Water Proves Earth is Flat

Water proves earth is flat. Water always seeks its level; all oceans are flat and level; oceans are 70% of the earth’s surface; therefore, earth is flat. Globers don’t like this, so they try to change the properties of water. Let’s look at two counter-arguments globers use:

1) Water Droplets.

Globers like to post pictures of water droplets, thinking this proves water could curve in large quantities. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like pictures of water droplets as much as the next person. Especially with cute little bugs on them, like this:

ladybug water droplet
Water droplets are neat! And ladybugs too!

But water droplets don’t prove earth is a spinning ball. The properties of water bring us to the conclusion that earth is flat and stationary.

Water in small quantities clings to itself, so that it forms a shape with the smallest surface area, i.e. a droplet. But let the droplet fall to the earth, and it sinks into the soil, or assimilates into a large body of water, no longer a droplet:

mud ground earth flower
Water doesn’t stay in droplet form for long.

Several water droplets can fit on a penny, until they all splash out:

But in large quantities, water requires a CONTAINER:

aquarium giant fish tank
In large quantities, water requires a container.

Otherwise, it flows downhill until it can’t flow downhill anymore.

waterfall-lovely river
Water flows downhill til it finds level.

And that’s what we mean when we say water seeks its level. Water doesn’t curve in large quantities, no matter how much you post pictures of water droplets.

Globers also like to post pictures of a meniscus:

Meniscus examples

A meniscus can be convex or concave, depending on the liquid. But it occurs because of the molecules’ attraction to the CONTAINER. Again with the container.

That leads us to the next point globers make, when they despair of proving water curves:

2) Redefining level. 

Globe defenders don’t like to live in a world where water is level. Because that means oceans are level, which means earth is flat. So, they try to redefine what level means.

“Level doesn’t mean flat! Level means curved!” they say. But the dictionary disagrees with them:

level definition
The definition of level.

Globers want to construct a reality where instead of flat oceans we have curving oceans. The only problem is that there’s no evidence for this.

In conclusion, globers try to escape the reality of water seeking its level, and all oceans being flat and level, but they fail.

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Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

9 thoughts on “Water Proves Earth is Flat

  1. Photos of the lake Pontchartrain causeway and the transmission towers show the water is curved. Further, there are satellite photos taken prior to the development of CGI that show the curvature of the earth. Finally “Sea Level” does not mean a level ocean, but the point from which the altitude of all geographic features are measured.


  2. What do you mean no evidence Stacey,? just go on you tube right now on the ISS chanel and watch LIVE footage of the round earth RIGHT NOW


  3. Clueless of course. Water molecules just want to settle in their lowest energy state.

    Water curves because of the some of all the forces on it.


  4. How do flat earthers explain tides? Changing water levels. The Bay of Fundi in Nova Scotia Canada has the largest tides on earth. The water level changes by 52′ from high to low tide. How does this happen on a flat plane where water always finds level.

    The answer, the moons gravitational pull moves billions of gallons of water around our globe planet. Only if tides didn’t exist could the flat earthers have a claim.

    Tides are just one more nail in the flat earthers coffin.


  5. Another blog post that shows Stacey McStationary has no inkling of the reality of the Earth. Please just take this down Stacey, you’re just making yourself look foolish with this sort of drivel. Any photograph of the globe shows the oceans following the curvature. It’s right before your eyes and yet you do not see.


  6. Water conforms to whatever forces are acting upon it, it only finds its level due to gravity, otherwise it’d just sit wherever you put it like play doh. In the case of earth, gravity is pulling everything towards the middle, which wraps the water around the globe. Level does not equal flat, if you were to go walk around the moon with a glass of water, it’d always appear level no matter where you went, that’s the kind of level sea level is, just measurements taken around the globe showing how high or low the sea water is relative to the surface of the earth.


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