Lunar Eclipses

They tell us earth’s shadow causes eclipses. That’s impossible for many reasons, but let’s start with one.

The conventional story of the lunar eclipse is as follows: Sun, moon and earth line up in a row, with earth in the middle. Sun shines on earth, and makes a shadow on the moon.

billiard balls sun earth moon cropt
Sun, earth and moon would have to be spherical and line up like billiard balls. That’s impossible!

As I said, lots of problems with this, because none of the actors in this scenario are solid spheres. But let’s focus on one easy way to prove this wrong:

Many times in the history of lunar eclipse observation, the sun and moon have appeared in the sky at the same time. This phenomenon is called the selenelion. If you can see the sun and the moon in the sky, at the same time, from the earth…the three bodies are not lined up in a row.

sun moon same sky
Sun & moon appear simultaneously, and sometimes during a lunar eclipse.

What causes lunar eclipses? The traditional explanations do not suffice.

Therefore, a better explanation must be sought.


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