From New Age to Jesus – Katrina’s Testimony

When Katrina was growing up, her family didn’t talk about God. So she considered herself a “blank slate” when it came to spirituality. She chose her own path, and researched Eastern religions, adding to her beliefs that which resonated with her.

She became a respected member of the New Age community, constantly adding to her credentials: Advanced yoga teacher, yoga studio owner, oracle card reader, crystal healer, past life regressionist. She earned her income helping others; they were clearing their chakras and moving towards ascension, or “god-awakening.”

But when Katrina became sick, she researched her symptoms. She could barely eat and was exhausted from lack of sleep. What kept coming up was…demon possession? Katrina didn’t believe in demons, so how could that be?

She dismissed it. But she used to channel “love and light” spirits while teaching yoga. Could those same spirits, that seemed so friendly and helpful, have a dark side?

Published by Stacey McStationary

Christian writer who loves the truth. #BiblicalEarth

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