No Curve

If we can’t see a curve from high altitudes without a fisheye lens, then no curve exists!

Let me show you an example of a fisheye lens effect:

fisheye lens
Unless the Himalayas occupy 1/6 of the earth’s surface, this is a fisheye lens.

Here’s an example of a photo taken without a fisheye lens:

flat horizon
Notice the straight horizon.

No curve can be demonstrated from any height without a fisheye lens.

6 thoughts on “No Curve

    1. There is NO CURVE!! Have you been on an airplane? I have. I’ve taken pictures too. Guess what? There is NO CURVE! Please go on a plane and take pictures to see for yourself before reading that other website that is controlled opposition and full of lies!


      1. Of course there is a curve. How big do you think globes’ ball earth is? the circumference is 25,000 miles. The radius is 3959 miles. When you are 7 miles up in a plane, how much of a curve are you expecting to see?? At that altitude, you are 0.17% of the radius high. That is like a sheet of paper on a basketball.


  1. Here is some context for you. The “bumps” on a basketball are twice the height on the 4.75in radius ball as 29,000 ft Mt Everest is on the 4,959 mile radius Earth. The bumps are 0.4 mm so the “airplane at 30,000ft” where you think you should see the curve is actually BELOW the height of a bump on a basketball…


    1. The earth is in fact flat. I paid a professional to render the exact same shot of earth as photographed at 35km in an amateur balloon experiment in 2018 on YT. We used the exact altitude and the exact lens as the scientists included the lens data. The photograph at 35km should show massive curve [ think of top 1/3rd of a basketball ] but the footage on YT is in fact FLAT.. The earth is FLAT


      1. YouTube is a font of unbiased truth. Of course. Anyone who refers to YouTube as “evidence” for anything needs to get out of the house and observe the world themselves. There is so many ways to prove the Earth is round that you need cognitive dissonance to deny it.


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