Are Satellites Real?

Globers find it ironic that we use cell phones to post Flat Earth memes. Because the very devices we are using, prove that earth is a globe! See! Because satellites! We prove that satellites exist when we use cell phones!

But do we really? Do cell phones rely on satellites? Do satellites orbit the earth?

No. Satellites are a hoax. If satellites were orbiting the earth, it would look like this:

satellites junk

Are there thousands of satellites in orbit?

We have no real photos of satellites in orbit. Supposedly thousands of satellites are orbiting the earth. If that were the case, shouldn’t a satellite show up in a photo every now and then? Especially when we’re taking pictures of the moon? With thousands up there, satellites should appear in photos all the time. But we never see pictures of satellites. Aside from fake photos, we never see photos of satellites at all.

What about the ISS?

The ISS (International Space Station) is not real. Something the size of a football field, 250 miles in the air would not be visible from earth. And yet they produce fake photos of it.

Think about this. Take a football field–one hundred yards long–and place it 250 miles away from you. If you’re in New York, place the football field in Washington, D.C. Can you see a football field in D.C. from New York?

If you’re in St. Louis, can you see a football field in Indianapolis?

And it allegedly travels 17,000—ten times the speed of a bullet. TEN TIMES THE SPEED OF A BULLET. Something the size of a football field, travels ten times the speed of a bullet shot from a gun. What makes it go so fast? We don’t know. Is there any footage of it going that fast? No.  You’re just supposed to watch the “Live Feed” (aka green screen video shot here on earth) as the “astronauts” play guitar, wear gorilla suits, and chat with journalists, all the while travelling ten times as fast as a speeding bullet. Are there any critical thinkers left in the world? Is it just me?

So all photos of the ISS are fake, and photos and videos taken from inside the ISS are filmed in a studio here on our stationary plane. The ISS exists to fool gullible people.

But if satellites are fake, how does GPS work?

GPS works by tower triangulation. That’s why it doesn’t work well in rural areas or out in the ocean. Lack of towers = poor triangulation.

cell triangle

How is data transferred then?

Undersea cables transfer data, according to this article from Newsweek, which, by the way, is not a Flat Earth publication.

portrait cables newsweek
If satellites transmit data, why so many cables?

What about images from Google Earth?

Since the 1940s, airplanes have been used for aerial photography. This is still true today.

Aerial RAF and Luftwaffe photos via

What about the satellite dish at my house?

Many have pointed out that these dishes always point sideways, at 45° angles. Why? Because they’re not receiving a signal from a satellite! They are receiving signals bounced off the dome, or firmament, the solid structure above our realm. They call it the ionosphere. 

satellite dishes
Photo via


If satellites were real, we would have equal coverage all over the surface of the earth. But as it is, we have weak signals…where? In places where there aren’t many cell towers. Like the desert. Or the ocean. Or in the mountains.

Thanks for reading!
Satellites are fake!


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Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

15 thoughts on “Are Satellites Real?

  1. > GPS works by tower triangulation. That’s why it doesn’t work well in rural areas or out in the ocean. Lack of towers = poor triangulation.

    GPS works *better* in rural areas because there aren’t so many pesky buildings to interfere with signals. I think you’re confusing GPS location tracking with Wi-Fi/cellular based location tracking, which is much more accurate but only works in places with lots of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers.


    1. There are several satellites that provide navigation, in space. GPS is one, then GLONASS, etc. Triangulation via mobile phone towers could be seen as “primitive.” Here in Africa the latter would be a non-starter for logistical reasons.


  2. How do you explain satellite phones then which do have a signal even in the middle of a desert where no cell towers are near?


  3. You do know that you can see the iss space station in the sky every night for yourself and if you use a telescope, you can see it more clearly ( or didnt flat earthers realise this?)


    1. do you have a photo from your telescope? I want to see what it looks like. I’ve never seen one. I have telescope and aimed at the sky to find ISS and i had no luck finding one. if you have a photo, can you show me one and teach me how to see it.


  4. Legacy satellites are becoming a clutter problem (

    You would never want to use cell-tower triangulation for navigation because of its susceptibility to jammers. Also, planes and boats in the ocean use GPS and there are no cell towers to use for triangulation.

    The underwater cables are for the exchange of data between networks once that data has reached a network. The question being asked would be: how does the data get transferred from my phone to a carrier’s network? Those are defined by cell network standards (


  5. Keith,

    All satellites can be seen through basic telescopes not just the International Space Station. But flat earthers don’t care about easily obtained evidence that the earth is a globe. Flat Earthers are obsessed that they have some hidden knowledge that the rest of us don’t process. They seem to think that making up fallacies and not researching opposing theory’s makes them smarter than the rest of us. When in actual fact, not researching opposing ideas makes one ignorant.

    Hence… the birth of the flat earth movement. Ignorant.


    1. ISS is easily visible with the naked eye where I live a mile away from Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. I watch it many nights from my balcony.


    1. Tim,

      Everything Stacey claims is wrong – I don’t understand, how does she gather followers on absolute garbage. What’s wrong with you?


      1. Tim, wouldn’t you assume that anyone with a last name of McStationary on a flat earth blog also is anonymous?

        – different Anonymous guy.


  6. Tim,

    I don’t fellow Stacey – I look at all sorts of garbage on the web and TV. I watch the ancient alien believers, I watch the finding big foot guys, and you flat earthers.

    It is amazing to me how far people will go bending truths and facts to come up with absolute lies, then have people like you fellow those lies.

    I stay anonymous because I don’t trust you, anyone that is so gullible to be fooled by this garbage scares me. I don’t want you to know who I am incase you crazy coulters decide on cleansing the world of anyone with an opposing view point.

    I know that statement properly sounds a little paranoid, but I believe irrational minds do irrational things.


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