Eleven Ways You Can Tell for Yourself That Earth Is Flat

Flat Earth is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. A flat, stationary earth matches our everyday observation. As NASA reinforces their false narrative with moon landing propaganda, asteroid strike near-misses, and an image of a Black Hole (if you think any of that is real, please stop reading this right now and go back to your Marvel comics), more and more people every day are looking into Flat Earth.

You don’t need any fancy equipment or science degrees to determine the shape of the earth. All you need is a little bit of critical thinking.

11) Fake Moon Landings and NASA Images and Accomplishments

NASA’s propaganda is so fake it’s laughable. We truthers often roast the Lunar Lander, and it’s so easy it requires no effort at all. They released this photo of the Lunar Lander, clearly made from paper, aluminum foil, and tape.

lunar lander 4
Nobody went to the moon.

It’s a perfect example of Revelation of the Method. The elites wish to avoid the consequences of their actions, so they show us in plain sight they are lying. Then the blame shifts from THEM to US, because they showed us they are lying, and we didn’t pick up on it. See how that works?

What does the Moon Landing have to do with the shape of the earth, you ask? Well, everything. Once you can see they lied about that, you will see that they CAN and DO lie about EVERYTHING ELSE.

10) Stars 

Stars are one of my favorite Flat Earth proofs. To understand how stars debunk the globe requires visualization skills. So, if you lack that ability, and are going to reply with, “But the stars are far away,” then just go back to your video games. You’re not ready for this yet.

But if you can think conceptually, please hear me out. We see, and have seen, the exact same stars for centuries and centuries. Ursa Major, or The Big Dipper, Ursa Minor, and Orion, are mentioned in the oldest writings and have been documented for more than 2,000 years. Some of them, like Orion, have seasonal rhythms and are visible at different times of the year. But we see the exact same constellations year after year after year. You with me so far?

If the earth were orbiting the sun, at night we would face 180 degrees opposite from the way we faced six months ago. Because we’re on the opposite side of the sun. And we face away from the sun at night. Still with me?

if we were orbiting simple 2.7
We should face the opposite direction every six months, but we don’t.

OK. If that were the case, we could never see the same stars we did six months ago. We would see 100 percent different stars, a completely different night sky. Because in the helio model, the stars do not rotate around the sun.

big dipper 4
We’re not orbiting the sun.

Many reply and say, “But the stars are really far away!” I’m not talking about distance, so please stay on topic. I am talking about which stars would be visible as we face away from the sun at night.

Often a glober replies with, “But the Big Dipper rotates! And it’s right above the North Pole! So that proves the earth rotates!” Yes, the Big Dipper rotates, and that is proof that the stars rotate, not the earth. The firmament dome moves above our heads. And the Big Dipper, which is in the North but visible as far south as Northern Australia, is great proof that earth is flat and stationary. If the Big Dipper were at the top of a spinning ball, you could not see it from Australia because it would be hidden by the curve of the earth.

The Big Dipper is visible from the South, and it is visible all year round. If we were orbiting the sun and zooming through space, we would lose alignment with it and couldn’t see it all year round.

I hope this helps, but I know people will respond with, “The stars do change!” (No one is saying they don’t have seasonal variations) and my personal favorite, “The Pole star changes every 120 septillion years!” (How do you know? Where you there? Go back to your video games and Star Trek).

9) The Sun

The sun is a light in the sky that governs the day, just like the Bible says. It’s not a gas ball 93 million miles away. It is not in the center of our system. Heliocentrism is part of a hoax where they get us to worship Helios the sun god without us even knowing it.

A few questions to ponder:

A) If the sun is in outer space, why is there light on earth but not in outer space?

B) If the sun is 93 million miles away, how do you explain crepuscular rays?

sun cloud beaut flat earth
Trace the rays to their source and we see the sun is close.

8) The Moon.

Forget about how they say the moon is 237,000 miles away for a second. Think of how we can see its craters and shadows. If no one had told you it’s so far away, would you think it was far away?

When you look at it, if no one had told you it’s very far away, what would you think?

Thanks to these brilliant pictures by Kasia, we can see the details of the moon.
moon detail kasia 2 800

moon detail kasia 3 800

Some will reply with, “But the moon is really big!” Mainstream science says Australia is wider than the moon. If we were looking at Australia from 237,000 miles away, do you think we could see its craters and details? Do you think we could see it at all?

The moon is a small local light, not a rock 237,000 miles away.

7) Airplanes. 

Airplanes prove earth is flat in many ways. First, when you get on an airplane, you can see how the horizon rises with you as you ascend. If the earth were a globe, the horizon would continually drop away from your point of view.

Second, you can see how the horizon is flat and straight from 36,000 feet.

Third, you see how airplanes never have to adjust for earth’s curvature–they just fly straight and parallel to the ground. Many pilots have admitted earth is flat.

Fourth, even the most sophisticated airplane navigation system is based on the humble gyroscope–a little apparatus that maintains a rigid axis relative to the horizon or the ground. This keeps the airplane flying straight and could not function if earth was a ball.

Fifth, they say the earth is spinning 1,040 mph at the equator. But the average airplane flies at about 500 mph. So the runway is moving faster than the airplane?

No. As anyone can see, earth is flat and stationary, and airplanes help prove this.

airplane wing clouds sky
Airplanes teach us a lot about the Flat Earth.

6) Lighthouses

Landlocked readers may not often think about this, but a lighthouse can send a beam of light up to forty miles. If earth were a globe, that light would be hidden behind a hill of water. It could never reach forty miles out into the ocean.

Lighthouses send a beam of light up to 40 miles into the ocean.

5) Oceans

Water always seeks its level. In fact, water is what we use to determine level. In a carpenter’s level, also known as a spirit level, the little bubble, suspended in liquid,  responds to the slightest tilt, to let us know when the level is perfectly straight. That is, perfectly perpendicular with the ground. The flat, straight, level ground. It wouldn’t work if the ground were curved, see?

And so it is with oceans. All the oceans of the world are perfectly flat, straight and level. Hence the term, sea level. Your eyes don’t deceive you in this case. The ocean looks perfectly flat and level because it is perfectly flat and level.

And since water covers more than 70% of earth’s surface, we know that 70% of the surface of earth is perfectly flat and level. This would be impossible if earth were a globe. Ergo, earth is not a globe.


ocean 3
All oceans everywhere are flat and level.

4) Earthquakes. A seismograph measures movement of the earth, such as what occurs during an earthquake. Seismographs are sophisticated and can detect the slightest movement. So when the earth isn’t moving, what is happening? Is it at rest? Yes it is. It’s  stationary. Because earth is stationary.

Oh, and remind me again what’s the name of that instrument that detects earth’s wild 1,040 mph spin? Oh that’s right…there’s not one.

seismograph earth spin meme 1

3) No Spin. They say earth is spinning 1,040 mph at the equator, but no one has ever been able to prove this. In fact, the opposite has been proven. George Airy, a British Royal Astronomer in the 19th Century, did an experiment dubbed “Airy’s Failure,” because he failed to prove earth’s movement. He put water in a telescope to track the movement of starlight, and he proved that starlight moves while the telescope remains stationary.

airys failure

2) No Curve. If earth were a ball 25,000 miles in circumference, we would see an 8″ per mile square curvature on the surface of it. But we never see this, nor has it ever been demonstrated by any test, experiment, observation, or instrument.

curve chart

Even from 120,000 feet, where curve should be visible, the horizon is always flat, straight and level.

sun 120 hi alt
Flat earth taken by a weather balloon at 120,000 feet.

1) The Bible. As the best-selling book of all time, backed up by historical and archaeological evidence, claiming to be inspired by God and then proving it by making predictions that come true hundreds of years later, the Bible is trustworthy.

It speaks of a stationary earth that cannot be moved, a firmament dome above the sky, with waters above and waters below. All of this is backed up by observation and science.

bible states earth stationary 2
The Bible contains more than 200 scriptures that speak of a flat stationary earth.



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      1. I’ve tweeted Ken Ham many times using his principles of Bible interpretation ‘from the very first verse’, but no replies. Genesis 1:1 – As the Earth was created before the Sun, then the whole Big Bang, Billions of Years, Gravitational mechanism for forming the ‘universe’, Evolution, Spinning Ball Earth in a Solar System falls to the ground. The separation of the two worldviews occurs from verse 1. I actually tried re-writing Genesis from a spinning ball perspective and faltered at verse 1..! The testimony of Scripture regarding the theory of our origins on a spinning ball is defeated as soon as you read the words, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’

        Flat Earth is such a big discovery that it necessarily leads to the realisation of so many other things, apart from the spinning ball lie: The Moon landings come into question, and the whole ‘outer space’ paradigm which is sold us by NASA, Hubble, etc. Then those branches of ‘science’ which promote the ‘vast limitless universe’, with the attendant long periods of time, evolution of man, geological ages, etc. begin to look suspect; then the media, educational, and political systems which promote all these ‘facts’ come into question: What else are they lying to us about??! If they are lying to us, from childhood, WHY lie? Who is driving this false theory of our world and origins? And to what purpose? Then when you begin to realise that many if not all of the world leaders – both visible (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, etc.) and behind the scenes (Ruling Elite: Free masons, Illuminati, Jesuits, Bilderbergers, etc.) – are nothing but rabid Satanists, and other perverts – too gross to mention – then you realise that the whole world view we are sold is actually a great attack on GOD and his truth. That the Earth being flat and stable is actually the center of God’s creation (as Genesis 1 shows), that all of God’s concentration, purpose and work is centered here, that the sky, the ‘heavens’, are stretched out just above Earth, that it is all enclosed by a solid Firmament, the other side of which is God’s dwelling-place, very near; that the Lord Jesus came here and here only to sacrifice himself for the sin of those of his people who dwell in this unique earth and nowhere else, so that our world is the only inhabited plane that exists, and that he will come back here again to destroy this earth, bring in the day of judgment and create the earth anew to remain for ever. If the anti-evolutionists only realised that the Gospel of Christ is enhanced and magnified a thousand percent when you introduce the Flat Earth truth they would cast off their ‘blind spot’ of a spinning ball hurtling through ‘space’ and would come to a greater understanding of the truth of Genesis 1. We wait and see if this will happen.


      2. Andrew, I’m glad you have been reaching out to Ken Ham. One of my Instagram friends posted some pictures from his Creation Museum. Unfortunately, he has an Anti-Flat Earth Rant section as part of one of the displays!

        As for me, Flat Earth unravelled all the other lies. Some knew about the moon hoax, 9/11, etc., first, but I was so patriotic I wouldn’t even look into 9/11! When I saw Earth is flat, everything else came into sharp focus.

        Thanks for your comments. 🙂



      3. It’s a shame Ken Ham is so anti flat earth. If only he used the SAME PRINCIPLES he uses on evolution to FE he’d see the truth of it ‘from the very first verse.’ But consider what would happen to his ministry if he starting declaring FE. He has had a lot of opposition in his 30+ years as a ‘creationist’, does he want more? Also how many churches would withdraw their support for his organization if he added FE to his beliefs? Perhaps he just doesn’t want to risk the loss to his ministry. It’s a shame because his ministry is actually undermined by his refusal to embrace FE, and among an increasing amount of people who believe both in creation and FE, he is beginning to look a bit left behind now.


      4. Yes, I agree. FE acts as a kind of winnowing fork—separating the wheat from the chaff. Those of us who are willing to stand up for Biblical cosmology will be ridiculed. We will be proven right in the end, but it will be too late for some.


      1. You said in the blogg, why doesn’t the sun light up space? It does, you cant see the light in between the planets as its dark matter but the sun light shines on all the planets in our solar system


  1. I like the point about Australia having a greater diameter than the Moon… that’s a cherry, that one. Cheers.


  2. No this should NOT be read by anyone. Particularly not a pre-school class that may be learning to count (yes that was in reference to your 11 reasons and a title stating 10 reasons).

    10. a) this is not true. b) if it were true, it still in no way attributes proof that the earth is not round.

    9. At least 1 of the stars is directly north of earth, so despite being on the opposite side of the sun, anyone can still look north and see this star. There, now your 100% claim is disproven. In actuality, many many stars appear in the northern sky (like ursa major & minor). Orion does not. This is why anyone can see Ursa major all year round, but can only see Orion in the winter.

    A) You do not see the light unless you are looking at a source of light. Earth has an atmosphere, and sunlight reflects off those atmospheric partials (essentially making them a source of light relative you your eye). This is what you see. In space, there is no atmosphere for sunlight to reflect off of. So you don’t see light unless you look at the sun, or at a star, or at a planet or at etc… that is reflecting the sunlight.
    B) what do train tracks look like?What about the lines in a football field? Are the tracks or lines on a football field parallel?? The answer is yes. Do they look parallel, the answer is no.

    7. Again not a proof. And as per your number 1) we can’t look at Australia from 237,000 miles away, so there is no way to answer your question. As for those pictures though. They were taken with a zoomed lense. Also, the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere. I am sure if we took pictures of Australia from 237,000 miles away after removing the earth’s atmosphere, then we would see surface blemishes.

    6 airplane. 1st – that’s not true, it doesn’t appear to rise. 2nd – not surprising, go up to 72,000 feet. A keen eye can see the curvature at 40,000 ft. 3rd – yes they fly parallel to a curved ground. They are constantly adjusting. I challenge you to find 1 commercial pilot that believes the earth is flat. 4th – no modern aircraft use IRS’s (initial reference systems). However, there is no such thing as a perfect gyro, there are forces acting on the gyro at attachment points. Those small forces contribute. 5th – conservation of momentum. From this perspective, when the plane took off it added its 500 mph to its already existing 1000 mph for a total (in this reference system) of 1500 mph.

    6 – lighthouse. maybe they do, I don’t know. What I do know is that if the earth were flat, light house would be able to shine all the way across the ocean from the US to Europe. But you admit the earth is round when you limit the beers light to 40 miles.

    5. Look at nature. Dew droplets are not flat, have not found their level. Have you ever see the shape of water in a zero-G environment. Not coincidentally, the earth is round for the same reason Water globs into a sphere when in a zero-g environment.

    4. Seismographs DO NOT detect motion. Motion can not be detected from within the same reference frame. That is why you don’t feel yourself moving on an airplane that is in level cruise flight. The turbulence you feel is a change in relative motion. Also why you don’t feel yourself moving at 1000 mph as the earth rotates. Also why you don’t feel yourself moving 67,000 mph around the sun. Also why you don’t feel yourself moving 515,000 mph around the Milkey Way.

    3. See 6-airplane referencing the IRS system. So just answer this question. How could anything, sitting on earth, encased in lead, shooting lasers around in a triangle, measure the movement in heavenly bodies? The only possible measured movement would be the earth’s rotation.

    2. I’ve never seen anyone argue that the earth is a parabola, so why you use a parabolic equation as proof that it’s not round is confusing.

    1. The Bible does not say the earth is flat. https://answersingenesis.org/astronomy/earth/does-bible-teach-earth-flat/


    1. Good catch Anonymous! I’ll change it to Eleven Ways You Can Tell for Yourself That Earth is Flat! 🙂


      1. I’m curious as to why you can’t reply back concerning the points Anonymous brought up. Are you unable to deny the facts he presented?


      2. Are you going to change any of the other inaccuracies he pointed out? Or just let this post stay online, and wrong.


      3. Stacy, your silence on the rebuttal points raised is deafening.

        Simple question: Why build light houses high in the first place? If the water level is flat, building a light house at water level should be fine, no? Why build a tower at all?


    2. That article should have been entitled: ‘AiG Does Not Teach the Earth is Flat’, but if they used their own principles of interpretation ‘from the very first verse’ as they rightly do with evolution, they would see that as the Earth was created before the Sun, then it follows that the Big Bang, billions of years, gravity, evolution, spinning ball earth paradigm (all of which stand or fall together) collapses. Try re-writing Genesis 1 from a spinning ball perspective and you hit trouble at 1:1..! AiG is way behind on this issue now, and is upholding ‘science text books’ more than it thinks.


      1. Well said, Andrew. I know you’ve already written about this, but how did you come across Flat Earth?


  3. In my meditations on Scripture I began to realise that all the language used to describe sun, moon and stars was the language of movement; and likewise of earth was the language of stability, foundations, pillars, etc. But I thought this was only figurative rather than literal. I was always interested in ‘outer space’: my dad had painted the sun and planets on my bedroom wall as a child; and went along to a talk on astronomy at a local village hall. Afterwards I talked to the man sitting next to me and said, “I suppose no-one has ever been so far out into space actually to see the path of Earth round the Sun..” to which he immediately replied, “What? Are you a creationist or something.!” I was quite shocked by his reply as I couldn’t understand why he would relate my question to creationism, I hadn’t made any religious comment at all. Anyway, I told my Christian brother about this and my thoughts on the earth not moving from Scripture and he said, “Well, you know the earth is flat, don’t you?” “No it isn’t..!” I replied. Totally incredulous! I can still recall the feeling of disbelief and just how ‘wrong’ the idea was that the earth was flat, when he said it. But, because he was my friend and had a desire for truth, as I did, then I gave him the benefit of the doubt and started looking into it. He sent me an Eric Dubay video which seemed a reasonable argument for FE, but it was my studies in Scripture, already mentioned, and the testimony of Genesis 1 especially: Earth before Sun, the solid firmament with waters above, as Psalm 148 says there still is, and that the seas were all ‘in one place’ over the earth so the surface had to be level; that finally convinced me about FE. I then started coming across others on Twitter who were promoting FE and realised that there was a lot of observable and scientific proof for FE, and that there was such violent opposition to it from those who seemed fearful that their whole worldview was being undermined by this truth. For as you know, flat earth doesn’t stand alone. If we live on a FE with a near firmament and therefore a small and local sun and moon, then ‘outer space’ doesn’t exist. If that’s the case then NASA and the whole moon and space program with all its images, etc. is fake, and all the agencies: scientific, media, educational and political, which promote and uphold these things are lying to us, etc. etc. But my prime point of proof has always been the testimony of scripture and after a year I wrote my article The Flat Earth and Holy Scripture.

    There is a common accusation that we flat earthers are there, sitting in our basements, drinking Coke and eating popcorn, mindlessly surfing the web, when we come across a FE video on YouTube and think, Hey, that’s cool, earth is flat man..!” and that’s it. But coming to realise FE takes a lot of thinking, questioning, seeking, researching, AND a willingness to admit that we have been lied to BIG TIME all our lives. It is more that just discovering something ‘cool’, its having to undergo something akin to an earthquake in your soul, along with all the blank looks from friends and family, those “He’s off his rocker” expressions in their eyes. But truth is truth whether we like it or not, and when you realise the earth is flat, whatever line of proof strikes you most, then you can’t go back, and see more and more the falseness of the world around you, and that your whole outlook changes fundamentally. Do we wake up one morning and think, I’d like to be different, I know, I’ll take up something ridiculous and attract ridicule, just for something to do? No we don’t. The truth of FE grabs you and you can’t help but know it to be true, and you do begin to see the world differently: and, I must say, it is even more beautiful than I thought before..!


    1. Excellent process; thank you for sharing. It DOES take a willingness to admit we’ve been lied to. This is much harder for some than for others.
      The creation described in the Bible, including the seas all gathered in one place, can and must take place on a flat and stationary earth. It could not happen any other way.
      Thanks again for your response.


    2. Andrew, I agree with you on how AiG fails to follow the same principles with which they have effectively attacked the notion of the earth and cosmos being billions of years old. I wish they did. I am greatly indebted to them, particularly one of speaker/writers who was used of the LORD to open my eyes to the true teachings in Genesis of a “young earth”. It was a major paradigm shift in my understanding of the Scriptures. Yet, like any of us, they are not right on all things. I appreciate what you have written concerning the flat earth and Scripture. But on other issues I have disagreed with you.


      1. Oops! I was not finished. All said we should speak the truth in love and humbly, realizing that we may too have a few blindspots.


      2. I wrote creation.com about Job 26:7 below is my email and their reply.

        My email letter
        Can this organization using one of its own posted standards of Bible interpretation. Which is posted in your section “What we believe” under doctrine and beliefs (B) basics.

        2. The final guide to the interpretation of Scripture is Scripture itself.

        Can creation.com show, Job 26:7 He stretches out the north over empty space; He hangs the earth on nothing. (NKJV)
        That Job 26:7 should be understood to read, to say the earth hangs on nothing.

        Again can creation.com prove or show from the Bible witness (other areas of scripture) the reading, “hangs the earth on nothing” is the correct way Job 26:7 should be understood.

        Since this reading (hangs the earth on nothing) distinctly contradicts the Word of God which, in so many other places, declares that the Earth rests
        upon Foundations.

        The Hebrew word teleh means to hang, suspend, or support by actual contact.
        Can teleh in Job 26:7 be shown by the witness of the Bible to not have the same meaning as this Hebrew word does in other areas/verses of the Bible. Where the hanging is from an actual support ( tree, peg, etc..). and not from nothing as Job 26:7 is being made to say.

        But the main focus is the Hebrew word belimeh and the translating the word to mean or say “nothing”. With Job 26:7 being the only place belimeh is found and is not used anywhere else in the Bible. Why should belimeh be taken to mean nothing. Making the word belimeh say nothing, sure looks like people are being heavily influenced, to make the Bible in this one and only verse, agree with science’s lies.

        Instead, using the Bible to determined the word meaning and not science. Sure seems it, would be what any christian, who is seeking a truthful Bible study, would want to pursue.

        If using the Bible (to interpret itself) sure looks like the correct reading of Job 26:7 should be.

        Job 26:7
        “He spreadeth out the North over the desolate’ place (the abyss of waters), and supporteth the Earth upon fastenings (foundations).”

        Their reply below.

        Dear Mr Taylor

        Can you show us why every Bible translation is wrong to render Job 26:7 as hanging on nothing, not on foundations? It is called knowledge of the original languages, including בְּלִימָה. That means that verses that you wrongly understand as the earth hanging on foundations have been misunderstood, because they can’t contradict Job 26:7.

        If you want to respond further, please make sure that that you have read and understood Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

        Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., F.M.
        Author, speaker, apologist, Head Scientist, CMI–USA

        And my return reply which ended the discussion i did not here back from them.

        Creation Ministries

        So a word should not be questioned (for its accuracy of meaning), when it is used only once in the Bible. And the using of the word in the verse contradicts other areas of the Bible’s description of God’s created earth. But does agree with pagan sciences version of God’s creation.

        Interesting approach to Bible hermeneutics/exegesis, of course bringing pagan science into interpretation, can certainly only bring about incorrect ideas and improper understanding of Gods descriptions given in the Bible.

        Thank you for your reply.
        i will not reply again, was just wanting to see if this organization had a solid Biblical reasoning (not a scientific one) for accepting Job 26:7 as given in the Bible. And i see that this organization does not, but just seems to accept it as is, because everybody else does.


    3. So what you’re saying is that you were taught the science, but then a book of fables, written by bronze age goat herders, and decided that the science was wrong.

      Are you stoned, or stupid?


  4. You forgot about the clouds. They are one of the easiest proof out there. Their base doesn’t tilt and we cant see their bottom miles away. If curvature is true then they should. Instead its always linear.


    1. I’m sorry, did you just claim that all clouds have perfectly flat bottoms, and that’s your proof that the earth is flat?
      You don’t understand how large the earth is.
      You don’t understand how clouds work.

      Leave the sciencing to the scientists. Go back to eating glue, or whatever your hobby is.


      1. Sorry to trigger you, thats my observation. Clouds should follow the curvature down the path, and the best indicator in my opinion than basing it on the ground. I dont know of any scientist you worship who is big enough to see and scale the horrizon. Is he some sort of giant monster with a towering neck, or something


      1. Your “observation” is nonsense. And again, you don’t understand how large the earth is. Maybe leave your hometown? Get on an airplane?

        Go the the east coast of the United States and take a picture of all the lighthouses in England if you really think the earth is flat.

        Your strawman argument is feeble. You are ignorant on this topic. Read a book.


    1. I’m not getting paid by anyone. Do you have evidence that anything I’ve presented is false? Or just your feels?

      If you have evidence, please present it. If not, please sit down, the adults are trying to talk.


  5. the Ural Mountains
    West Siberian Plain, Russian Zapadno-sibirskaya Ravnina, one of the world’s largest regions of continuous flatland, central Russia. It occupies an area of nearly 1,200,000 square miles (3,000,000 square km) between the Ural Mountains in the west and the Yenisey River valley in the east.


      1. What proofs? Did you see the latest test flights from virgin galactic last month, ready for next years flights into space for the public ( and before you say theyre also fake, you can even buy a ticket yourself) and as richard branson is not part of the governments you can easily take him to court if you dont believe him


      2. The whole earth is proof because there is no globe only people who believe they live on the science’s lie of a globe earth (spinning ball of water).


  6. We from next year paying public will see the round earth for themselves on virgin galactic (you can also see it live now on the iss you tube channel) and if you think the public passengers are lying, you can buy your own ticket


  7. I have photos of the ISS and the Red Bull jump. Each photo taken is showing the ISS along with the earth below and same with the Red Bull showing the contraption this guy jumped out of and the earth below. Both photos show the same height from earth, so that being the case the ISS (what ever it is) is about 19 miles high above the earth.


      1. Keith, you’re being a low-effort shill these days. You know people have been buying those Virgin Galactic tickets to space for years, and no one’s ever been to space! 🙂


      2. They (the photos) do show (prove) that the ISS is a lie and what ever nasa is using as an ISS is only about 19 miles high. I have seen the ISS several times and have actually filmed it passing by and two facts are. The ISS is not 250 miles high and is not traveling at 17,500 miles an hour more like 1000 miles an hour


  8. Under the globe model of the earth, the earth travels through space at a speed of 18.5 miles per second as it orbits around the sun. This is equivalent to a speed of 66,600 miles per 3,600 seconds or 66,600 miles per hour. Do you notice anything familiar about this number?

    Under the globe model of the earth, the angle of inclination of the earth’s axis of rotation through the North and South Poles is 23.4 degrees. The complement of 23.4 degrees is 66.6 degrees. Do you notice anything familiar about THIS number?

    “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.”

    Revelation 13:18, The Bible, King James Version

    The globe model of the earth is not a scientific theory; it’s propaganda emanating from the synagogue of Satan that bears no resemblance to reality.


      1. It’s so sad to read such statements from deluded, indoctrinated, brainwashed, almost MK-ultra’d people like you. Denying God would be your inexpressible loss, dear brother Randall. There’s still hope for you, if you repent to God for your countless sins. Ask Him directly and sincerely to guide you, with a humble, lowly heart. Have a nice day and a long, joyous life.


  9. I believe you, the author of this page are wilfully ignorant. Your page is full of errors, every conclusion and sub-conclusion is wrong and based on falsehoods.
    I believe the bible by the way. I believe it more than you. That is why I am telling the truth. Be lovers of the truth. There is a God and He has said, “come let us reason together.” Your reasoning is worse than a childs in highschool.


  10. Great job Stacey! I love your blog. I agree with most of what you post, some of it I haven’t done enough research yet. The personal observation piece is big for me though. I say to people, imagine a person placed on the earth who had not been indoctrinated since birth. What would they logically assume? Would their observations support living on a spinning sphere, shooting thru outer space, or would it support living on a stationary plane? Modern science wants us to discount our observations r/t the earth, sun, moon, stars, oceans, etc….. However, an important part of the scientific method is based on observation. I could be wrong, but would argue a large portion of what we are taught by modern science r/t the heliocentric model, deep space,big band, etc…. does not adhere to the scientific method. Huh????


  11. Nasa always forgets to paint the stars in all their photos lol. And anyone who has a graphics degree and knows photoshop or is an artist can spot their evil work at hand.


  12. On the globe earth, both the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are the same length, and that is provable.
    Not so on a Flat Earth.
    I have looked at many FE maps and have not heard an explanation as to the discrepancy.
    Can the FE community demonstrate the vast difference in the lengths of these measurements?


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