4 thoughts on “Why Supporting Israel Is Not Biblical

  1. Stacey, most of my uploads are on my youtube channel of the same name – my best work exposes the timeline lies from the predatory parasitic billionaire hybrid pedovores that some know as our evil overlords – since they control the “media”, the banks, politicians and military forces, entertainment industries, professional sports, corporations, CEO’s, federal agencies, etc., as well as the multi-million dollar publishing houses that print the lies in our schoolbooks and college textbooks while also publishing their lies in the fake science magazines and in the peer reviewed journals that maintain compliance among the unintelligent fake science gods, while also printing the lies in their “bestsellers on the cutting edge of science” – as they simultaneously control the multi-million dollar museums that prop up fake relics that reinforce their timeline lies which cloak the true timeline which exposes their ancestry and lineage – and since the vast majority of the public is oblivious to the conspicuous evidence, I conclude that very few care about the truth.

    I finally concluded that the public is so dumbed down, drugged up, poisoned, programmed, and numbed out of their minds by the toxic “food” and “beverages”, the toxic, brain destroying fumes from soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, etc., that they’d much rather spend time on video games, make-up. clothes and other superficial pursuits, rather than make truth one of their priorities.

    The timeline lies that the public is indoctrinated to believe include the geological timeline of millions and billions of years, the historical timeline of thousands and thousands of years, the fake biblical timeline of nearly 6,000 years, the timeline from carbon dating, ice cores, Egyptology, etc. – all of those timelines are intentional disinfo – they are a hoax, a fraud, a farce, a scam, a sham and preposterous nonsense.

    The fake biblical timeline was concocted by overlaying the timeline in the bible onto the fake historical timeline where Julius Caesar and Cleopatra lived thousands of years ago – but since the historical timeline is a fraud, since Julius Caesar and Cleopatra didn’t live thousands of years ago, when “trusting” christians believe “historians”, they are actually trusting in the programming from the evil overlords that printed the history books in their multi-million dollar publishing houses – the deception is stealth and cunning – and it’s all a fraud.

    The true timeline for our Earth’s continents, oceans, mountains, cataclysms, etc., is documented in hundreds of historic records, written in over a dozen languages from all across our Earth, going back over 600 years and then corroborated by thousands of other independent sources – theories about when and how our continents, oceans and mountains were formed are unnecessary – because it’s all documented by our ancestors.

    Theories about when and how our tectonic plates were broken and subducted is also unnecessary – theories about when and how our ocean trenches and archipelago islands were formed are also unnecessary. Theories about when and how the Grand Canyon was formed are also unnecessary because our ancestors documented it all – the real timeline is shockingly short and since most are satisfied with their life of lies and lunacy, very few care about the truth of our Earth – since all of our cataclysms were shockingly recent and far more destructive than the public has been led to believe, to fail to know the true timeline is to fail to see the next cataclysm rapidly approaching – which is why very few will survive it – the billionaires and their millionaire minions will NOT survive it because they rely on their money and technology to save them – but since the forces of Nature are far more powerful than their jet engines, they will soon be dead.

    The timeline given to us by our ancestors includes the when and why for the Antarctic mountains, glaciers, ice shelves, volcanoes, etc. – which the public is lied to about. Since the Antarctic ice has been in rapid meltdown over the past several years and since the “experts” are oblivious to the cause, the public is not told that thousands of colossal glaciers are sliding into the sea – they’re only told that the Antarctic glaciers are sliding into the sea and that sea level rise is expected – when actually the sea level rise will be – by comparison – irrelevant.


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