My Designs Are on Threadless Now

About two years ago, a bro suggested I make my Flat Earth designs available as merch. Now that dream has come true, and you can see my designs available as T-shirts, bags, stickers, swag, what have you.

Please click around my shop and buy something for your niece. It’s going to be her birthday in one year or less.

Use this code to get free shipping: FREESHIP7190fb951

Oh, and let me know which designs of mine you’d like to see on there! I’ve only uploaded a handful so far.

Many thanks to the bro who suggested this. He ended up hating me because he is an atheist and told me to stop posting about Flat Earth because I was mixing it with Biblical truth. But whatever. His encouragement for me was good. So thank you, atheist bro.

And many thanks to those who support my content on Twitter, especially @Shanett124, @PaulTheMartian, and @rokro111, . Without your likes and RTs, I wouldn’t have a platform.




Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

One thought on “My Designs Are on Threadless Now

  1. ? An atheist was angry that you were mixing Flat Earth with “biblical truth” ?

    1. If he’s an atheist, why would he believe in “biblical truth”?

    2. If he’s an atheist, why would he care what people say about the “fairy tales” in the bible?

    3. Since Flat Earth is in the bible, why be angry that you’re mixing the bible with flat earth?

    Please don’t answer – I do not want any answers to those question – I just wanted to air my grievances.


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