Support for Israel Is Not…

Support for the modern state of Israel is not biblical, moral, logical or justifiable. Christians believe it’s biblical to support Israel, but it’s not.

From New Age to Jesus – Katrina’s Testimony

When Katrina was growing up, her family didn’t talk about God. So she considered herself a “blank slate” when it came to spirituality. She chose her own path, and researched Eastern religions, adding to her beliefs that which resonated with her. She became a respected member of the New Age community, constantly adding to herContinue reading “From New Age to Jesus – Katrina’s Testimony”

The Principle of Comparative Difficulty Applies to Flat Earth

Michael Behe writes on the Principle of Comparative Difficulty: If a simple task is too complex, then a more difficult task is impossible. It’s a way to know when scientists are exaggerating. They make grandiose claims about what they can do, but fail to show evidence for their most basic claims. If a high jumperContinue reading “The Principle of Comparative Difficulty Applies to Flat Earth”

Eleven Ways You Can Tell for Yourself That Earth Is Flat

Flat Earth is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. A flat, stationary earth matches our everyday observation. As NASA reinforces their false narrative with moon landing propaganda, asteroid strike near-misses, and an image of a Black Hole (if you think any of that is real, please stop reading this right now andContinue reading “Eleven Ways You Can Tell for Yourself That Earth Is Flat”

Flat Earth Glossary – Revised and Updated

Aether: Substance through which starlight moves Airy’s Failure: Experiment that proves starlight moves, not the telescope Analemma: Path of the sun, varies throughout the year Antarctica Treaty: Treaty signed by 53 nations that prevents ownership & settlement of Antarctica Asterism: Well-known part of a larger constellation, e.g. Big Dipper Astronot: A Freemason who pretends toContinue reading “Flat Earth Glossary – Revised and Updated”