Stars Prove the Earth Doesn’t Move: A Step-By-Step Guide

Stars prove that earth is stationary. When I post about that, people respond with, “But stars are far away!”  So I thought maybe if I break it down step-by-step,  the proof will become clear.

Step One. If earth were orbiting the sun, it would be on the opposite side of the sun in summer compared to winter.

winter summer simple 1

The earth would be at opposite sides of the sun in summer compared to winter.

If it takes one year to orbit the sun, every six months earth would be on the opposite side of the sun from where it was before.

Step Two. In the heliocentric model, we face away from the sun at night. So at night, when we see the stars, we’re facing away from the sun.

if we were orbiting simple 2.7
In the heliocentric model, we face away from the sun at night.

In Step Three. The stars we see in summer, would be completely different than the stars we see in winter. Completely different. Because we’re facing the opposite direction than we were before. The stars would not just be a little bit different, but COMPLETELY different. 100% different. As in, none of the stars we saw in winter, could we see in summer. A TOTALLY different night sky.

if we were orbiting simple 3.5
The stars we see in winter, would be completely different from those we see in summer. 

Illustration. It’s like a man standing in a room with a window on one wall, and a door on the other. The window and the door are on opposite sides. When the man faces the window, he can’t see the door. When he faces the door, he can’t see the window.

illustration man see window door 2 1200
He can’t see the window and the door at the same time. They’re on opposite sides of the room. 

In winter, we see the Big Dipper, so we shouldn’t be able to see it in summer. Because we’re facing the opposite direction. But we do see it. All year. Summer, spring, winter and fall. So we’re not orbiting the sun.

Answering Common Objections 1. “But the stars DO change!”

Yes, we have seasonal constellations like Orion. The stars move according to a pattern. But year-round constellations like the Big Dipper would be impossible if earth were orbiting the sun. As we moved around the sun, and through space, we would lose alignment with the North Star, and lose sight of the Big Dipper. But we never do. The Big Dipper is always visible, proving that we are not orbiting the sun or moving through space. 

And stars NEVER change 100% from one season to another. There are ALWAYS some stars that are visible year-round.

big dipper constellation proves impact
The Big Dipper is visible all year round. This proves we don’t orbit the sun or move through space.

Answering Common Objections 2. “We only see the Big Dipper from the Northern Hemisphere, because it’s close to the North Pole!”

That’s not true. The Big Dipper is visible from the Equator,  and as far south as Northern Australia. It is NOT just visible from the North.

if we were orbiting simple 4.5
Some think the Big Dipper is just a northern constellation, but it’s visible from Australia. 

Answering Common Objections 3. “But stars are really far away!”

First, this is based on assumptions and can’t be proven. Second, even if this were true, we could not see stars that are directly behind us, no matter how far away they are.

we cant see stars that are behind us 1
No one knows how far away the stars are. Saying they are trillions of miles away is just indoctrination. How do you know it’s true?

Illustration. It’s like a man facing North. His friend wants him to see a flag that’s directly behind him, to the South. But the man can’t see it, no matter how far away it is. By glober logic, if the friend just keeps moving the flag further and further and further away, the man will eventually be able to see it.

perspective far away illustration
Globe defenders think if something is very far away, even if it’s directly behind you, you would be able to see it. 

Another Illustration. You’re standing on the 50 yard line, facing the Giants end zone. You can’t see the Jets end zone. It’s directly behind you. Glober logic says if you just keep moving the Jets end zone further and further away, say a trillion miles, you would be able to see it.

jets giants stadium
Standing in the center of the field and facing the Giants end zone, you can’t see the Jets end zone. 

Answering Common Objections 4. “But the stars are orbiting through space too!”

For this objection to make partial sense, the stars would have to be rotating around the sun. The sun would have to be the center of our galaxy. According to the Helio model, the sun is not the center of our galaxy. The center of our galaxy, they say, is a Black Hole:

sagittarius black hole center of milky way
The priests of scientism put a black hole in the center of our galaxy, casting a spell to crush our spirits.

Isn’t that comforting, a black hole in the center of it all? It’s a typical Jesuit spell, designed to crush your spirit. (concept via Alexandra.) 

I hope this clarifies how stars prove earth doesn’t move. I’ve been posting about this since 2017, and receiving the same responses from Flat Earth skeptics. So I hope this brings a little more clarity.

In summary, if we were orbiting the sun, we would see a completely different night sky every six months. Since we don’t, we know we are not orbiting the sun.

Many thanks to @rokro111 for his contributions to this article.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Once again, Stacey McStationary systematically stated all of the obvious facts as simple as can be. She is as always right on the mark and a great presenter of the facts regarding the world in which we live. Another homerun…Indeed…😎


    1. Awh, thank you! I hope this helps people understand, and helps flat earthers explain to people who still don’t get it…:)


      1. Your blog states at one point:

        “Globe defenders think if something is very far away, even if it’s directly behind you, you would be able to see it.”

        This is ludicrous. No “globe defender” with an ounce of sense would make such a statement. Using the examples you give of a person in a chair or standing on a football field while observing in one direction make it obvious that objects “behind” those observers would remain unseen. But you deny that the Earth rotates, that observers may look up rather than straight ahead, and that stars occupy the space all around us.


      2. You think geometry has nothing to do with angles? You think the Pythagorean Theorem has nothing to do with geometry? Michael, please assess your home, your car, your relationships, your finances, your bank statements, your body and your mind so you can begin to realize that you are insane.

        As any school age child knows, geometry includes the study of angles – but given your insane education, you think geometry has nothing to do with angles.…0.0..0.284.2174.0j9j3……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i67j0i20i263.vkRea2-vCXo

        Stop bragging about your intellect and your idiotic education – your insanity is conspicuous.


      3. If our sun is 93 million miles from Earth – which is what imbeciles are programmed to believe – then every six months, as our Earth’s fake orbit goes to the other side of the sun, Earth would be 186 million miles from where it was six months previously – while, at night, you face AWAY from the sun into the night sky which means the stars you were looking at six months ago would be BEHIND you – on the other side of the sun – where you were six months ago – 186 million miles behind you – and yet you see the stars in the night sky right night after night after night … but you tell us that no globe defender would claim to see stars that are behind them … even though the stars would not only be behind you but also be 186 miles behind you when you look into the night sky – on the opposite sides of the sun – every six months.

        The fact that you fail to comprehend this, even with Stacey’s visual aids is alarming – the fact that billions of people are as insane and stupid as you is also alarming.


      4. Stacey has not responded once to you and I’m certain she never will. When your input is meaningless, you should not expect any response from the author. Stacey provided her response by initially posting the article and she made it as simple as possible but clearly it’s still way over your head.


  2. Thank you, Stacey, for taking the time to explain this – with visual aids – I’ve been saying the same thing for years – it’s amazing how dumbed down, drugged up, poisoned and programmed the people are. Most prefer to live a life of lies and lunacy – because they have no conscience.


    1. You’re welcome. i’ve gotten discouraged sometimes, with peoples responses to my posts… It’s clear they’re not processing what I’m saying. Thanks for your kind words, and I hope this sheds some light on this idea!


    1. When you indicate “we’re”, to whom are you referring? Do you share your internet account with other people? Simply stated, besides yourself, name at least one other person who makes up the “we’re” that you’ve referenced. Then, accurately and precisely explain how you became aware of the claim you’ve asserted on behalf of that group of which you are a member. Provide objective and verifiable evidence of that claim because I require objective and verifiable evidence for everything.


  3. You’re correct when you say, “There are ALWAYS some stars that are visible year-round.” Stars that are closer to the northern celestial pole are visible in the northern hemisphere. The same is true of stars near the southern celestial pole being visible from southern latitudes. Such stars are circumpolar. Look it up in a dictionary if it’s tripping you up.


  4. And there’s no need to keep repeating yourself. Once is enough. Example:

    “Step One. If earth were orbiting the sun, it would be on the opposite side of the sun in summer compared to winter.”

    Well, it IS orbiting the Sun, so yes, in 6 months it’s traveled about 180° in its orbit and is now on the opposite side of the Sun in January from where it was in July.

    Next sentence: “The earth would be at opposite sides of the sun in summer compared to winter.”

    Yes, we just covered that in the previous sentence. No need to repeat, we understood that the first time around.

    Next sentence: “If it takes one year to orbit the sun, every six months earth would be on the opposite side of the sun from where it was before.”

    OK, that’s the third time you’ve stated this. WE GET IT. We’ve covered this idea pretty thoroughly by now. Give it a rest. Oh, and by the way, it would help if you could remember that if it’s summer now in YOUR hemisphere, it’s also winter in the other hemisphere. And in 6 months when we’re on the other side of the Sun, the hemisphere that was in winter will now be in summer, and vice versa. If you live in a tropical climate near the equator, your summers may not seem very different from your winters. And if you live closer to the poles, your winters may seem much longer than your summers.


  5. Why would the Earth “lose alignment with the North Star”, as you claim it would as Earth orbits the Sun and the Solar System moves through the Milky Way galaxy? The rotational axis of the Earth is virtually POINTING AT the North Star. Why do you suppose it’s called POLARIS? It’s been close to the northern celestial pole for many centuries, but it wasn’t always so. Stars move as well, and the Earth’s rotational axis isn’t unchanging. But i’m sure you’ve heard this argument before, and will ignore it once again. As you ignore the fact that there’s also a southern pole star, Sigma Octantis or otherwise known as Polaris Australis. It cannot be seen from northern latitudes, and the North Star can’t be seen from southern latitudes. Explain that in your next blog posting.


      1. Tim, I’m not clear about your question. But let’s start with some basics.

        First off, it’s not called “the Polaris”, but simply Polaris. Many refer to it as the North Star. Its formal name is Alpha Ursae Minoris, the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation. In Modern Latin it was referred to as “stella polaris”, which literally means “the pole star”.

        Polaris has that name because it’s close to where the rotational axis of Earth intersects the celestial sphere (actually it’s around 2/3 of a degree away from the celestial pole, so in one night it appears to orbit the pole in a small circle 1.3° in diameter). Since it’s so close to astronomical north, and since it’s relative brightness (magnitude ~2) makes it easily visible, it’s been used for navigation for many centuries by many different cultures. There’s a clue for you right there – MANY CENTURIES.

        Second, it depends where you’re standing on the globe Earth whether you can see Polaris at all. Since the star is very close to true astronomical north, from an observer standing at the North Pole, the star would appear to be directly overhead. As the observer traveled towards the equator, the star would appear to get closer to the horizon, until the observer reached the equator. Polaris would then appear to be on the horizon (assuming an unobstructed view of the horizon, such as from a ship at sea). If the observer continued traveling south, Polaris drops below the horizon and cannot be observed. However, there is a corresponding Southern Pole Star (Sigma Octantis, or otherwise known as Polaris Australis) which is the closest star to the southern celestial pole. It’s much dimmer than Polaris and isn’t useful for navigation. But back to Polaris.

        Third, I don’t know what you mean in asking why we would observe Polaris “more than once”. The star (actually three gravitationally bound stars) is very far away from our Sun. It’s not like a roadside sign passed by a car, never to be seen again. It’s been estimated by parallax observations to be some ~433 light years from our Sun. That means the light from the star we see today in 2019 left the star’s surface around ~1586, back when Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe were alive.

        433 light years is a very long way. Think of it like this: Take a sheet of paper and a compass, and draw a circle with a radius of one inch. Put a yellow dot at the center and a blue dot somewhere on the circle. Now imagine that the circle represents the orbit of Earth (the blue dot) around the Sun (the yellow dot). I know it’s difficult for you, but try. The 1 inch represents the average distance between the Earth and Sun of 93 million miles. Now at that scale (with one inch representing 93 million miles) a mile would represent almost exactly a light year. Now pin that sheet of paper to your front door 6 feet from the bottom, get into your car and drive about 4.2 miles away. You’re now at the scale distance of the nearest star to the Sun, Proxima Centauri (at the scale represented on the paper). Now look through your telescope back towards your front door (you brought a telescope, right?) and see if you can see the paper pinned to the front door. Assuming you can find your house (on a flat Earth it should be easy), the circle represents how our Earth-Sun system would appear from Proxima Centauri (the nearest star). Hard to see, right?

        Now wait 6 months, then go back home and turn the paper upside down so that the blue dot of Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun, and move the paper down so it’s about 4 feet from the door’s bottom. Go back to your telescope 4.2 miles away. Doesn’t look much different, does it? That’s about the distance the Sun and Earth have moved in 6 months relative to the nearest star. Not impressed? Get back in your car and drive 433 miles from your house. That’s how far Polaris is from the Sun at that scale, and why Polaris has remained the “pole star” for so many centuries. Wrap your head around the scale of the Universe, Tim. It’s big, but that doesn’t make you insignificant.


      2. Michael,
        Have you yourself measured the distance of the three “gravitationally bound stars” of Polaris?


      3. Why don’t you just look at the astronomy videos on you tube that are amature clubs and don’t work for the government or join a local astronomy club near you (that also dont work for the government) and theyll explain everything to you and you will also be able to see the stars and planets for yourself through the telescopes(you’ll also notice on examination that they don’t have fish eye lenses) also did you know that you can see the ISS space station using a telescope yet you deny it exists


  6. Constellations that are visible in the night skies in January that are close to the ecliptic plane can’t be seen in July because, as we discussed earlier, the Earth is now ~180° in its orbit around the Sun from where it was in January. Now those same constellations that were visible in your January nighttime sky are now blocked from view by the Sun and its blinding radiance. But those constellations are still there.


  7. Michael, You’re programmed really hard to believe in a fantasy world that is round and spins. You can believe what you were programmed or you can join us in the real world. Either way, we all have free choice. (I didn’t read any of your posts because you need to figure it out on your own.)


    1. Rokro, you need to stay out of this, My comments were directed at Stacey. I realize you have multiple personality disorder and maybe you can’t control when Rokro111 “comes out” to dominate the conversation, but I was hoping for more of a response from Stacey than just “LOL”. C’mon girl, I know you’re in there somewhere!


      1. It seems you assumed a medical diagnosis over the internet. Assuming is worthless. I skimmed your post that’s timestamped 12:32 am on 5-22. The repetitive and simple nature of this article was planned. It was tailored for people just like you.

        Your need for me to stay out of it isn’t working too well, while your post wasn’t even worth the “lol” it received. If you want to post your own articles on the internet, that’s an option available to you – just get your own blog site and do it. In the meantime, with articles posted on this forum, concentrate on the message, not on the way it’s delivered. Your comments are appreciated but appropriately ignored for the most part.


      2. What’s funny is I meant for my “lol” to be directed at something you said, not him…I ignored his comment because, as you said, repetition is necessary in order to reach indoctrinated sheeple 🙂


      3. Mike needed some kind of acknowledgement and he wanted the “lol” to be your response to him instead of being completely ignored. You not only ignored all of his comments, but you also took the “lol” away from him that he so desperately needed as a token response from you.


    2. Quiet down Rocky, I wasn’t directing my comments at you. I’m pointing out to Stacey why we see different constellations at the celestial equator in January versus the ones we see in July. This blog isn’t about me, remember? Try to focus on the topic at hand.


      1. Stacey has ignored every single one of your posts. It would appear your comments aren’t worth a moment of her time.


  8. I have a question that flat earthers have avoided answering. Perhaps someone here can help.

    If the earth is flat, why is it that if someone is standing in Finland at midnight they see a different night sky than someone standing in South Africa? Both locations are on the same latitude & time zone. You can’t use the popular flat earth excuse of “vanishing point” because the stars haven’t vanished. They are visible every night!

    Only the constellations Auriga, Camelopardalis, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Draco, Lynx, Perseus, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor are seen in the northern hemisphere. And only Carina, Centaurus, and Crux constellations can be viewed from the southern hemisphere! These are referred to as Circumpolar constellations (at the poles), because they can only be seen from the northern or southern hemispheres.

    So assuming you live in America, this means you can stand in your backyard every night of the year and you’ll NEVER see the Carina, Centaurus, and Crux constellations!

    Don’t believe me? Call or Facebook message a fellow flat earth friend in Argentina, South America. Ask him to stand outside the same night you are. Those southern constellations will be clearly visible for him. Those constellations will be hidden from your view, and you’ll be looking at a completely different night sky!

    How is that possible on a flat earth?


      1. Tim, please explain why it is always necessary for each person to independently do their own measurements to confirm something posted in a scientific journal, or repeat experiments done by reputable researchers. Not everyone can build and launch their own satellites – it’s a multimillion dollar undertaking. Just ask SpaceX, Blue Marble, NASA or the ESA, just to name a few.

        Let me ask you this: assuming you drive a car, did you personally design, engineer and build it yourself, or was it built in a factory by other people? Did you personally refine the crude oil into a fuel that powers the car, or do you just stop at the station and say, “fill it up”? When you drive out on the road, do you stop at bridges and tunnels to personally inspect them before proceeding on your way? No, you took someone’s WORD FOR IT that those structures are safe to use.

        When you get to your office building, do you check the latest inspection certificate in the elevator before using it, or do you ASSUME that it’s safe? I mean, you’re taking your life in your hands if you do that. Do you go to the grocery store and buy food that you personally were not involved in growing, harvesting, processing, packaging or transporting? When you go to the dentist to have a cavity filled, do you let the dentist do it or are you involved in the procedure?

        My point is, there are many aspects of living in society where humans have to rely on each others’ expertise and knowledge. If you’re unwilling to do that because you have no trust in the abilities of others, you may as well go live in a cave in the woods and hunt for squirrels and wild turkeys. If you trust engineers to build safe cars and bridges, tunnels and elevators, and you trust the thousands involved in food preparation, and you trust your health and well-being with medical professionals, they WHY do you single out scientists for your criticisms?
        And by the way, not all scientists agree on the distance of Polaris being ~433 light years – other measurements have indicated a distance 30% nearer. Perhaps we’ll never know precisely how far away the stars are until the far-flung future. But for now, a close estimate will suffice.


    1. The title of this article is called “Stars Prove The Earth Doesn’t Move – A Step By Step Guide. If you have questions about the article or it’s contents, you should ask those. This article is not about your confusion about things that happen on our flat and stationary earth that you can’t understand.


      1. The title of this article remains, “Stars Prove The Earth Doesn’t Move – A Step By Step Guide”. This article is not about flat earthers or me, and certainly is not a question and answer forum. Try to keep the discussion and comments related to the subject of the article. If you are looking for an ad hominem article on which to post your attacks, look for an ad hominem article – this article is not about that so don’t become so distracted with your personal attacks.

        As far as flat earthers, we are all flat earthers since the earth upon which we all live is flat and stationary. Some people have realized that fact while others remain programmed thinking they live on a spinning ball. A lifetime of indoctrination over several generations will have that effect on people.


      2. Ive brought this up before on forums, but id like your answer to why do you think the governments are controlling us? , if they were, they wouldn’t lie about the shape of the earth as it doesn’t affect anyone’s personal lives, whatever the shape, you would still be going to work every day, living your life, going on holiday (infact as planes can fly over everything, it definitely wouldn’t matter what shape the earth was) etc, so in which way are they trying to control as its futile on their part, also i enjoyed your podcast and you mentioned about the russians having a base on Antarctica, trying to stop the public entering to protect the secret of the Wall Edge etc, i personally think (and from reading other articles) that its used as a strategic military base, and they stop people getting on so they cant see what missiles etc they have rather than stopping people going to the supposed edge


      3. Keith, the political system is a fraud – perhaps you’ve noticed – the economic system is a fraud – perhaps you’ve noticed – the healthcare system is known as the medical mafia because their medicines poison and murder while the fake justice system allows the majority of our world’s wealth to be siphoned off and controlled by a small percentage of the world population – even though they didn’t earn the wealth – they funneled it through corrupt military personnel, corrupt healthcare, corrupt politicians, the corrupt justice system that steals property and wealth from the public, including vast fortunes seized from medical malpractice cases, personal injury cases, estate cases, family court, drug court, etc.

        Perhaps you’re unaware of the millions of people who’ve been injured by doctors, at work, in automobile accidents, etc., and yet these victims live in poverty – why? Many victims had lawyers that filed court cases but then insurance company lawyers offer backdoor deals to the victims’ lawyers – encouraging them to cheat their clients out of adequate compensation – which saves the insurance company money and gives the victims’ lawyers more money than they would have received if they’d followed the law … on and on and on the corruption goes.

        Who controls the public airwaves and the free press?

        Who controls gas and oil industries, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, textiles, cosmetics, perfumes, the entertainment industries, professional sports, gaming, telecom, etc.?

        The poor and middle class are raking in the profits from all that?

        You think the millionaires control their tiny slice of the pie?

        Who controls the economy? Who controls banking? Who profits from the home loans, the business loans, the car loans, student loans, etc.?

        Who profits from the cocaine, heroin, meth, crack, etc.? High school chemistry teachers and street thugs are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars? Is that what you think?

        Who controls drug court?


        Who controls the publishing houses that print the lies in the schoolbooks and college textbooks? Who controls the publishing houses that print the lies in the fake science magazines?

        Who provides funding for the ridiculous sci fi movies and television programs?

        Follow the money … it isn’t hard to do – the billionaires and their millionaire minions are conspicuous.

        Sci fi is a big moneymaker – space travel – other worlds … the parasites tell any lies that will result in siphoning money:

        The Treasures of King Tut’s Tomb are a scam, nuclear power plants are a scam – they’re fake – the historical timeline of Egypt is a scam, the historical timeline of Greece is a scam … on and on and on .. the ice ages are fiction, pangaea is fiction, continental drift is fiction, the geological timeline of millions and billions of years is fiction, the fake biblical timeline of 6,000 years is intentional disinfo, the timeline from ice cores is another scam … layers and layers of lies keeps the public ignorant and confused, easy to manipulate and easy to exploit.

        You think the American people have a military that works for them? That’s what you think? National defense of the people is real while the people are being intentionally poisoned by their water, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene products, etc.?

        At what point will you shake yourself out of your stupor?

        The lies about our Earth, along with the timeline lies cloak the true timeline of our Earth’s continents, oceans, mountains, cataclysms, the timeline for Earth’s expansion phase, etc., while simultaneously cloaking the true timeline for our human history – this true timeline exposes the ancestry and lineage of the parasitic hybrids that pose as world leaders – but since they have no conscience – since they feel no guilt and no remorse, they expose themselves as failing to qualify as humans – and since the old literature from numerous nationalities tell us that they are hybrids – since the old illustrations show us what their ancestors looked like and since the skulls, skeletons and mummies corroborate the old literature and old illustrations, the evidence is voluminous and convincing.


      4. My question was about why would the governments lie about the shape of the earth, yes i agree with you on a few things here which can affect the general publics lives but the shape of the earth doesnt affect anybodies personal lives


      5. Keith, no lie is harmless. You will need to think more deeply on this. What IF the relatively new teaching that the earth is a spinning globe is really not true? How would this affect you and everything you have been taught concerning the earth? What IF it were about 6000 years old, which I believe it to be? How would this affect your thinking about “science”? A more concise way of saying what Soulful Truth has written, was written 2000 years ago by an apostle of Jesus, “…the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.” 1 John 5:19


      6. It wouldn’t affect me personally what shape the earth is, also whilst here ive flown on concorde at 60,000ft and seen the curve of the earth with my own eyes (and no concorde doesn’t have fish eye lens windows) also are you saying that rock carbondaters are also liars?


      7. A normal airliner flies 30 to 40, 000 ft (mostly 35,000) but once you get over 50, 000 ft, you can start to see the curve and as concorde flew 60,000ft (sometimes a bit higher) you can see the curve very clearly like i have) also like all the other concorde passengers i and they are not liars or work for the government or nasa,, also you do realise there’s private companies out there (again nothing to do with the government etc) that do experience flights in ex militarily jets that fly about 70,000 ft and at that height you are almost on the fringe of space and not only can you see the curve you can see the main ball of the earth as you fly round, its not cheap, probably 20 or 30,000 dollars or pounds but a once in a lifetime experience, so why don’t you flat earthers club together and see for yourself, but i dobt you ever will, also don’t forget in the next year or two, Richard Branson is starting his virgin galaxy flights, and i guarantee his passengers wont be lying when they see the round earth from space and dont forget if you do call them liars. Theres nothing stopping flat earthers from buying tickets, to see for yourselves but as i just said, i doubt t any of you will but i guarantee youll carry on protesting the earth is flat by that time lots of the public every month will be seeing the round earth from space and then your flat earth theory will be finished for ever


      8. Please post a link to the video footage you have of the curvature of the Earth from 60,000 ft – or even if you only have videos of the curvature of the clouds – that would be welcome as well.

        I suppose you’ll tell us that while $$$ for the Concorde ticket was readily available, you didn’t have money for a video camera or you didn’t have time to take videos out the window or you lost the footage – like NASA lost their footage – some brilliant excuse will be forthcoming.


      9. Send them to a dropbox account and share the link on this site. Your lies are being outed because of your avoidance. We don’t need to watch any youtube videos. It’s likely you watched youtube videos and have been lying to us that you flew on a concorde. When one starts lying, the lying takes on a life of its own.


      10. Ill send them to your personal email under your real identity and nothing else so post that first, then you can then post the pictures yourself


      11. Liars are obvious and easy to spot. keith is a confirmed liar with nothing to offer except programmed lies he’s been trained to repeat over and over.


      12. Your excuses are apparent and obvious. You have never flown on a concord and you are a confirmed liar. When your programming rules your life, your quality of life is meaningless.


      13. The “brilliant ones” that are convinced flat earthers are crazy … have nothing better to do with their lives than to post comments on flat earth websites – and flat earth channels – that speaks volumes.


      14. Also go in you tube and watch all the British airways and Air fance concorde videos also look at all the ones the public themselves have filmed etc


      15. Keith may think he’s seen curvature. A person who has been lied to their entire life will fabricate lies to keep the lies he’s been programmed with intact. When he provides proof he flew in a concorde, only then will I take the time to explain to him how wrong he is.


      16. I flew on concorde 16th August 1988 from Heathrow on concorde GBOAG British Airways


      17. Don’t tell us. Post the photos to dropbox and provide the link. We will assess the value of your claims when we see the photos you claim you have but can’t seem to share.


      18. Again Rok, this is NOT YOUR ARTICLE. It was posted by Stacey on a public forum and the public has a right to comment on it. She did so when she posted it and invited comment. You’re welcome to your opinion, but you MAY NOT direct others what they say in their responses. I really don’t care if you dismissed my comments without reading them – they’re not directed towards you. I understand why stars change with the seasons and explained why in previous entries (which you say you ignored). You’re welcome to read those comments. If you want to write your own articles on your own blog and disable the comments, you are free to do that as well. Don’t tread on the rights of others.


      19. This article is posted on a private blog site operated solely by Stacey. It is not a public forum. The only thing public about this blog site is that some members of the public read the the article and post comments. You don’t have any rights when it comes to this site and since that is a fact, no rights were violated; just your feelings. If you posted any other comments, they were rightfully ignored because I don’t have time to waste with you.


      20. STFU, Rokro. No one’s speaking to you, unless of course, you are secretly Stacey McStationary as I’ve conjectured. C’mon, Stacey, can’t you defend your position with more than a smiley-faced emoji? Where’s your counter-argument, if you have one?


      21. Michael, the fact that you fail to find anything intelligent to do with your life is revealing – apparently you are mentally ill AND developmentally challenged – please go take the placement test at your local college and then listen carefully as they explain to you that your scores expose your intellect as that of a child – don’t take my word for it – put on your big boy pants, find some courage and go take the placement test – then maybe you will begin to realize that your words expose you as a complete idiot which your test scores will corroborate.


  9. A childlike mind is easy to manipulate, deceive and exploit – those with the mind of a child naturally fail to distinguish between reality and fiction which means they are insane – if truth were a priority in their lives, this would be obvious – clearly, truth is irrelevant to them which tells us they have no conscience – which speaks volumes.


    1. Soulfull Truth, Can you explain to Keith that it’s not the governments that lie about the shape of the world? He thinks the shape of the earth doesn’t effect anybodies lives. His hatred and fear of the truth and flat earthers would not be so glaring if he knew the earth was actually flat and stationary instead of being programmed to think it’s a spinning ball. Yep, he is not effected one bit.

      Keith agrees with some of the facts you mentioned, but not all of them. Keith should expressly indicate which facts he agrees with and which ones he doesn’t so we can see how much denial he has. When money is not enough for those who manipulate the world, these people seek other kinds of power and control. Sad to say, but it’s human nature at that level. Control over people’s actions is slavery, the next step is control over people’s minds to attain mind slavery. Control and manipulation to these people must be entertaining. It must be added entertainment to see many of the controlled and manipulated people deny they are physical and mental slaves through their lifetime of programming.


      1. Flat earthers ate the ones that are being lied to, did you know your founder Samuel Rowbotham was a convicted criminal (read up all the information about his criminal past)


      2. The title of this article remains, “Stars Prove The Earth Doesn’t Move – A Step By Step Guide”. This article is not about Samuel Rowbotham or crimes. It’s about how the earth is stationary. (See the title of the article if you are still confused. Pay more attention and don’t get so distracted.


      3. OK firstly the positions of the stars do move and throughout the seasons you actually see differant groups of stars in different positions due to the je earth travelling around the sun(join an astronomy club to see this for yourself) also as i thought you would ignore that your founder Samuel Rowbotham was a convicted criminal


      4. Of course the stars move. That’s what Airy, Fizeau, Fresnel, Michelson, Morley, Lorentz, Davie, Miller, and Gale all proved. Sagnac and Joos took it a step further and proved the ether, which contains the earth, moon, and stars moves at 15 degrees per hour. All the people I just mentioned also concluded the earth is stationary. I see some things in your post remained off-topic so I ignored the rest of your post.


      5. Keith, Samuel Rowbotham is not my “founder” – what is wrong with your brain? You assume we need someone to do our thinking for us because you rely on others to do your thinking for you?

        I’ve never relied on Rowbotham for anything – but you assume we’re all depending on them – that is idiotic beyond words.

        Even if Rowbotham was convicted, it doesn’t mean he was guilty – many truthers, throughout history, have been falsely accused and unlawfully convicted because they expose the evil of the hybrid parasites that pose as “royalty” and “God’s authority”.

        I hope you find healing for your mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul. I hope you can escape from the prison of lies that holds you captive. I hope you can discover the truth of who you are and the truth of the world you live in – without this, you are insane.


      6. Your have been lied to your entire life. You seem scared and afraid to learn that fact.


      7. Deception, manipulation, exploitation, predatory behavior – including emotional vampires, sexual predators, financial predators, schoolyard bullies, adult bullies, etc. – are not human behaviors. I will explain: many of us humans do not view other humans as sex objects, many of us do not view humans as a means to gain status or superiority, many of us humans do not view animals as a means to satisfy our appetite … why?

        Consider the predator that murders a child – that is not a human – that is a creature which the public refers to as a monster because we know that murdering a child is not normal human behavior – it is not human behavior at all.

        Each of us draws the line at unacceptable / monstrous behavior – in a different place – why?

        As we study the old literature, we begin to realize the answer to that question. Study the old illustrations – from the 1400’s and 1500’s – study the old paintings, study the skulls, skeletons and mummies that corroborate the old literature, the old illustrations and the old paintings, and eventually we become confronted with the undeniable evidence – when we combine all that with the predatory behaviors of those that appear as humans, we realize their ancestors were not humans – we realize that those predators appear human only because of the influx of human DNA down through the generations which results in them appearing to us as humans but the fact that they have no conscience – the fact that they feel no guilt or remorse – the fact that they feel no compassion and no empathy – the fact that truth is irrelevant to them – the fact that the well-being, health and happiness of others is irrelevant to them – the fact that they can lie, steal, defraud, rape, murder and slaughter with no remorse – this tells us everything we need to know about them: they are not humans, they are hybrids – the fact that “deniers” hurl lies and false accusations as they pat themselves on the back for being the smart one – the fact that they defend the lies and the liars tells us everything we need to know about them: truth is irrelevant to them because they are not humans – they are hybrids that have no conscience.

        Did they grow up feeling enamored with Star Wars, Star Trek and other idiotic sci fi nonsense? Why are they so passionate about an infinite universe?

        Why are True Earthers willing to chuck the lies while the mentally ill imbeciles identify with insanity?

        Evidence from the old literature and the corroborating evidence from old illustrations, old paintings, old skulls, skeletons and mummies – along with the rampant evil, exploitation, poverty, slaughtering, raping, the child rape cults of catholicism, mormonism, islam, judaism, etc., including the child rape disguised as “marriage” – along with destructive sex addicts, self-destructive drug addicts, self-destructive alcoholics, self-destructive smokers and the chemically-addicted billionaires and millionaires that pay $30,000 to $60,000 for each of their human victims because of their addiction to adrenalized blood, I am compelled by the evidence to acknowledge that parasitic hybrids control our world – they pose as billionaires and millionaires but that money, wealth, real estate, corporations, etc. – which they pretend to own, they do not own… the wealth does not belong to them because they siphoned the wealth illegally – which means they’re criminals that should be executed for relegating the vast majority of the world population to horrific poverty, suffering, disease and death – those parasites are not – in reality – “billionaires” or “millionaires”, they’re fake billionaires with their fake millionaire minions, including their fake royal families and their massive fortunes raked in by their child rape cults that condone the rape of children as sacred and holy – those parasites pose as superior leaders while raking in hundreds of billions of dollars from the sale of cocaine, heroin, meth, ice, crack, etc. – they control the profits because they are evil incarnate while their low-level hybrids defend the programming as they defend the prison of lies that hold them captive.

        To defend the lies of “science” – to defend the lies of history, to defend the lies of politics, economics, justice, healthcare, nutrition … to defend the timeline lies, to defend the parasites that poison our water, food, beverages, medicines – to defend those that exploit our Earth and exploit humankind … is to expose oneself as a hybrid with no conscience.

        Meanwhile, those of us who love truth and peace, those of us who love health and happiness, those of us who are naturally inclined toward kindness and helpfulness, beauty and brilliance, laughter, wonder and fun… those of us who feel babies and children are most precious, those of us who embrace the intelligence of air, water and minerals of our Earth, we recognize the hybrids as toxic self-destroyers – almost all of the hybrids are addicted to cigarettes, booze, psychotropic pharmaceuticals, coffee, energy drinks and/or adrenalized blood – they’re sex addicts and/or obsessed with money, status and self-aggrandizing superiority …

        When exposed for their lack of human decency, they put up a wall – within their minds – to deceive themselves – because of this, attempting to communicate with them is a pointless waste of time because they couldn’t care less about the truth … the beauty and magnificence of life is irrelevant to them. They embrace lies and lunacy because they are insane – they are detached from reality as they cling to lies because they are incapable of tuning in to the truth – this is because they have no conscience – and this is because they are not humans – they are hybrid descendants of the evil incarnates that seized control of our world early on – but they will soon be eradicated from our world.

        To be oblivious to our Earth Changes, to be ignorant of the exponential increases in the fissures, landslides, sinkholes, train derailments, bridge collapses, floods, the volcanic activity, the quakes, the increases in deadly lightning strikes, to be unaware of the rapid meltdown of the Arctic and Antarctic ice … to be unaware of the feedback loops and the inevitable chain reaction that will soon decimate our world is to be unable to take intelligent action to secure one’s safety and survival … this is why the parasitic hybrids will soon be eradicated: because they are evil idiots.

        Their underground survival bunkers will not save them because magma and lava are the lake of fire that will consume them as volcanic ash in the sky clogs their aircraft engines while colossal tsunami waves destroy their yachts, submarines, aircraft carriers and their idiotic survival pods.

        The public doesn’t know the horror that’s coming because they’ve been lied to about the timeline for our Earth – they’ve been lied to about the timeline for our cataclysms – they don’t know that historic records clearly tell us that colossal tsunami waves slammed against the continental shelves which shoved subterranean regions inland which generated massive heat and friction which exploded into thousands of volcanic eruptions – from Antarctica up through the South Pacific, decimating western regions of Latin America and almost all of North America as the horrific destruction continued into the Arctic, over to Greenland and Iceland while the island of Frisland was 100% obliterated – the public doesn’t know the exact date of this horror is documented by witnesses in different languages who were more than 10,000 miles apart.

        One of the witnesses was a ship captain in the South Atlantic who barely survived with his ship and crew – other witnesses were in Asia – some witnesses to the horror tell us “the rivers and lakes boiled, the mountains melted” … we’re also told, “the valleys of the sea were revealed” … the graphic details go on and on. Entire cities were buried beneath thousands of feet of volcanic ash.

        A little over 100 years later, another horror decimated Asia, parts of Africa, parts of Europe and the British Isles and northern and eastern regions of North America … the public isn’t told about this but some who compile evidence of the “mud flood” have realized that we have been lied to about the history of our Earth.

        We have been lied to about the chemistry of our Earth, we have been lied to about the geology of our Earth, we’ve been lied to about ice ages, pangaea, continental drift, etc. We’ve been lied to about the timeline of the glaciers and ice shelves, we’ve been lied to about the timeline for our Earth’s continents, mountains and oceans, we’ve been lied to about our broken and subducted tectonic plates and ocean trenches … all the forces and cataclysms that manifest our world is clearly documented in old records – by hundreds of independent witnesses, in over a dozen different languages from all across our Earth which is corroborated by thousands of other independent sources which includes the maps of the sonar images of the landslide debris on the seafloor that displaced massive volumes of seawater which launched colossal tsunami waves that repeatedly decimated our world – the volume and trajectory of the seafloor debris is conspicuous which tells us the direction and size of the colossal tsunami waves – so we know which regions were decimated and then we find the sudden changes on the old maps – so we know when the catastrophic destruction of our world occurred and we have it place on a timeline – which includes the origins of the continents, the origins of our oceans, etc. – it is all documented in historic records – but since the public is spoon-fed with demonic vomit and rewarded for regurgitating it – ad nauseum – the dumbed down, drugged up, poisoned and programmed public is imprisoned within the walls of the full spectrum deception – this is a small portion of the evil of our world – add the poverty, the deplorable squalor, the malnutrition and diseases, add the rape of women, children and young men, add the invasion and slaughter by the military forces of the world that are controlled by the parasitic hybrids, add the lives that are destroyed by booze, drugs, cigarettes, toxic wheat that is bathed in acid and soaked in bleach … add the toxic animal carcasses that are injected with poisons, add the toxic pharmaceuticals, the toxic chemicals from monsanto and other evil corporations… when will it sink in that this evil is intentional?

        Meanwhile, the vast majority of the world population clings to the lies and identifies with the lunacy – many take pleasure in defending the insanity while a tiny percentage sense the deception – even fewer look beyond the lies to see the truth – but very few reach out for the full spectrum truth of our world – very few are aware of the brilliance of our air, water, plants and minerals, very few are aware of the true timeline for our Earth and our human history.

        Very few are aware that our Antarctic glaciers are sliding into the sea – even though it’s been repeatedly posted for all the world to see – for years.

        What happens when thousands of Pennsylvania-sized glaciers – two miles high – crash into the shallow seas?


        The Antarctic waters are already too warm – the underside of the glaciers are now colossal waterfalls which means thousands of colossal glaciers are held in place by rapidly-melting ice shelves – those who want to survive have already packed, relocated, stocked up and prepared for survival – we have little hope for the 99.999% of the others.

        To see the maps of the Antarctic volcanoes, click on below – if you’re unaware that the Antarctic volcanoes are erupting beneath the ice, please study the reports of the rapidly melting Antarctic ice:


      8. Rokro, the title of this article remains, “Stars Prove The Earth Doesn’t Move – A Step By Step Guide”. This article is not about human nature, mind control and slavery over the masses by a relative few in positions of power. It’s about how the Earth is SUPPOSEDLY stationary. (See the title of the article if you are still confused). SPOILER ALERT – it isn’t!. Pay more attention and don’t get so distracted.


  10. Keith,

    Don’t waist your time, you cant rationalize with the irrational, These people are mentally unstable. Save yourself the grief. These folks cant be saved.

    Leave them along to life in their paranoid state of mind. Perhaps Michael is correct, all of these folks are the same schizophrenic person, it would certainly make sense that only one person one this planet thinks that the earth is flat, and that one person shares multiple personalities.

    Enjoy our beautiful Globe planet my friend.


  11. Keith,

    Your welcome, I know your trying to do the humane thing and steer the gullible towards the light. But sometimes the severely wounded should just be left to die. I think your humane efforts are waisted in on this lot. They can’t be helped.

    Lets hope these guys aren’t breading more numb skulled flat earthers. Lets hope the flat earth dies out with this brain dead generation which we are unfortunately forced to shear our planet with.

    Rational thought, logic and science will always prevail over flat earth nonsense.


  12. I’ve no time to waste with the likes of you either, Rokky. Go back to your own blog. As long as comments are enabled on this site for the public to access, it’s a public forum. Challenge it in court if you’re that sure of yourself, but I’m on the side of right. I scrape your opinions off like mud from the sole of my shoe.
    And why do you keep straying from the topic of the article? It’s easily shown that we don’t see the same constellations all over the sky all year, except circumpolar ones. Look up at the stars once in a while.


      1. I’m not accusing anyone here of “being crazy”. My position is that Stacey is incorrectly drawing conclusions, making fundamentally flawed statements and refusing to acknowledge observations that have literally been done for thousands of years. But I’m not saying she’s crazy. Dishonest, and intentionally deceptive, but not crazy.


  13. No one claims that the Big Dipper asterism is only visible from the Northern Hemisphere, Stacey. We’re all aware that it’s visible from the equator and into Australia. But go far enough south and the entire Big Dipper falls below the horizon. Alkaid (Eta Ursae Majoris), the southernmost star of the asterism, lies at a declination of around ~49°19′ North; i.e., it appears overhead to an observer standing at or near that latitude, such as the majority of Europe. 90° away from that latitude at ~40°41′ South – around the northwestern tip of Tasmania – Alkaid lies on the horizon. Further south from there and it disappears below the horizon.

    The northernmost star of the Big Dipper is Dubhe; known as Alpha Ursae Majoris, it has a declination of ~61°45′ North, meaning that for an observer standing at that latitude, on Mansel Island in Hudson Bay for example, the star is directly overhead. But travel 90° south from there to latitude ~28°15′ South, to Kingscliff, NSW, Australia for instance, and the star falls below the horizon. Notice that the northernmost star disappears first? Why would that happen? Travel to 41° South and NO PART of the Big Dipper is visible. BUT the majority of the world’s population lives north of this latitude, which is why the Big Dipper is recognized by so many.

    Either you accept that this occurs or you deny it, and denying it is an indefensible position to take. There’s no third course, so accept it.


    1. Go stand by the railroad tracks and watch them disappear in the distance – go stand by the forest and watch the trees in the distance disappear – what are you a two year old – geez!


      1. We’re not discussing terrestrial objects like railroad tracks and trees, ST. We’re discussing the overhead stars and why their visibility depends on the latitude of the observer. Try to stay on topic.


      2. You can tell michael what he needs to know over and over again, but you can’t do his thinking for him. At some point, he needs to make the connection.


  14. Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. The study of angles and of the angular relationships of planar and three-dimensional figures is known as trigonometry. As a land surveyor my stock in trade for 3 decades was trigonometry. Maybe you should learn the difference.


    1. This is the quote from you where you brag about your intellect as you claim geometry has nothing to do with angles:

      “Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. The study of angles and of the angular relationships of planar and three-dimensional figures is known as trigonometry. As a land surveyor my stock in trade for 3 decades was trigonometry. Maybe you should learn the difference.”

      I then posted links that clearly prove that angles are a part of geometry which every school age child knows while you are oblivious to the basics of early childhood education.

      As you claim the “difference” between geometry and trigonometry is that geometry has nothing to do with angles, you brag that you worked for three decades as a land surveyor with your specialty in trigonometry – and yet your lack of intelligence is conspicuous to anyone with a functioning brain.

      Then you deny that you even posted that – the fact that you don’t even remember posting it is alarming – your self-deception is also alarming – red flags are flying because here you are on a flat earth website with nothing better to do with your time but to expose the fact that you are so detached from reality as to be rendered insane.


    2. Michael, you are obviously poisoned – if you’re not an alcoholic, then are you poisoning yourself with the wheat that’s soaked in acid and then bathed in bleach? Are you eating bleached white flour in your bread, pasta, pizza, pastries, etc.? You’ll probably deny this too but obviously you are poisoned by something – you are a sick man – physically and mentally.


      1. No, never been arrested, charged with a crime, or spent time in jail. That’s for losers in our society.


  15. Perhaps you, Soulful Truth or Stacey can explain why Polaris near the northern celestial pole cannot be seen from latitudes south of the equator, or why Polaris Australis near the southern celestial pole cannot be observed from latitudes north of the equator? Or do you even acknowledge that there are constellations that can only be viewed from southern latitudes?


    1. Nothing in your comment is related to the subject of this article so it was ignored. This is not a site where you can demand explanations from others who comment about the article or from the author of the article. This section of the blog is entitled “Comments”, not “Questions”. Try to pay more attention.


      1. Rokro, why are you so overly concerned with the content of Stacey McStationary’s blog? Other commentators are asking questions unrelated to the topic, so why are you policing mine exclusively, and why is Stacey nowhere to be found? Although I have no medical experience, I’m more convinced now that you and she are one and the same, and that my “diagnosis” of multiple personality disorder was spot-on. Can she not fight her own battles or defend her own blog?

        Hope you enjoyed the launch of the 60 Starlink satellites the other day. They’ve already been photographed in orbit. Put that in your 73-mile pipe and smoke it.🚀😎


      2. I simply ignore most of your comments when I receive a notification by e-mail when there is a comment made. Maybe you want to ask yourself why you’re so concerned with Stacey’s blog since most of the comments are from you (and mostly ignored by everyone).


  16. Your blog says in part:

    “In winter, we see the Big Dipper, so we shouldn’t be able to see it in summer. Because we’re facing the opposite direction. But we do see it. All year. Summer, spring, winter and fall. So we’re not orbiting the sun.”

    Now, your reasoning why we shouldn’t see the Big Dipper in summer is that we’re facing the opposite direction. Why would that be? The Earth rotates once every day, and the asterism’s visibility is dependent on what latitude you are observing from. You ARE allowed to look at the sky in places other than the celestial equator. The Big Dipper is a part of the Ursa Major constellation, and the seven stars that make up the Big Dipper asterism, as pointed out earlier, lie within declinations of ~49°19′ and ~61°45′ North, well outside the Sun’s path through the ecliptic. For most observers in the Northern Hemisphere, the stars of the asterism never set below the horizon, rotating once every night counterclockwise around the northern celestial pole. Your claim of a non-rotating, non-orbiting Earth cannot be supported by your faulty reasoning and the observations of the stars. You need to think in all three dimensions.

    How’s that Rokro, did I stay on topic that time?


    1. I only read the last sentence and have no idea if you stayed on topic or not because I ignored everything you wrote above it.


      1. I’m literally spoon-feeding this stuff to you, Rokko. It’s your loss if you choose to ignore it. Try reading once in a while.


      2. Receiving comments from a washed-up surveyor talking about stars is something I don’t wish on my worst enemy.


  17. Why do you call me “washed up’? You don’t know anything about me that I haven’t told you. Not my problem if my comments have gotten so far under your skin that you can’t deal with it. Go ahead and cut me off if you don’t like what you hear. Disable the comments function, or delete the entire blog. But get permission from your female alter-ego first.


      1. And why are you receiving email notifications of comments on Stacey McStationary’s blog site? It seems you are proving my point that she and you are the same person. Go on, keep blogging about your half-baked ideas regarding your imagined flat and stationary Earth. Don’t let facts get in your way.


      2. When one checks the bottom 2 boxes to the left of the “Post Comment” button, one will receive notices via e-mail. I shouldn’t have to explain this basic and simple stuff to you. You confirm your condition every single moment of the day – Yes, you are washed-up.


  18. Well, Rokro stop answering Stacey’s email. People will begin to believe that you and she aren’t separate persons. What is your interest in her blog? I notice that you haven’t made any comments or explanations concerning the subject matter of her blog, while I have – your only interest seems to be in policing the comments of others.

    I retired from land surveying 10 years ago, after three decades it was enough. That gives me freedom to deal with the likes of you. How’s your career going?


    1. This is a comment section and is not Stacey’s e-mail. I can’t believe I have to point out this obvious fact.


      1. Then stop monitoring my comments on Stacey’s blog. You say you’ve checked the boxes for email notifications when new comments or posts are added. Whether it’s direct communication via email or comments on a blog, they’re two sides of the same coin – electronic communications. Those comments are meant for Stacey McStationary, not you. Why are you policing them? Is she really you, as I and others suspect? Fess up, Chuckles.


      2. Your comments are meaningless to me. I receive notifications of comments on here from all those who comment.. To set an example, I’m going to ignore you from this point out. Enjoy having no influence what so ever.


  19. Rokro, why don’t you take note of Soulful Truth’s long-winded ranting about how the public has been repeatedly lied to by the powers that be regarding every aspect of our past and present planet’s history? He/she is obviously not sticking to the subject matter of Stacey’s blog – he or she should start a blog of their own to present these views – but his comments are not flagged as being “off topic”, so why are mine? At least I brought up points that Stacey seems to have overlooked, while you haven’t brought up your own, I notice. Tend to your own house and let Stacey do her own policing.

    And while you’re at it, Stacey why don’t you address some of my earlier comments concerning the stars and Earth’s movements?


    1. I’ve been uploading videos to my youtube channel for years – I’ve been keeping a playlist – for years – and after years of work, my email account began overflowing – even though I’ve been deleting unimportant stuff, including emails from friends I adore – meanwhile, hackers have been trying to get in, so gmail repeatedly refused to even let ME in due to “unusual activity”, so I opened a new email and set up a new youtube account – this is very common, Michael – many researchers have more than one youtube account because of the limits from youtube – so there’s no need for you to delude yourself into imagining that I haven’t been at the research for years. I’ve studied chemistry and physics for decades, I’ve studied geological formations, wave propagation, cataclysms, historic documents, linguistics, architecture, music, etc., for decades. I’ve approached the timeline evidence in the historic documents from over a dozen angles, including the sudden appearance of gold deposits on our Earth – after the “primitive tribes” had been mining gold and creating jewelry, statuary, etc., out of gold for “thousands of years” – I’ve approached the timeline in the historic documents from the perspective of music chord harmony structure, instrumentation, compositions of concertos, operas, Gregorian chants, and so on. I’ve also approached the timeline in the historic documents from the perspective of the megaliths, the architecture, the statuary, evidence in the captain’s logs from the sailing ships going back hundreds of years, evidence in the old maps, evidence in the old literature, evidence in the old illustrations and paintings – going back over 600 years. All the major cataclysms are recorded in historic documents from numerous independent witnesses – this includes the formation of the oceans, the formation of the continents, the formation of the mountains, the broken and subducted tectonic plates, the formation of archipelago islands, the formation of the Antarctic glaciers and ice shelves … the timeline for all of that is clearly documented by numerous independent sources which includes photographic evidence from the early 20th century expeditions to Antarctica.

      Exposing the full-spectrum deception – in the politics, economics, the medical mafia, the fake justice system that does nothing as hundreds of trillions of dollars are siphoned off the world economy by the 1% is not “off topic” – it’s corroborating evidence that the general public is deceived, manipulated and exploited because the lying, thieving, raping, murdering, warmongering fake billionaires with their fake economy and their control over the fake public airwaves and the fake free press, along with their control over publishing houses that print the lies in schoolbooks, college textbooks, lies in the fake magazines, the fake relics in their multi-million dollar museums, etc., is all evidence that the public is deceived – add the fact that our air is intentionally poisoned, our drinking water is poisoned, our beverages are poisoned, the fruits and vegetables are GMO which is poisoned, the wheat is bathed in acid and then soaked in bleach before being used to make bread, pasta, pastries, cereals, etc. All of this is public knowledge – including the fact that the public is dumbed down, the fact that the public is drugged up, the fact that the public is programmed with lies and lunacy – and yet, in your delusional mind, you refer to this as “off topic” – you refer to this as long-winded ranting because in your delusional mind, truth is irrelevant, health is irrelevant, well-being is irrelevant – we only need to look at your photo to see this is the reality of your insanity – truth is irrelevant to you and health is irrelevant to you because you have no conscience – you are poisoning your mind and body on a daily basis because you are mentally ill, dumbed down, developmentally challenged, delusional and insane.

      You can fool yourself all you want – the fact that you’re in denial of the obvious simply exposes your insanity for the decrepit lunacy that it is.

      The fact remains that the public is programmed to cling to the inside walls of their prison of lies which includes the fake democracy, the politicians that work for the evil incarnate, the military that works for the evil incarnate that orders the invasion and slaughter of innocent villagers for “democracy” while the stock market is manipulated by the evil incarnate while the Federal Reserve and banking cartels work for the evil incarnate while the mass media that works for the evil incarnate and so on – the fact that you can’t see this obvious evidence, the fact that you are in denial of this, the fact that you refer to it as ranting, the fact that you refer to this evil as “off topic” exposes your insanity – you as so detached from reality because you are a coward with no conscience, no sense of human decency, no sense of right and wrong – nothing by hybrid insanity.

      Meanwhile, the Antarctic ice shelves are collapsing – because of the massive heat rising up from the volcanoes beneath them – which means thousands of Pennsylvania-sized glaciers – two miles high – will soon crash into the sea – but since the public assumes this is preposterous – because they haven’t studied the hundreds of independent historic documents that clearly tell us of the horror that happened in a previous cataclysm that decimated the Antarctic, the Pacific, western regions of Latin America, almost all of North America, all of the Arctic regions, Greenland and the North Atlantic – that included colossal tsunami waves, the explosion of thousands of volcanoes and deadly quakes – since the public is programmed to cling to the lies of “millions of years ago” – next to no one has taken intelligent action to secure their safety and survival.

      The public is programmed to disregard their health and well-being – the public is programmed to poison themselves on a daily basis so their survival instinct no longer functions which means very few are capable of assessing the evidence. I don’t expect you to believe this or care about this, Michael, you will most likely have a little inner giggle over it because you have no conscience so I’m not reporting this for your benefit – of course – I’m here to help those who are awakening and breaking free from the full spectrum deception – but since most people are either coffee drinkers, cigarette smokers, dependent on pharmaceuticals or addicted to street drugs, the vast majority of the public have been duped into self destruction by the evil incarnate that control our world – but they will soon be eradicated by the worldwide decimation – so there’s every reason for humans to look forward to the transformation of our Earth over the next few years and the new awesome wonder that will be our new world.

      Thousands of independent sources tell us of the decimation of our Earth – including the landslide debris on the seafloor, downhill from the seaside cliffs – that debris displaced large volumes of seawater that launched colossal tsunami waves and all of these major cataclysms are documented – so the fact that another cataclysm is coming should be obvious if only the public would study the evidence instead of believing the idiotic geologists that have the intellect of the smart kids in fifth and sixth grades.

      Here’s some of the conspicuous evidence that should prompt anyone with a functioning brain to question how these dramatic seaside cliffs came to be:


      1. ST, you don’t need to rewrite your book-length answers every time you comment. I read it before. And it still doesn’t adhere to Stacey’s topic, “Stars Prove the Earth Doesn’t Move: A Step-By-Step Guide”. If you could comment on that it might be helpful.


      2. The conspicuous full spectrum deception, the dumbing down, the drugging, the poisons, the programming, the lies, the lunacy are evidence that the public is deceived, manipulated, exploited and destroyed – but you tell yourself it isn’t relevant to the fact that the public is lied to about our Earth – thank you for yet again broadcasting your insanity for all the world to see.


      3. OK, Soulful Truth, let’s just say that you’re correct in all that you say. The question is:

        What do we do about it?

        It sounds as though the “evil incarnate” has us all by the collective balls (no disrespect to those who do not possess them). So who is this “evil incarnate”, anyway? Satan? The devil? The evil one himself? Does he reside in one body, as in the movie series “The Omen”? Or has he distributed himself amongst many bodies? If so how do we, as mere humans, root him out? What is your solution to all this? Revolution? The overthrow of those elected to work for us?

        You’ve so eloquently pointed out the problems. Now point out the answers.


  20. Soulful Truth, where did I say that geometry had nothing to do with angles? At what point did I “brag” about my intellect or my educational level? What do my car, my bank statements, my relationships, my home or my body have to do with the subject at hand, which is how stars supposedly prove that the Earth is stationary? You need to take Rokro’s advice and stick to the subject. Address your comments to Stacey’s blog, or start your own blog and write about whatever you like.


    1. Michael, you are a slob – your face, your body, your words, your delusional mind, your insanity … you put it out there for all of us to see while telling yourself that we can’t see it. You are insane. I’m not typing this for you but for anyone else who might be lured into your delusional lunacy. Are you an alcoholic on top of everything else? You are insanely delusional, detached from reality and in denial of obvious voluminous evidence.


  21. No, I do not use alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or any other mind-altering drugs. You don’t know me at all. You may speculate all you like – your personal opinions of me are of no importance, as you are in general. Thanks for your comments, though – it really is telling about where your mind has gone wrong.


  22. Soulful Truth, at least your extensive treatise acknowledges the reality of climate change, global warming, the existence of Antarctica as a continent and the existence of satellites to monitor and measure changes in the glaciers there, which is more than I can say for Rokro – he doesn’t even believe that satellites exist. Bravo for being on the correct path. Your conclusions leave some room for speculation, though.


    1. I never referred to Antarctica as a continent and I never mentioned satellites – go regurgitate your lies to those that enjoy them – like the other parasitic hybrids that have no conscience.

      Antarctica is NOT a continent – it is clusters of mountainous islands, covered in ice and snow which extends into the surrounding seawater – the ice and snow creates the illusion of a large landmass but Antarctica is NOT a large landmass.

      Antarctica is mostly seawater, ice and snow with thousands of mountains covered in glaciers with the sea waters also covered in ice shelves.

      The fact that you made up lies about me to prop up your insanity is more of your same despicable lunacy. Your deceitful persona and contempt for truth is conspicuous.


      1. So, you believe the message but not the messenger? You accept the findings on glacier thinning, but not how those findings were arrived at. Cherry-picking at its finest.


      2. Soulful ?????

        Antarctica is not a large land mass? Its a lot of islands that looks like a land mass? Where do you lot come up with this nonsense. Where’s the prove that you are correct and that everyone that has actually stepped foot on Antarctica or has flown over the content is wrong?


      3. Idiots never do research but – because of their programming – they think they know everything – the cowardly liars don’t have the courage to admit that about 99.999% of everything they’ve been taught is intentional disinfo – while dozens of maps of Antarctica without Ice clearly show us that – without ice – Antarctica is mostly seawater.

        Antarctica has some large islands but none of the Antarctic islands are big enough to qualify as a continent – don’t take my word for it – simply study the maps that are uploaded by the idiotic glaciologists so you can clearly see that even the South Pole is covered in sea water which means photos that you may have seen of the South Pole are actually photos of the South Pole ice shelf which sits in the sea water.

        Here’s some of the evidence you can study so that maybe instead of deluding yourselves into imagining you’ve got the answers, you’ll begin to realize you’ve been deceived across the full spectrum of science, religion, politics, economics, industry, the military, the media, education, etc. – see for yourself that Antarctica is clusters of islands – even the Antarctic Peninsula is not actually a peninsula because it is not connected to land – the Antarctic Peninsula is actually a chain of islands – study Antarctica for years and you may begin to realize that just about everything we’ve been told about it is intentional disinfo – including the maps in the link below:


      4. Now who’s spreading the “intentional disinformation”? Your own link shows the land underlying the Antarctic ice. East Antarctica is one contiguous landmass with an area equal to or larger than Australia which is certainly a continent by any measure. And the ice thickness at the South Pole places the underlying land there at about ~300 feet elevation, not under sea level. You should learn to read a relief map.


  23. A decades old bedmap cannot save you – study the new bedmaps with more detail, then read the insane disinfo about the South Pole that’s spread among the masses that tells us the first person to reach the South Pole is Raoul Amundsen – which is a lie – then read how Amundsen got off his ship – in 1911 – skied to the South Pole and back again – in sub-freezing temperatures – then search for the elevation of the South Pole – which is between 9,000 and 10,000 ft above sea level, depending on which liar is broadcasting it – then ponder how someone can ski nearly two miles uphill in freezing temperatures and then ski downhill nearly two miles and survive – he had no trouble breathing in freezing temperatures at nearly 10,000 ft above sea level? Go check the year round temperatures at the South Pole.


    1. Soulful, you’re correct about the lie – the man’s name was ROALD, not Raoul. Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen, in fact. Historical records including his logs show that his ship reached the Ross Ice Shelf in January of 1911, where a base camp was established.

      Your post seems to infer that Amundsen was skiing alone and attempting to scale the mountains. This is not the case. It’s true that the South Pole is NEARLY two miles in altitude (around 9,300 feet) but it’s not like he was scaling a precipice. And he wasn’t alone. On October 19, he and four others set out for the Pole, taking four sleds and 52 sled dogs with them. They discovered a route up to the polar plateau along a then-unknown glacier that extends from the Ross Ice Shelf (near sea level) up to the plateau at ~9,000 feet. The glacier was named in honor of Axel Heiberg, a diplomat, financier and patron of Norwegian polar expeditions. The glacier extends down from the plateau some 30 miles to the ice shelf, making it a relatively gentle slope to traverse. And no one disputes the fact that it was a difficult undertaking – if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 36 of the 52 dogs either died or were killed to provide meat for the men.

      Still, it took the party until December 14 to actually reach the pole. Ernest Shackleton’s second expedition in 1908-1909 had been the first to reach the polar plateau by traversing up the Beardmore Glacier, but turned back when they were less than 100 nautical miles from the Pole.

      I suspect that you’ll just dismiss this answer as you seem to have dismissed most of history as being fabricated stories to appease the masses. Apparently you don’t believe in the human spirit or the determination of some men to reach their goals. Are you one of those that doesn’t believe in the historical accounts of others, and rather must see and experience things for themselves to know they’re true? If that’s the case, you’re welcome to undertake the expedition. Contact @JoeJonta on Twitter – he’s putting together a fully-financed Antarctic expedition in 2022 or so and is looking for interested participants. Apparently he’s going to try and prove Antarctica is just an ice wall around the perimeter of a flat Earth. Good luck to him – and you – if he actually attempts it.


      1. Michael, go find someone else to annoy. I’m not reading anything else from you because you are insane and I’m busy doing research – I have no interest in anything you have to say because you are insane and developmentally challenged – if you continue to send messages to me, I will consider it harassment and stalking – if you are unable to control yourself – which is what I expect – then you are simply proving what I already know: that you are severely mentally ill.


  24. Soulful…

    Anyone that claims the earth is flat is self acclaimed incapable of research.

    The evidence for the actual globe shape of our planet is so overwhelming, only a fool would think the earth was flat.

    Instead of spilling the mountain of garbage of the effects that wheat products have on the human mind. Try stepping away from the conspiracy theory’s and paranoid dribble and open your closed mind to reality. Trust me, reality is much better than the garbage you’ve clouded your mind with.

    Wishing you all the best, your good friend,


    1. Hemp, if you were my friend or a member of my international research group, you would know that I’ve studied chemistry and physics for decades, I’ve studied geological formations, wave propagation, cataclysms, linguistics, historic documents, etc., for decades – I’m a Doctoral Scholar who’s served as an expert witness for the court judges and who tested off the WAIS-R which goes over 150 … in addition to being a multi-lingual research scholar who translates science reports and historic documents from over a dozen languages, I’m also a designer, a composer and an inventor with an array of other highly developed skills that I won’t go into here.

      Since our Earth has no curvature, our Earth cannot be a sphere – end of story. Go study the time-lapse photos and videos of the stars in the night sky, you’ll see that our Earth does not move – there is no horizontal movement in those photos and videos because our Earth is not moving. How can you imagine Earth is spiraling around to the other side of the sun – 186 million miles away – when you can see the same stars 365 nights of the year? Are all the stars racing around to the other side of the sun? Your failure to grasp these simple facts is alarming. Goodbye.


      1. If you studied physics for decades, you’d know there arent any books or literature that show the earth is flat or the earth is stationery, you also would have learnt about gravity and how it works, which all flat earthers disbelieve


      2. Keith, I have zero interest in arguing or debating about flat earth – feel free to believe what you want – I came here to thank Stacey for doing an awesome job at explaining it – I forwarded her explanation to someone I know who actually got it so it’s mind-blowing to me that her very simple explanation remains incomprehensible to the programmed ones – which I regard as hybrids – because anyone who loves truth would willingly abandon their prison of lies for the obvious evidence – so when I see people defending the liars and their lies, from my perspective, those that couldn’t care less about truth are those that have no conscience – which tells me they’re hybrids because anyone who loves truth can see it.

        I added my comments about the lies of history, the lies of science, the fake education, the fake experts, the poisoning, the drugging, the fake politicians, the fake economy, the medical mafia, the justice system that does nothing as hundreds of trillions of dollars of the public wealth is siphoned off for the 1% … but it’s not even a dent in your prison of lies because truth, justice and peace are irrelevant to you which speaks volumes – goodbye.


      3. OK, so you’re a self-proclaimed modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, a 21st-century Renaissance Man. Good for you! You can’t possibly believe that you’re such a genius and at the same time not understand that we don’t see the same stars year-round. Many constellations are seasonal. Others are circumpolar. It depends on the latitude of the observer.

        And no, the stars do not race around to the other side of the Sun, the Earth does. It’s not the stars that are rotating around us, it’s the Earth’s rotation that carry us into and out of their sight.Your failure to grasp these simple facts is alarming. And you testified as an EXPERT WITNESS? I’d ask for a mistrial.


      4. Soulful….

        You claim that the earth has no curvature. Yet standing 6′ above sea level, you can only see 3 miles to the edge of the horizon. This formula works when looking across all lakes, oceans, canals and rivers, it doesn’t matter which direction your facing, the horizon is always the same distance because our earth is a sphere. The higher you go the further you can see. Stand on a beach and watch the sun set. When the sun is about halfway set on the horizon, lie flat on the beach and the sun will completely disappear from view, stand up again and the sun will appear again. Magic – No, the earth is curved.

        It would help if you can grasp scale – I have communicated with a few flat earthers in the past and they all seem incapable of grasping scale. Rokro went to great lengths explaining how Australia is the same size as the USA but looks four times a big on a flat earth map. He couldn’t grasp the cause of the problem, he couldn’t understand that the scale on the flat earth is wrong.

        I will help you with scale. Take a globe, look at the straight of Gibraltar (Mouth of the Mediterranean between Spain and Morocco) The straight is 16 miles wide. Divide the straight into 16 even parts. When standing on the shore of Gibraltar you an only see 3 of these 16 parts. Further more, an airliner flies 3/4 of mile above sea level. If you push a small pin into your globe, the head of the pin would represent the plane. Now take a straight edge from the top of the pin and sit on the globe, this represents the distance the you can see out of the planes window. You will be able to understand why you cant see the curvature from the airliner.

        Now play around scales, measure the height above the globe when you can see the curvature.

        I hope this helps, your friend,


      5. Enjoy clinging to the pack of lies – it’s your choice – the 1% controls our world – you prefer to imagine they love us all and want the best of us – it doesn’t occur to you that it’s all one big psy-op.


  25. Michael,

    I think you may have misunderstood Soulful’s point. Soulful is claiming that the link he or she provided is also showing fake maps. The problem, flat earthers are constantly in battle with science, they try to debunk science with childish cartoons of people facing opposite directions on chairs, they think that provides enough evidence to prove all science is a fraud.

    You and I can see clearly who the fraud is. Soulful is just another example of this fraud, making outlandish claims, blaming every institution imaginable for their flat earth not fitting reality, yet providing absolutely no evidence in their defense.

    If the flat earthers can just provide us calculations that we can use to map and predict future natural occurrences such as the next full solar eclipse we could start to take them seriously. After all, it is easy to calculate when you are using a correct model to form calculations from, but very difficult when your model is absolute garbage. You would think that the flat earthers would come to the realization that their flat earth is fake when they have to accuse the entire human race of dissipation.


  26. Soulful,

    I have carefully laid out some tools to help you understand scale and horizons. You are a self acclaimed academic capable of research and higher understanding. Yet you cling onto absurd ideas that have been formulated by idiots.

    And there it is – the reason that you are a flat earther, you are incapable of researching the truth. Your judgment is altered by idiots. It is hard to word this nicely, so please excuse me for being blunt. Only fools fellow the advise of fools.


    1. I cling to “ideas”? I do not cling to “ideas”:

      1. Earth has no curvature – this is clearly documented – and proven – by numerous researchers – since Earth has no curvature, Earth cannot be a sphere – you deny this evidence because you prefer to believe in lies which exposes you as someone that is incapable of distinguishing truth from fiction – which means you are insane.

      2. Photographs and videos clearly show that our stars and moon are very close to us – and they clearly show no horizontal movement of Earth across the sky – you deny this evidence because you are insane.

      With my own eyes, I have observed the stars – from the desert floor and from the mountain tops where the stars are substantially closer to me which would not be possible if the stars were “light years away” – but you prefer lies – so be it.

      3. We see the same stars 12 months of the year which also would not be possible if we were on a spinning spiraling Earth, racing through space at mind-binding speeds – 186 million miles – to the other side of our sun every six months – but that’s what you believe because you are insane.

      4. With my own eyes, I can see that we are not racing through infinite space at over half a million miles each night – you are the one that clings to preposterous “ideas” – because you are insane.

      Now go away and stop bothering me as I am busy with my research which I enjoy – You are free to believe what you want – I have no interest in debating flat earth with the insane – so stop behaving like a stalker – stop wasting my time with your insanity.


      1. You, sir, are in very deep denial. We are the sane ones. You, on the other hand, continue to deny that we see different constellations in January than are seen in July. Not accepting this simple observation that billions of people acknowledge proves my point. You see the stars move across the sky each night and believe the Earth to be stationary, but you are attached to the planet and move with it, so from your point of view it’s the stars that move and not the Earth. You wouldn’t be the first person to believe this. Motion depends on the position of the observer, and since you’ll likely never leave the planet, you go right on believing what you want.


      2. In the Northern hemisphere the constellation of Capricorn can be seen from July to November.

        In the Southern hemisphere Capricorn can be viewed from early winter to late spring.

        These are undisputed facts. Prove to me that these statements are not true. This one constellation proves that the stars are not visible 12 months a year from a given location. Do you have proof otherwise?


      3. Michael, for the third time – stop writing to me – stop harassing me – stop stalking me – stop interrupting my work and stop intruding in my life.

        You are a ridiculously insane lunatic – I have NO INTEREST in anything you have to say so leave me alone – stop behaving like a stalker.

        I am a woman – born female – I am not a “sir” so stop imagining that you can continue to stalk, harass, interfere, intrude and impose on my time and my life.

        You are insane – leave me alone – go away and stop your lunacy. Thank you.

        The fact that you seem incapable of controlling yourself, your thoughts and your mind – the fact that you imagine that I am welcoming your insane interruptions – after I’ve repeatedly told you that your replies to me are unwelcome, you continue to do it.

        Stop behaving like a stalker – stop harassing me with your insanity – stop intruding on my time and my life with your lunacy. Go away and leave me alone – I’m busy doing things I enjoy – which is my research and numerous projects – thank you for your understanding. Goodbye.


      4. OK, lady. Then ADMIT THAT THERE ARE SOME CONSTELLATIONS YOU CANNOT SEE FOR TWELVE CONSECUTIVE MONTHS WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR LOCATION, and be done with me! That’s all I’m asking, is that you drop your ludicrous notion that you are in the right. Get your head out of your books and research and go outside and look up once in a while.

        I didn’t invent sidereal time. It’s a very well-known FACT that a sidereal day is 3 minutes 55.9 seconds shorter than the 24-hour solar day. This discrepancy adds up to 12 hours over a 6-month time span. Your “research” should have told you this. So constellations that you used to observe at nighttime are now in the sky during the day, 12 HOURS LATER BY YOUR CLOCK, which is WHY YOU DON’T SEE THEM. Case closed.


  27. Soulful,

    Just trying to be helpful and spreading the good word about our beautiful globe planet.

    I guess there’s no helping the hopeless. Keep up the hard work researching the words of the mentally challenged. Only fools fellow fools.

    Hemp, signing off.


  28. Michael,

    Very strange, Soulful welcomed confrontation until she found that she was beaten, then claims that we are the problem. Soulful, if you invite an argument and you are on the loosing side, expect to get beaten.

    It is obvious why these people are flat earthers, absolutely no sense of logic. And to think, Soulful is an educated scholar capable of research and higher understanding yet a flat earther. Now there’s a paradox.


    1. Hemp, I have no interest in debating about flat earth – cowardly imbeciles don’t want to admit they’ve been fooled so I’ll leave it at that.

      I do not “welcome confrontation” – I couldn’t care less what idiots think.

      Thousands of independent sources tell us that we’ve been lied to about the timeline for our human history, the timeline of our Earth’s continents, oceans, mountains, cataclysms, the shape of our Earth, the essence of our air, water, minerals and other chemical elements, the essence of our stars, and the facts related to our sun and moon, as well as the conspicuous corruption in politics, the fake paper dollar economy that’s controlled by the fake billionaires, etc., while the fake justice system does nothing to protect the public from the parasites that have siphoned hundreds of trillions of dollars off the world economy while the military forces also work for the 1% that also controls profits from cocaine, heroin, meth, GMO marijuana, toxic pharmaceuticals, destructive booze, etc., while babies and children suffer from malnutrition and curable diseases in deplorable poverty – if you don’t have the courage to acknowledge that those evil bastards also control the publishing houses that print the lies in schoolbooks and college textbooks – they also print the lies in the fake science magazines and in the peer review journals – those that want to cling to the lies and lunacy are free to do so – knock yourselves out – but show some decency and stop trying to talk to me because you belong in an insane asylum.


    2. Sorry to tell you flatties but Richard Bransons space flights are starting later this year and youll have hundreds of people as witnesses from now on all seeing the round earth and making your theory look stupid and although it’s a lot of money to go on it but i bet the flatties wont club together to send one if themselves up in it as it will debunk there stupid theory straight away, also flatties always say nasa are too big to sue due to being so called in with the government (which theyre not, theyre actually a private company) so now you have a small company that you can sue or even bring Richard Branson to court on a civil case, but once again i doubt you ever will lol


  29. Keith,

    It wouldn’t matter if they did go up in space and saw the globe earth with their own eyes, they would just claim that windows were round so things looked round. That is how delusional these flat earthers are.


  30. Keith,

    I read one of your earlier posts, you were explaining to Rokro how the earth looked at 60,000 ft. and that you could see the curvature of our planet.

    Rokro made a comment that the windows on a jet liner are curved and that the shape of the windows had distorted your view of the planet making it look curved. Rokro’s comment might be the single most stupid statement I’ve ever heard. The windows didn’t distort your view while the jet was on the ground. They didn’t distort your view while the jet was at 40,000 ft. above the ground. (In fact, the flat earthers are proud of the fact that they can’t see curvature at 40,000 ft. while looking out of their windows), but suddenly, by some sort of magic, the windows make the earth look curved at 60,000 ft.

    They seem to miss the obvious, the earth looks curved at 60,000 ft., because you can see the curve at 60,000 ft.

    How did the flat earthers become so stupid. They all seem to come for the USA. Is there something wrong the education system in that country?


      1. People only see what there is to see, it’s their interpretation that’s being questioned. Most high-altitude balloon flights use cameras that alternately show a convex, flat and concave horizon as the camera pans up and down with the movement. Most people that are promoting a flat-Earth position will only show the video portion that has a flat horizon.

        And no, you won’t see the Earth rotating beneath you when you leave its surface, like in an airliner or a helicopter. Look up ‘conservation of motion’ to learn why.


      2. 1. The camera on the video seems relatively level, yet one does not see the curve.
        2. One should see the earth moving if one is not on its surface.


      3. Tim, you did not supply a link to or otherwise reference a high-altitude balloon video of the Earth at 121,000 feet, so I don’t know what video you are referring to as being “steady”. You also didn’t read up on “conservation of momentum” (sometimes called conservation of motion) because you either do not subscribe to accepted Newtonian physics, you had no time or you simply don’t care to entertain the notion and can’t be bothered. But avoiding the opportunity to learn something is your issue, not mine. Knowledge is available for those willing to obtain it.


      4. Astronauts dont see what they want to see, its just obvious that a large round earth is in under them lol


      5. Countless times I have seen, with my own eyes, the sun and moon moving over the earth, and clouds above the surface of the earth hardly moving.


      6. If you ( flat earthers) say the sun and the moon go round tne top of the flat earth why isn’t Venus and Mercury also large in the sky also as they are between the sun and the earth


      7. Well, one of two possibilities is true – either the Earth is stationary and the entire Universe moves around us, or the Earth and everything else in the Universe is in motion. Why do you believe the Earth is the sole object in the Universe that ISN’T in motion?


      8. Yep, it has curvature at 60,000 feet but that imagined curvature all but disappears at 120,000 feet up. Hahahahhahahha Where is the imaginary spinning? Short and accurate answer – there is none. Fabricated things such as curvature and spin have been planted into the minds of the naive and gullible who can’t think for themselves.


      9. Oh look, Rockhead is back, a naïve and gullible fool that cannot think for himself, who imagines that rockets can’t go faster than sound nor travel more than 25 miles in altitude. Of course, he claims all of this without presenting a shred of proof or evidence, which is why we in the real world don’t tend to listen to his ramblings, Tim.


  31. Tim,

    Clouds move with the earth, the clouds are within our atmosphere, clouds don’t move independently with the earth, they are moving with the earth. Wind is the force that moves clouds.

    The moon and the sun are outside of our atmosphere. The moon is in orbit around our globe planet, the earth is in orbit around the sun.

    We can prove this in a multitude of ways, the most obvious, we can predict with extreme accuracy the moons cycle, the suns orientation in the sky and when the moon and sun will eclipse. We don’t guess at these natural occurrences, we know because of our knowledge of our natural world.

    The fact will always stand, flat earthers will never understand or be able to predict any of these natural occurrences because they don’t process knowledge. They are stupid.


    1. “They are stupid.”
      Just because you do not agree with me, I would not venture to say that you are “stupid”, Hemp.
      Actually, there gave been very intelligent people over the thousands of years of history who have done some incredible things, yet have believed that the earth is stationary plane. And they have been able to predict the movement of the moon’s cycle, the sun’s orientation in the sky, eclipses, etc., etc. without believing that the earth on which they lived was a spinning globe, hurtling through “space”.
      Now, I can see why you think that the clouds move with the earth, although it goes against all sound judgment, in my thinking. We all tend to interpret what we observe according to our preconceived notions of reality.
      I know you do not agree with me, but I would not say you are “stupid”.


  32. Yes they are and if you haven’t realised by now if you buy yourself a good telescope ( and you can even check it first for any of your famous fish eye lenses you think everything has lol) and you can see the planets and the international space station for yourself ( which you also deny exists)


    1. No Keith. I know that this is what you have been told and taught; but actually, the earth is as old as the universe and was created by the Word about 6000 years old.


      1. What about the dinosaurs then? , also homo sapiens have been on the earth for 150,000 years alone


      2. How can the bible mention that when it was written 2000 years ago and at the time no dinosaur bones had been excavated


      3. Well, because Genesis was inspired by God who was there and the one who did it all about 6000 years. Adam was there, too! An eye-witness.


      4. Man and dinosaurs did not co-exist. This is a fallacy.
        If Adam was an “eyewitness” to the events in Genesis, why is there not a “book of Adam” in the Bible? And you should know that, scientifically, eyewitness accounts are given the lowest weight of reliability. They are subject to the frailties of the human senses, moods and mindset.
        The Bible is a set of stories, not a scientific treatise.


      5. All this flat earth theory is so stupid as ive just been looking at live footage of the earth from the live ISS channel on you tube lol


      6. And I am looking up at the sky on a beautiful summer day with the clouds moving slowly by, as is the sun. Beautiful creation of the LORD God!


      7. Of course they did, and they do.
        Adam was there and maintained his eye witness account for the 930 years he lived. His testimony is confirmed by the inspiration and authority of his/our creator.
        Genesis is historically accurate.
        Do you know of anyone who was around when all things came to be?


  33. Tim,

    The most glaring evidence that your flat earth isn’t correct, all navigation is based off our globe earth. You can sail anywhere across the worlds oceans using longitude and latitude lines. I could pick a point on my globe, give you these coordinates, you can plug these coordinates into your yachts navigation system, and you will arrive at these coordinates, further more, I can use my globe to obtain your ETA.

    If I tried to do this off your flat map, I would get you horribly lost.

    It is impossible to calculate anything off a fictional model. And that is why no one is using the flat earth map to calculate anything from. The flat earth is 100% fake, absolute garbage.

    If you disagree with me, then please provide coordinates that I could use to sail from Tahiti to Fiji using a flat earth map.


    1. Hemp,
      I am sorry, but I do not know anything about navigation or coordinates. However, I do know that man was navigating the seas long before the notion of a spinning globe earth came to be.


      1. Yes, Man has been travelling the seas for a long time but firstly only in their local seas, once they started to sail on major voyages they discovered the earth was round


      2. “local seas”? And how do you know where man sailed, and where he did not? How did he spread out over all the after the Flood?
        “discovered the earth was round”? No, that the seas were larger than they may have thought.


  34. Stacey, your blog states, “The Big Dipper is visible from the Equator, and as far south as Northern Australia. It is NOT just visible from the North.” This is true enough, as I previously commented back on May 27. However, your graphic leaves much to be desired, as it implies that in summer we see the Big Dipper asterism in the night sky in one direction, and in winter we see it in a completely different direction, 180° from its summer direction. This is not the case, unless your viewing location changes drastically in those 6 months. Also the Big Dipper is visible from the equator, but not by looking in the direction of the ecliptic. Remember, you are allowed to look in other directions. The Big Dipper lies between declination +49°19′ and +61° 45′, so if you cannot observe those declinations from your location on Earth, you may not see the entire asterism.

    And your graphic shows winter on one side with summer on the other. Technically, either side is simultaneously undergoing winter in one hemisphere and summer in the other, no matter which “side” of the Sun the Earth is. You’d probably be wiser to use month names in place of season names, because whatever month it is, it’s the same for the entire globe regardless of hemisphere. That’s not true for seasons. Just a friendly suggestion.


  35. Tim,

    My comment was intended to educate you, I am challenging you to study the globe earth verses the flat earth. I know flat earthers stand on the beach and tell themselves that everything looks kind of flat from this perspective. But once you understand navigation and the scale of the earth, you will learn to see the world in a different prospective. You will gain the knowledge that all of your fellow human comrades already have, the earth is a globe.

    I believe you when you say that you have no knowledge of navigation. If you did have knowledge of navigation, you would know that the earth isn’t flat.


    1. Hemp,
      I would guess that I am older than you, and that I have lived most of my life, likely longer than you have been alive believing that the earth is a spinning globe, following the sun, which is hurtling through “space” at an unimaginable speed. And yet, this goes against all that I can see. A few years ago, I was challenged to consider that things may not be what I have been told, and that maybe things are as they appear. Hmmm. I have been open to consider this. Have you been?


    2. …and as I have mentioned before, ancient man managed to navigate the seas without believing that the earth was a globe.


  36. Tim,

    I am on your flat earth web site communicating to flat earthers. Yes, I am able to look at different ideas with an open mind.

    The problem with the flat earth theory, there is absolutely no way to calculate any future natural occurrences or navigate using your goofy flat earth idea.

    Flat earthers just keep repeating the same garbage. I cant feel the earth spin so it doesn’t spin.

    To be a flat earther you have to do the following,
    Be ignorant to Geography
    Be ignorant to Navigation
    Be ignorant to Astronomy
    Be ignorant to physics.

    This is long list of things that you have to be ignorant to in order to believe that the earth is flat. Who would want to be this ignorant. And how dare you expect me to turn my back on my education, higher learning and rational thought to become like you, a fool.


  37. Tim,

    Age is nothing but a number used to gauge the amount of time that one has been a live. I am also long in the tooth, but my mind is still as sharp as a tac.

    If I was in your shoes, and some punk tried to tell me that the earth is actually flat, I could think of dozen reasons right off the top of my head to challenge their false claims. You are very obviously very gullible and naïve to our natural world to be so easily fooled.

    Lucky for the rest of us, we not that gullible. I have referred to you and your flat earth kind as stupid, I can’t think of a better term to refer to the ignorant, naïve and gellable. You are the product of the stupid following bad advise of the stupid.


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