Let’s Talk About Satellites!

Globers find it ironic that we flerfers type out Flat Earth tweets & memes on the very devices that prove Earth is a globe! Because GPS and our cell phones prove that satellites orbit the earth! Right? And that’s so hilarious and ironic! Right?

Wrong. Much like the Moon Landing, thousands-of-satellites-in-orbit is a hoax. If satellites were orbiting the earth, it would look like this:

satellites junk

But aren’t there thousands of satellites in orbit?

No photos of orbiting satellites exist. Of the thousands of satellites orbiting the earth, we should catch one in a photo every now and then. But we never do. Aside from fake photos, and the hologram and/or Photoshopped ISS, we never see photos of satellites in orbit. 

What about the ISS?

The ISS (International Space Station) deserves its own post. Suffice to say that something the size of a football field, supposedly traveling at 17,000 mph, 250 miles in the air, could not be visible from earth. So the photos are fake. And that’s what got me kicked off r/space on Reddit. But that’s another story.

But Stacey, if satellites are fake, how does GPS work?

GPS works by tower triangulation. That’s why it doesn’t work well in rural areas or in the ocean. Lack of towers = poor triangulation.

cell triangle

How is data transferred then?

Undersea cables transfer data, according to this article from Newsweek, which is not a Flat Earth publication, I don’t think.

portrait cables newsweek
If satellites transmit data, why so many cables?

What about images from Google Earth?

Since the 1940s, we have used airplanes for aerial photography. We still do.

Aerial RAF and Luftwaffe photos via getmapping.com

What about the satellite dish at my house?

Many astute FEs have pointed out these dishes point sideways, or at 45° angles. Why? Because they’re not receiving a signal from a satellite!

satellite dishes
Photo via eve@eveandersson.com

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