Excellent Flat Earth Video Features My Content

YouTuber Probably Alexandra made an exceptional Flat Earth video focused on programming, rather than debunks. She features my Logical Fallacies series, as well as a couple of my memes.

She informs us:

  • Why all the propaganda against Flat Earth
  • Why globe defenders are acting out of programming, not logic
  • Esoteric (hidden) vs. Exoteric (general) knowledge
  • Trauma-based mind control & MK Ultra
  • Why Flat Earth is a salvation issue

And much, much more!

Get over there and Watch, Like, and Subscribe to her channel. Lots of good content there.


Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

8 thoughts on “Excellent Flat Earth Video Features My Content

    1. I had actually read your excellent blog post which she used without even asking for your consent. I watched her video amd noticed she used your material, but didnt know of she had actually asked you for permission. I get that spreading the truth is important, but stealing other people’s intellectual property is not ok.


  1. Oh, and I like youtube videos, but like you, I am very selective about what I watch. If I wasn’t, I’d never get any-life stuff-thing done.

    ***I also prefer to read information as well, as long as it’s not extremely lengthy.


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