Flat Earth Glossary – Revised and Updated

Aether: Substance through which starlight moves
Airy’s Failure:
Experiment that proves starlight moves, not the telescope
Path of the sun, varies throughout the year
Antarctica Treaty:
Treaty signed by 53 nations that prevents ownership & settlement of Antarctica
Asterism: Well-known part of a larger constellation, e.g. Big Dipper
Astronot: A Freemason who pretends to go to space
Bedford Level: Experiment (Norfolk England, 1870) that demonstrated no curve in six miles of canal
Buoyancy: Ability of object to float in a medium, upthrust
Cavendish: Experiment where supposedly one ball attracted another, never replicated, proven or demonstrated
Cognitive Dissonance: Irrational reaction to a challenge of beliefs
Convergence: Line at which two parallel planes appear to meet, see also horizon
Coriolis Effect: Myth about earth’s movement and how it affects bullets and footballs, never proven or demonstrated
Density: Degree of compactness of a substance, measured by consistency of mass per unit volume
Density Differential: Mechanism by which objects move up and down within their medium (credit: @rokro111)
Dome: Glasslike structure over our realm. See also Firmament
FE: Flat Earth
Firmament: Transparent impenetrable structure over our realm
Fisheye lens: Wide-angle lens that creates appearance of curvature on flat horizon
Flerf: Flat Earther, (derogatory)
Foucalt’s Pendulum: Pendulum that allegedly moves because of Earth’s rotation; actually it moves because a motor is moving it
Geocentric: Model in which Earth is the center of the cosmos
Glober, Globehead, Globularist: One who defends the globe
Gravity: Unproven theory of mass attracting mass
Heliocentric: Sun-centered model
Horizon: Line at which earth and sky appear to meet, always a straight line and always rises to eye level. See also Convergence
Illuminati, Freemasons: Secret Societies in which membership is required for the elite in every sector of society
Jesuits: Elite sector of control via the Vatican, historic thought-leaders responsible for the counter-reformation and doctrines of demons in education such as the spinning ball earth and the Big Bang
Knowledge Differential: Mechanism by which the elites stay at the top of the pyramid of power; i.e. lies are widely disseminated but knowledge is hoarded by the select few credit: @GrandArch104
Kubrick, Stanley: American film director (1928-1999), probable creative director of the moon landing hoax film (July 1969)
Level: Horizontal plane or line
Michelson-Gale: Experiment that proves existence of aether
Michelson-Morley: Experiment that proves lack of aether-wind (no movement of Earth)
Operation Dominic/ Fishbowl: NASA tests the limits of the dome
Operation High Jump: Exploration of Antarctica
Polaris: Star that levitates over magnetic north, The North Star
Principle of Comparative Difficulty: If an comparatively easy task is impossible, a task several orders of magnitude more difficult is also impossible, e.g., if NASA can’t produce a real picture of earth, they can’t produce a real picture of a distant galaxy
RE: Round Earth
shill: one who is paid to defend the globe and/or troll Flat Earthers
Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Royals: Any of the 13 families that control all the wealth and power in the world
Rowbotham, Samuel: Author of Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not A Globe (1871)
Selenelion: When sun & moon appear simultaneously during a lunar eclipse
Sextant: Mariners’ Navigational tool that debunks globe earth
Southern Cross: Asterism visible from Southern latitudes year-long
Star trails: Movement of stars that prove flat earth
Troll: (noun) insincere joker, not looking for honest debate
Troll: (verb) to post dishonest comments for comedic value
Vanishing Point: formed where two parallel lines appear to converge
Woke: Aware of the deceptions perpetrated on the people
Woke Lite: One who believes part of the truth, but not all, e.g., believes 9/11 was an inside job, but the moon landings were real.


Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

10 thoughts on “Flat Earth Glossary – Revised and Updated

  1. Awesome Stacey – thank you! And let us remind the children among us that Columbus did not prove Earth was “round” by sailing from Spain to the Caribbean … that would be a ludicrous claim.


  2. Flat earth facts.

    one would have to be Paranoid, Ignorant, Incapable of looking at opposite view points, incapable of rational decision making. Having to following the blind and mentally unstable to be a flat earther.

    A quick list of flat earthers nonsense,
    1. Maps that one can navigate with, due to no scale, not drawn to scale and incorrect longitude and latitude lines. Distance miles out of portion from reality.
    2. No explanation for changing tide levels.
    3. No explanation for the Coriolis Effect.
    4. Density differential works incorrectly with the actual laws of physics. It cant explain Mass and terminal velocity.

    I could go on and on, but this will do for now.


    1. Allow me to reply please, How about she used her mind and sight along with logic then she along with us believers in flat earth started explaining it to people.


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