc., profits from the lies printed in schoolbooks, college textbooks and from their fake science magazines.

        If you had the courage to acknowledge this conspicuous evidence – if you had the courage to look the evil in the face – you wouldn’t be here defending the lying parasites that rule our world

        If you think children aren’t being raped by the pillars of the community, please do some research on the topic. Last time I looked, there were 420 million search items offered simply for the question on doctors raping their patients – then add the children that are raped by priests and the other fake religious leaders.

        I wish you well but to defend this evil is to expose yourself as someone with no conscience – you are apparently a coward to the core – that’s not intended as an insult but simply a statement of fact which is applicable to all the other lies on this page and in the world – what a pack of unconscionable mental patients – which is exactly the way the parasitic hybrid predators that control our world want you to be.


  10. The thing about flat earthers is they are scared to reveal their identities and hide behind internet names and pages etc


    1. Keith (assuming this is your real name),
      Perhaps you have seen my name and picture? Of course, one cannot always trust what is written and pictures.


    2. Keith,
      I typically go anonymous because of death threats. It is just an annoying thing that you have to deal with as a Flat Earther. One guy even threatened to kill my dog. Really? Yep, that is why we choose to use pseudonyms.
      And threats are a pretty effective tactic. I suspect that a significant number of people stop research or stop posting due to a death threat or two.
      If you ever wonder why Flat Earthers are a cranky bunch, that is why. They were verbally assaulted one too many times that day.


    1. Keith, if Flat Earthers are just a bunch of bullies, why do you come to a FE site and subject yourself to bullying?

      P.S. The big dipper is visible 365 nights of the year – just thought I’d mention it in case you would be interested in explaining how you can see the big dipper 365 nights a year if Earth was on the opposite side of the sun every six months as you face away from the sun into the night sky – so either all the stars are racing around the sun with the Earth or you’ve been deceived – and if you do a quick study, you’ll see Earth has no curvature – and a review of the time-lapse images of the stars clearly shows that the stars are spinning above Earth – Earth is not spinning among the stars – and if you do a review of the Nikon videos of the stars and fake planets, you will see that the NASA images are nothing like what the video camera actually sees. The evidence goes on and on but since you prefer clinging to the inside walls of the prison of lies that was imposed upon you, I’ll end this here.


      1. Well, that proves it then – don’t bother to look at any of the actual evidence – enjoy your programming – carry on living our life of lies – in the end, the fact that you were deceived your entire life will be irrelevant, right?


      2. So ive seen the curve of the eath, yet you tell me to look at the evidence?, ive seen the evidence with my own eyes , also Richard Bransons space journeys are starting next year so all those people will also see the round earth and will not be liars, just face the facts, you are being lied to, also in case you didnt know, your founder of the flat earthers Samuel Rowbotham was a convicted criminal that was in prison for fraud


      3. Good for you Keith, you’ve seen the “curvature”. Nothing gets higher than about 25 miles from the surface of our flat and stationary earth. Nasa recently put the moon within the earth’s atmosphere. Is the earth’s “atmosphere” extending to where “space” begins? If so, then “space” doesn’t begin until beyond 238,000 miles up. Regardless, nothing gets higher than about 25 miles so if people want to think they are in “space” looking at earth, then that can be what they think. People can think anything they want.

        Why are you so scared? Are you scared not everybody thinks we live on a spinning ball or are you scared we live on a stationary plane and that you’ve been lied to your entire life? Only one of these scenarios should cause any fear in you. I don’t have to elaborate any further.


      4. I am completely unconvinced of these claims of 25 miles. I’m unconvinced of the claim that planes fly at 40,000 feet. I’m unconvinced of the claims of the ocean depths, the ocean trenches, the quake depths, the amateur rocket altitudes, etc. Who manufactures the devices that measures those distances? And who is it that’s making these claims? The liars? Yes, it’s the liars.


      5. Soulful Truth,
        I can’t ague with anything you’ve said. I know how high up I’ve piloted but I didn’t make the altimeter I’ve relied upon. For the height I believe I’ve attained, I’m fairly confident that if the other heights were based on reliable altimeters of some sort, that about 25 miles is the limit. That includes aircraft and high altitude balloons.


      6. Sorry to repeat but 25 miles above Earth – and 40,000 feet above Earth, etc. – are not corroborated by reliable sources. When you study the elevation of Mt. Everest, you’ll see that the exact height is actually a topic of contention.

        You can also study how the depths of the oceans were originally documented – you may have a good laugh at that lunacy – on and on and on the deception goes.

        Since historic documents tell us how and when our tectonic plates were broken and subducted, how and when our oceans were formed, how and when our ocean trenches were formed, how and when our archipelago islands were formed, etc.. accept the depths of the seafloor and the ocean trenches simply because that’s what we’re told would be insufficient data – so I feel obligated to question all the depths and altitudes that we’re programmed to believe – since the true timeline for our Earth’s continents, oceans, mountain ranges, cataclysms, etc., show up in historic records – over and over and over – from hundreds of independent sources, I cannot believe any of the claims from the parasitic hybrid liars and/or their devices.


      7. Keith, I do not have a “founder”. I have no idea why you program yourself with nonsense. I did not need anyone to convince me that our Earth is flat: I can see the big dipper with my own eyes – night after night after night – I can see Earth has no curvature, I can see the time-lapse of the stars, I can see the stars and fake planets in the zoomed-in videos. I can see that NASA s a fraud. I can see that NOAA and the USGS alter data on a regular basis. I can see that our world economy is controlled by a tiny percentage of our world population – even though they did not earn 99% of our world’s wealth – I’m aware the 1% controls the publishing houses that print the lies in schoolbooks and college textbooks, along with the lies in the fake science magazines, the lies in their fake bestsellers, etc., as they prop up fake relics in their multi-million dollar museums to reinforce the full spectrum deception that’s imposed upon humankind. The fact that you don’t seem to realize that the politicians and military forces work for the billionaires – and not the people – is alarming. Please break free of your prison of lies that holds you captive. Thank you.


      8. Keith,
        What you think you saw is an illusion of curvature because you want to believe that you weren’t lied to your entire life. There is no curvature on our flat and stationary earth. If there was, it would have been measured. A multitude of the laser, microwave tests, and visual telescopic observations conclude the required curvatures outlined and required in the WGS84 model does not exist. The eyes are not good at perceiving curve or flatness. The mind and eyes can play tricks on a person and if you think you saw curvature, good for you! You should be the most confident person around and you wouldn’t have to waste your time on sites like this.


      9. Soulful Truth.

        You are wrong. The big deeper as it is revered to in the USA is not visible all of the time. If you bothered to pay attention to the night sky you will whiteness that it moves around the night sky depending on seasons. Depending on which side of the globe earth that you observing the big deeper it will be located high or low in the sky or completely hidden behind the earths horizon, not to mention, its called the pot in the Southern hemisphere due to its up side orientation (Viewed up side down in the opposite hemisphere) makes it resemble a pot.

        The orientation of the big deeper is due to our globe planet. Easy stuff. You should be able to understand this without me having to spell it for you.

        The Earth is a Globe.


    2. Keith, Relax, you shouldn’t feel threatened by any article Stacey writes. If you were secure in your view that the earth was a spinning ball, you wouldn’t even read any of her articles – you would just go on with your life feeling confident. If you aren’t confident, you have to ask yourself why you aren’t. I can assure you Stacey, Tim Patterson, Tom, Lovedbyjesus, many others, and I are secure and confident in what we believe. We aren’t afraid of the truth and we certainly don’t attack others who threaten our world-view. Stacey doesn’t bully anybody and your concept of people who know the earth is flat and stationary doesn’t amount to a cult.


  11. Rokro111,

    Your back my friend, I missed you. Out of all of these flat earthers you are my favorite.

    How is the density differential nonsense working out for you?

    You still think the earth is flat – Good see you haven’t changed.


  12. Soulful Truth,

    What research would you like? I gave you a fact, the big deeper is upside down when viewed from the southern hemisphere because it is viewed upside down verses the northern hemisphere.

    Further more, this phenomena also works on the entire night sky. If you observe the rotation of the night sky in the northern hemisphere you will notice that it spins counter clockwise. When viewed in southern hemisphere it rotates clockwise. The reason – in the southern hemisphere you will be viewing the fixed sky rotating due to our spinning planet. You will be looking at the night sky in reverse (upside down).

    Do your own research to debunk my claims. I know you can’t because we live on a spinning globe.


    1. Imagine two people on a bed – one is at the head of the bed, the other is at the foot of the bed – they are both looking at something on the ceiling – one sees it upside down – the other sees it right side up … how is it that you don’t understand this very simple example that even a child would understand?


    2. As for the opposite rotation, many researchers have uploaded videos that demonstrate and explain it – since the truth is irrelevant to you – since clinging to and defending the liars and their lies – is your aim in life, you remain inside the prison of lies that is imposed upon you – you are completely satisfied with your life of horror – because you have no conscience.

      To embrace lies is to expose yourself – to reject lies is also to expose yourself.

      I get it that you just can’t see it – this is revealing to me.

      Those that cling to lies are so detached from reality as to be rendered insane – they are satisfied with living a life of lies which tells me everything I need to know about them.


      1. The bed illustration makes sense. Thanks. But could you recommend a particularly good video explaining the apparent opposite rotation. This is a serious inquiry.


      2. As we realize the deception is full spectrum – across economics, politics, healthcare, history, chemistry, geology, glaciology, seismology, volcanology, astrophysics, etc., we also realize the child rape cults of catholicism, mormonism, judaism, islam, etc., that pose as sacred and holy religions while they sexually exploit children are also controlled by the same parasitic hybrid predators that profit from their criminal insanity – their horror of hell imposed upon humanity – and then it becomes important to realize that the timeline for our Earth’s chemistry, continents, oceans, Earth’s broken and subducted tectonic plates, Earth’s cataclysms, etc., is also not what we were taught. Since the true timeline for our Earth is clearly documented in hundreds of independent historic records, written in over a dozen different languages from all across our Earth, since all the major cataclysms are documented, etc., we know that the CO2 scare is another scam, along with the other distractions that focus the public’s attention away from the true threat to human survival. To remain within their prison of lies is to fail to take intelligent action to secure survival as the exponential curve of the Antarctic ice sheet collapse moves into the vertical position.


      3. Our world is controlled by lying thieving raping murdering warmongering hybrid parasites that have no conscience – they pose as billionaires and their millionaire minions but everything about them is a fraud – including their economic system, their fake justice system that does nothing while hundreds of trillions of dollars are siphoned off the world wealth, their medical mafia, their war machine that poses as nationalist and as the U.N., their poisoning and drugging of the public, their dumbing down of the public, their exploitation of the public, etc. Hook one of them up to an EEG and their brainwave pattern is so bizarre, it does not appear human – because they are not human – they are hybrids that look human because of the influx of human DNA down through the generations – their vulgar despicable full spectrum deception includes the slaughter of humans, the slaughter of defenseless animals which programs the public to be detached from their human decency, their lies about our Earth, our water, our air, our minerals, plants, etc., their timeline lies for our Earth’s history and our human history which cloaks the true timeline that exposes their ancestry.

        Globe Earth is one of their thousands of deceptions – but understanding the true timeline of our Earth and our human history is just as important because without the true timeline, the public remains their victim.

        The deception and exploitation is full spectrum.


  13. You folks are completely delusional – There is a far easier explanation. The earth is a spinning globe.

    How does your lying in the bed idea explain how one person witnesses the entire room upside down from other?

    You go to extraordinary lengths to explain something that doesn’t make sense.

    The Earth is a Globe. Now there’s a statement that does makes sense.


    1. Hemp,
      You are programmed to think what others want you to think. You are a great subject. Each generation is more indoctrinated than the last. There is little hope for you. It would be wise to listen to, understand, and comprehend every-single-thing Soulful Truth presents to you.


    2. Hemp, you wrote: “… one person witnesses the entire room upside down from other?”

      No one mentioned anything about the “entire room” looking upside down. You intentionally distorted the conversation so you could then convince yourself that we are delusional when it is you who so desperately – and ridiculously extremely – alters the communication so you can pat yourself on the back for being the smart one – the sane one – and then you accuse us of being delusional.

      Hemp, from different angles on a bed, images on the CEILING – above the bed – can appear upside down to different observers.

      You want to play your silly pre-school games – go ahead – but I will call you out – and expose you – every time.


      1. Soulful Truth,

        The big deeper is viewed upside down in the southern hemisphere. It is not just mirrored. but mirrored reversed and flipped. For you lying in the bed scenario to be valid, the guy lying in the bed in the opposite direction would have to be pined to the ceiling, looking into a mirror.

        Or of course, he could be lying in a bed in the opposite hemisphere, then you scenario would work because he would be on the opposite side of our globe planet.

        This is easy, the Earth is a globe, viewing the night sky on the globe turns ones prospective up side from the other hemisphere, do you get it now?


      2. Your ” claims ” are regurgitated demonic vomit that was spoon-fed to you – but it is meaningless nothing – it is a psy-op – and you are one of it’s most horrific victims.


  14. Soulful Truth is a twisted conspiracy theorist that is plagued by paranoia.

    Give me NASA any day. At least the wisdom of NASA can be calculated and comprehended.

    Only the Globe Earth can offer us Maps, Meteorology, Geography and Physics. What could the flat earth possibly offer me but propaganda, lies and paranoia.

    The Earth is a spinning globe. You might want to indulge in the truth. Life is brighter on the side of logic and rational thought.


    1. Hemp, a person who presents facts is not a “theorist”.

      You clearly don’t know the definition of theory – and you don’t know that I’m a Doctoral Scholar – a Research Scholar – who has served as an expert witness for court judges.

      I have no use for conjecture, assumption, wild imaginings, etc., because I gather facts and present them with voluminous evidence that corroborates them while you prefer to go through life, desperately clinging to the inside walls of your prison of lies – and you hang out on this flat earth site so you can point your falsely accusing finger in our direction as you hurl your lies at us.

      This is the best our intelligence can do?

      Instead of convincing yourself you’re right – go find the flat earth evidence that proves you have been wrong – all your life – do yourself a favor and go do that.


      1. Soulful Truth,

        I am well aware of the difference between theory and fact. I am on a flat earth web site communicating to flat earthers. My comments are brief and to the point, I use the term fact as not to confuse the flat earthers. I fear if I did use the term theory they would get excited and tell me theory means it is just a guess as they do with the theory of evolution or the theory of gravity.

        I don’t mean for my comments to be demining, I am just trying to explain why I don’t use the term theory.


      2. Do yourself a huge favor: go to your local college and take their objective placement test, then listen carefully as they explain to you that your scores are adolescent, juvenile and failing to reach adult levels – this fact will show up on your math and comprehension scores – then you can begin to understand that while you pat yourself on the back for being the smart one, you are actually intellectually under-developed – don’t take my word for it – simply go get your test scores and listen carefully to their explanation – so that you will be a bit more guarded when you show up on a public forum and claim to be intellectually superior – because your mind actually functions more like an eight year old.

        I don’t expect you to take this bit of advice as you’re too much of a coward to risk being told that you’re shockingly unintelligent but there you have it – and everyone here can see this is an option for yourself and others – go take the objective test so you can begin to realize there is something seriously wrong with your intellectual development.

        Go through your kitchen cupboards and fridge – and read all the chemicals in your food that are impairing your mind. Make sure you’re not smoking cigarettes, drinking soda pop, drinking energy drinks, drinking booze, doing drugs, consuming high fructose corn syrup, consuming wheat which is bathed in acid and then soaked in bleach and the numerous other chemicals in foods, beverages, water ( or you drinking pure glacial water or pure spring water? ) … check the chemicals in your personal hygiene products, etc. – because something is seriously messing with your brain function.

        The vast majority of the world are similarly dumbed down and drugged up, poisoned, programmed and oblivious that they are so detached from reality as to be rendered insane.


    2. Hemp, paranoia is characterized by delusions of persecution – you apparently don’t realize that our water is poisoned, our wheat in bread, pastries, pasta, cereal, frozen meals, etc., is genetically-modified, then bathed in acid and then soaked in bleach which makes the food into a poison. Our foods and beverages are also inundated with high fructose corn syrup which causes diabetes, sterility and heart disease while the dead animal carcasses that the public consumes is injected with poisons – the dairy products are also poisons that contribute to inflammation, diseases and terminal illnesses while wireless warfare of cell phone technology, 5G, etc., results in cancer, sterility and other ailments – your apparent lack of awareness on these topics is alarming.

      Every tween, teen and adult should be aware that the public health and well-being is targeted for destruction – the fact that you prefer to be in denial of the conspicuous evidence does not make you the mentally healthy one – to go through life as a coward – as you falsely accuse others – does not make you the sane one.

      If you want to imagine that priests are not raping children – go ahead. If you want to imagine that doctors are not raping children – go ahead. If you want to imagine that politicians are not raping children – go ahead – but to be in denial of the obvious does not make you superior to those who have the courage to state the facts.


  15. @Rokro111,
    When I weigh up flat earth verses globe earth – Globe earth always comes out on top. I don’t understand how the scale could possibly tip towards flat earth’s favor. I have comprised a quick list of some of my personal comparisons.

    Fluctuating water levels (Tides) – Billons of gallons of water are constantly being redistributed around our planet – This is easily explained with our knowledge of the globe earth and the moons gravitational pull around during its orbit around our globe planet.

    Meteorologists calculate weather systems and predict the severity of storms – Meteorologists use our understanding of our globe earth along with jet streams and trade winds for their calculations.

    Navigation – All global positioning systems rely on longitude and latitude coordinates based on the globe earth.

    International travel – The distance alone 30 degree longitude North and South are exactly the same distance.

    Solar System – Planet orbits are calculated and predicted from our knowledge of their orbits around our fixed sun.

    The Coriolis Effect – Storms rotate opposite in the opposite hemisphere due to the earth rotation.

    This is quick list, I could go on, but this list alone is enough evidence for me to know that the earth is globe.


    1. All your assumptions you listed have been ignored and categorically dismissed. I only deal with facts – not innuendos, irrelevant correlations, assumptions. and gimmicks. When you are programmed the way you are, you will grasp at anything to avoid the reality that you’ve been lied to your entire life about where you live.


      1. @Rokro111,

        Fact – Tides cant be explained on the flat earth. If I’m wrong then please explain how tides work on a flat plane.

        Fact – There are no Meteorologists using the flat earth to formulate their calculations in providing forecasts. If I’m wrong, who are they?

        Fact – All international travel uses charts that have been scaled off the globe earth. If I’m wrong, provide the name of anyone traveling the worlds oceans using the flat earth map.

        Fact – The location of planets in our night sky can only be provided by understanding their travel around our fixed sun. If I’m wrong, please provide your calculations based of a stationary flat earth.

        Please enlighten me. I patiently wait for you to prove my facts wrong.



      2. Hemp,

        Your assumptions about tides, meteorologists, travel charts, and things that have no influence on the shape of earth have been noted. Tides have no impact on the shape of earth. Thinking it does is nothing more than flawed thinking. The actual flat and stationary earth is used for weather forecasts, but you’ve been programmed to think our weather happens on a spinning ball. Further, you have to assume the air sticks to the earth, You have to assume the air at 10 feet high moves the same speed as air 10,000 feet high. You have to assume clouds can move in any direction and at varying speeds despite air connected to the earth allegedly spinning 1037 at the equator. All travel is conducted over flat land and flat water. Flat land and flat water have no curvature to it. If curvature existed on our earth, laser, telescopic video, and microwave observations would confirm curvature but they support no curvature what-so-ever. Curvature has been programmed in your mind only. Things that are away from earth have no correlation with the flat and motionless nature of earth so talking about bodies in the sky is meaningless.

        The things you think support a spinning ball are as meaningless as a spinning ball earth itself. I’m surprised you didn’t try to correlate that stop signs and kitchen chairs confirm the earth is a spinning ball.

        I don’t assume and since assumptions are the basis for your thinking, it’s likely I won’t be addressing anymore of your posts. Some people have been so indoctrinated and programmed that it’s a waste of my time when there are so many others out there who can figure out where they live just by encouraging independent thinking.


      3. All your ” claims ” have been ripped to shreds – ad nauseum – by dozens and dozens of researchers – the fact that you still cling to that lunacy tells us you have no conscience because if truth was a priority in your life, you would have broken free of the prison of lies long ago – enjoy your programming.


  16. Tim,

    I watched your video. I’m sorry, but you have to present better evidence. This guy holds up book and then claims that all storms rotate the same direction and that it is lie stating hurricanes and typhons rotate in different directions. He is absolutely wrong. I understand that this guy wants to live on a flat earth, but bluntly rejecting all factual evidence boarders insanity.

    Try giving me some evidence that I can actually use. This guy claimed that he uses Science to fight science, where was his science?

    He said something totally bizarre. Science is a religion, I gasped, what on earth is he revering to? Religion teaches Theology (Life after death), Science teaches theory of our natural world based on evidence.


    1. Hemp,
      First, a definition of science – “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment: the world of science and technology.”

      And religious – “treated or regarded with a devotion and scrupulousness appropriate to worship”

      I would say that some scientific theories are more religious conviction than scientific.

      For example, many scientists of various disciplines hold with “religious conviction” to the notion that humans have evolved over millions of years from a single molecule, or some lower form of animal of some sort. Even though this can never be tested, observed, repeated (necessary for scientific research and proof of a hypothesis). Molecule-to-Man Evolution is only a theory, and not a very good one at that. I believe there’s a better theory, which was much longer believed in over the millennia by very intelligent people, than Evolution.

      And how about gravity? Who can prove that there is anything such?

      And, that the moon causes tides?

      Who can prove this?

      They are unproven theories, at best.

      I hold to different theories that are just as valid.


      1. Tim,

        Thank you for that very detailed description of Science. I am in complete agreement with you.

        I do agree with certain aspects of Evolution but I disagree that all evolution is caused by Natural Selection. I feel that Science needs a better answer than just micro mutation. But that is a debate for a different web site and a different time.

        I am intrigued with your denial of gravity and the moons effect on tides.

        We can calculate the moons elliptical orbit around our globe earth, When the moon gets closer to the earth the effects of tides becomes greater. We know that billions of gallons of water are being dispersed around our globe planet by force all of time. The moon provides an answer to this force, and the moons orbit and gravitational pull matche perfectly with our tides.

        I would like to hear your idea of what force moves the water level around our planet if it isn’t the moon.


  17. @Rokro111,
    Okay- You did not debunk any of my claims. My facts still stand.

    You can’t debunk my claims because the earth is a globe. Your life would be simpler if you opened your eyes and accept the undisputed evidence that the earth is a globe.

    There is a good reason that there are eight billion believers in the globe earth and only 12 believers in the flat earth. The flat earth is wrong.

    But please, go on watching videos made in basements providing your flat earth prove and discard all actual scientific proof of the opposite being true. Of course, you have to accuses eight billion people of being brainwashed and liars for the twelve of you to be correct.

    I did read your article and I agree that humility should always be used when communicating with others. But sometimes, stupid people have to be called stupid. I think flat earthers fit into this exception.



    1. Hemp, what you refer to as ” scientific ” is actually lunacy concocted by unintelligent fake experts from low level institutions whose IQ’s have been uploaded by psychologists – the fact that you bow down to those with IQ’s of 85 to 115 is revealing.

      Those of us who comprehend the deception aren’t falling for the nonsense – but you go ahead because verified stupidity is what makes sense to you – there’s not much we can do to help you – especially if you’re poisoning your mind and body with their toxic chemicals.


    2. Claims don’t need to be debunked. You first need to establish and support your nonsensical claims with evidence.

      I didn’t read any of your post other the first sentence


  18. Soulful Truth,

    Flat earthers always claim that we need to look at your evidence and make our own conclusions. I am on your site looking at your evidence, and I have made my own conclusion. I see no prove for a flat earth. All I see is descrambled conspiracy theorists that are anti anything government.

    As soon as you lot present real evidence I will be happy to research it. until then, the flat earth has to be called for what it is, paranoid based dribble.


  19. Soulful Truth,

    In response to my IQ – I don’t need to go to the local collage for them gauge my low IQ. There is a good reason that I drive a septic tank truck for a living. But it is humorous to me, the guy that pumps the crap out of your septic tank has greater understanding of our natural world than a Doctoral Scholar.

    It’s good to see that you educated folks are so much smarter than us poor working folks. Your parents must be proud of their educated child. Its a petty that your education is waisted on your flat earth believes.


  20. Rokro111,

    I know you cant debunk my claims, it is impossible because all of my statements are correct and can be verified.

    The earth is a globe.


  21. Soulful Truth,

    In response to your comment posted at 11:54 am today regarding the image of the big dipper.

    It is good that you did a little research, but you need to dig a little deeper. Yes the big dipper changes locations in the night sky in both hemispheres (I also stated this in an earlier post). Now that you have a photos showing the big dippers orientation in Australia, you need photos taken In the northern hemisphere in the opposite seasons so you can compare its upside orientation.

    You can take this one step further. Have a photo taken of the big dipper during night full in Australia, at the same time take a photo in the northern hemisphere of the big dipper. Have your buddy in Australia tell you the location of the big dipper, note the big dippers location in the northern hemisphere.
    Now – Take your globe, position the globe and photos to match the north south orientation. You will notice that the photos are upside from each other. You will also notice how you and your buddy in Australia were able to see the big dipper at the same time.

    You don’t trust me or anyone else, so do this experiment yourself. You will finally be able to see exactly what I have been trying to explain to you. The Earth is a Globe.

    If you need me to provide other experiments that you can do yourself to prove the earth is a globe just let me know. I will happy to assist.


    1. You’re convinced that our Earth is on the opposite side of a colossal sun every six months – a distance of nearly 200 million miles every six months – and though you’d be facing away from the sun – into the night sky – which means in opposite directions – to see the big dipper every six months, in your mind, that makes perfect sense – nearly 200 million miles away and facing opposite directions, but magically, there is the big dipper – I’ll leave it at that.


      1. Soulful Truth,

        The Big Dipper is visible from multiple locations around our globe earth at the same time due to the stars distance from the earth. There is no magic needed, just math.

        Another example is our Sun. If you were in Los Angles at 2:00 in the afternoon, the sun would be setting in England and rising in Australia. All three locations can see the sun at the same time because the Sun is 93 million miles from the earth. The Suns distance can be verified by triangulating the distance between separate locations. We know the Earth is 24,000 in circumference so the calculations can be formulated. (I know that you don’t trust that the Earth is 24,000 miles in circumference, so you will need to buy yourself a sail boat and sail the globe yourself in multiple different directions so you can confirm the Earths circumference for yourself).

        The stars that make up the Big Dipper are giants compared to our Sun, yet they appear as specks in the night sky. It is the vast distances that allows us to view the stars from multiple locations at the same time around our planet.

        If you do my simple experiment of taking photos of the night sky at same time in opposite hemispheres and taking a compass location of the stars you will get a clearer idea of what I’m trying to relay. (There are a multitude of computer generated images out there showing the stars in relationship to our globe earth, but I know that you don’t trust anyone’s information so you will need to do this experiment yourself).


      2. You think you can see the big dipper when you’re 200 million miles away and looking in the completely opposite direction? You’re not suffering from programming, indoctrination, a mental block, lack of intelligence, lack of courage or anything, right?


  22. Soulful Truth,

    The Sun is 93 million miles away, the stars that make up Orion’s belt are giants in comparison to our Sun. All international travel can verify the circumference of our globe planet. The fact still stands, one sees the Big Dipper upside down from the Northern to Southern hemispheres.

    The distance of the Sun is undisputable. The orbits of our fellow planets have been mapped for centuries, we understand their speed of travel and the length of travel around their orbits. The prove, we know exactly where each planet is in our night sky all of the time, we can predict when planet orbits will eclipse each other. We know when the moon will eclipse the sun. The next full Solar eclipse will occur on the 2nd of June this year and will be visible from North Argentina and North Chili 1:35 in the afternoon.

    There is absolutely no way to predict any of these natural occurrences from your flat earth model. Why, the flat earth is fake and it always be fake.

    Only flat earthers and their delusions work on trying to keep their flat earth fallacy alive. And that makes you stupid. No one out their is using your fake flat earth to calculate anything, because you can’t form calculations from a fictional model.

    Why isn’t this plainly clear to you? How delusional are you?


    1. You think you can be 200 million miles away and facing the opposite direction into the night sky and see the big dipper 12 months of the year? Either the stars are racing around the sun 365 days a year or you have lost your mind.


  23. Soulful Truth,

    It is fascinating that someone can claim that they live on a flat disc when all evidence points to the opposite being true and then claiming that I have lost my mind.

    Tell you what, keep ignoring factual evidence and believe folks making poor quality videos in their Mum’s basement while wearing their tin-foil hats to prevent the government from tapping into their brainwaves.

    In your leisure time, add some more boards over your windows, then add that 100th dead bolt to your front door and then hide some more can goods in your garden.

    Meanwhile, I will be enjoying our beautiful globe earth.


  24. When people know about the flat earth, then they should ask themselves, “What else have they lied about.” With us flat earthers, we should tell them about other lies – one subject at a time. Then the public can see the grand picture.


  25. I’ve listed dozens of their lies in my previous replies: politics, economics, the fake justice system, the medical mafia, the military forces that work for the billionaires – invading, slaughtering and stealing all across our Earth, the fake history, the intentional disinfo chemistry, the lies in astronomy, the lies in astrophysics, the lies in botany, the idiotic geological timeline of millions and billions of years, the preposterous nonsense of the timeline from carbon dating, ice cores, Egyptology, etc., the fake historical timeline of thousands and thousands of years, the fake biblical timeline of 6,000 years, the lie that the ancient world existed thousands of years ago when it existed hundreds of years ago, the pangaea lunacy … on and on and on…

    Our Earth expanded but Earth did NOT begin as a giant continent that broke into pieces… our Earth began as a small landmass and then expanded as continents and oceans emerged… the timeline for Earth’s expansion is clearly documented in historic records… those that cling to the programming of lies and lunacy apparently can’t see what is right there in hundreds of historic documents but it’s there for anyone who wants the truth.


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