Stars Prove the Earth Doesn’t Move: A Step-By-Step Guide

Stars prove that earth is stationary. When I post about that, people respond with, “But stars are far away!”  So I thought maybe if I break it down step-by-step,  the proof will become clear.

Step One. If earth were orbiting the sun, it would be on the opposite side of the sun in summer compared to winter.

winter summer simple 1

The earth would be at opposite sides of the sun in summer compared to winter.

If it takes one year to orbit the sun, every six months earth would be on the opposite side of the sun from where it was before.

Step Two. In the heliocentric model, we face away from the sun at night. So at night, when we see the stars, we’re facing away from the sun.

if we were orbiting simple 2.7
In the heliocentric model, we face away from the sun at night.

In Step Three. The stars we see in summer, would be completely different than the stars we see in winter. Completely different. Because we’re facing the opposite direction than we were before. The stars would not just be a little bit different, but COMPLETELY different. 100% different. As in, none of the stars we saw in winter, could we see in summer. A TOTALLY different night sky.

if we were orbiting simple 3.5
The stars we see in winter, would be completely different from those we see in summer. 

Illustration. It’s like a man standing in a room with a window on one wall, and a door on the other. The window and the door are on opposite sides. When the man faces the window, he can’t see the door. When he faces the door, he can’t see the window.

illustration man see window door 2 1200
He can’t see the window and the door at the same time. They’re on opposite sides of the room. 

In winter, we see the Big Dipper, so we shouldn’t be able to see it in summer. Because we’re facing the opposite direction. But we do see it. All year. Summer, spring, winter and fall. So we’re not orbiting the sun.

Answering Common Objections 1. “But the stars DO change!”

Yes, we have seasonal constellations like Orion. The stars move according to a pattern. But year-round constellations like the Big Dipper would be impossible if earth were orbiting the sun. As we moved around the sun, and through space, we would lose alignment with the North Star, and lose sight of the Big Dipper. But we never do. The Big Dipper is always visible, proving that we are not orbiting the sun or moving through space. 

And stars NEVER change 100% from one season to another. There are ALWAYS some stars that are visible year-round.

big dipper constellation proves impact
The Big Dipper is visible all year round. This proves we don’t orbit the sun or move through space.

Answering Common Objections 2. “We only see the Big Dipper from the Northern Hemisphere, because it’s close to the North Pole!”

That’s not true. The Big Dipper is visible from the Equator,  and as far south as Northern Australia. It is NOT just visible from the North.

if we were orbiting simple 4.5
Some think the Big Dipper is just a northern constellation, but it’s visible from Australia. 

Answering Common Objections 3. “But stars are really far away!”

First, this is based on assumptions and can’t be proven. Second, even if this were true, we could not see stars that are directly behind us, no matter how far away they are.

we cant see stars that are behind us 1
No one knows how far away the stars are. Saying they are trillions of miles away is just indoctrination. How do you know it’s true?

Illustration. It’s like a man facing North. His friend wants him to see a flag that’s directly behind him, to the South. But the man can’t see it, no matter how far away it is. By glober logic, if the friend just keeps moving the flag further and further and further away, the man will eventually be able to see it.

perspective far away illustration
Globe defenders think if something is very far away, even if it’s directly behind you, you would be able to see it. 

Another Illustration. You’re standing on the 50 yard line, facing the Giants end zone. You can’t see the Jets end zone. It’s directly behind you. Glober logic says if you just keep moving the Jets end zone further and further away, say a trillion miles, you would be able to see it.

jets giants stadium
Standing in the center of the field and facing the Giants end zone, you can’t see the Jets end zone. 

Answering Common Objections 4. “But the stars are orbiting through space too!”

For this objection to make partial sense, the stars would have to be rotating around the sun. The sun would have to be the center of our galaxy. According to the Helio model, the sun is not the center of our galaxy. The center of our galaxy, they say, is a Black Hole:

sagittarius black hole center of milky way
The priests of scientism put a black hole in the center of our galaxy, casting a spell to crush our spirits.

Isn’t that comforting, a black hole in the center of it all? It’s a typical Jesuit spell, designed to crush your spirit. (concept via Alexandra.) 

I hope this clarifies how stars prove earth doesn’t move. I’ve been posting about this since 2017, and receiving the same responses from Flat Earth skeptics. So I hope this brings a little more clarity.

In summary, if we were orbiting the sun, we would see a completely different night sky every six months. Since we don’t, we know we are not orbiting the sun.

Many thanks to @rokro111 for his contributions to this article.

Thanks for reading!


Excellent Flat Earth Video Features My Content

YouTuber Probably Alexandra made an exceptional Flat Earth video focused on programming, rather than debunks. She features my Logical Fallacies series, as well as a couple of my memes.

She informs us:

  • Why all the propaganda against Flat Earth
  • Why globe defenders are acting out of programming, not logic
  • Esoteric (hidden) vs. Exoteric (general) knowledge
  • Trauma-based mind control & MK Ultra
  • Why Flat Earth is a salvation issue

And much, much more!

Get over there and Watch, Like, and Subscribe to her channel. Lots of good content there.


Logical Fallacies of Globe Defenders

When people try to defend the indoctrination they’ve received, they get all emotional and abandon logic and reason. A typical glober response to Flat Earth contains logical fallacies. Let’s look at each one!

1) Ad Hominemad hominem

Anyone who has defended Flat Earth online knows that globers quickly resort to personal insults. There’s something about Flat Earth that inspires rage and fear, and an inability to reason. When a glober’s worldview is touched, he has no other recourse other than to assume the Flat Earth defender is dumb.  They don’t have any proof for Globe Earth, so they attack the messenger.

2) Anecdotalanecdotal

If you hang around shape-of-earth discussions for a while, you meet a lot of people with an uncle who works for NASA, a father who installed the air conditioning in the warehouse where they built the Moon Buggy, a cousin who saw the curve, a friend who sees satellites in his telescope, and on and on. Of course these anecdotal stories have no place in shape-of-earth discussion, but that doesn’t stop people from posting them.

It affects people emotionally to think someone THEY KNOW could be part of a lying organization, but there it is. It messes with their worldview and Cognitive Dissonance kicks in.

3) Appeal to Authorityappeal to authority 2
Unfortunately, people with science degrees lie. Some of them know they are lying, and some are duped themselves. Flat Earth is so simple a child can understand it. It doesn’t require advanced degrees. And those who would rather trust the word of someone they perceive as smarter than themselves, are victims of brainwashing and intellectually lazy.

4) Bandwagonbandwagon
“Everyone knows” this or that. But are they right? From infancy, we’ve all been subject to brainwashing and indoctrination, via culture, media, and school. Some of us begin to question what we were taught. When you look behind the commonly accepted narrative, you begin to see there’s no proof for what they say is true.

5) Burden of Proofburden of proof

This is a huge one. The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim. Flat Earth is not a claim, it’s an observation. Anyone can go outside and see with their eyes that earth is flat and stationary. We witness it every day. We can tell earth doesn’t move. We can see that it doesn’t curve. We look up and see the sun, moon and stars moving overhead.

If we had never been subject to indoctrination, we would never assume earth is a big round ball. We would never assume the sun is 93 million miles away. Our senses give us information about our world, but we have been taught to disregard our senses and believe lies.

But these outrageous claims–that earth is spinning, that it curves, that the sun is 93 million miles away–must be backed up by proof. And they are not.

6) Personal Incredulitypersonal incredulity

To avoid looking into Flat Earth, many people consider the number of people who would have to be “in on it,” and they dismiss the idea, thinking the number is too high. But they fail to consider how organizations work, how only the people at the top of the pyramid know the truth. The people at the bottom are not important enough to know.

That’s how ranks work; that’s how every organization works, including the government and  NASA. Fellow traveler @GrandArch104 calls it the Knowledge Differential:

knowledge differential pyramid

7) Strawmanstrawman

When you attack an argument your opponent is not making, that’s Strawman Argument. Globers like to bring up hoaxes within Flat Earth, such as the time a fake Flat Earther posted on Facebook that Australia doesn’t exist. That was misinformation deliberately circulated to discredit Flat Earth. Please time to learn what we’re actually saying, instead of attacking things no one is saying.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve had experiences with Logical Fallacies, and which ones you’ve come across.


Is Earth Shaped Like a Basketball?

Globe defenders love to post this meme. It shows when you zoom in on a basketball, it looks flat.

basketball flat meme

And that proves earth is a globe! See!

Except that it doesn’t. A basketball is a sphere. It doesn’t have thousands of miles of flat and level oceans like the earth does. It doesn’t have thousands of miles of flat and level coast lines, salt flats or deserts like the earth does. It doesn’t have Kansas, proven to be flatter than a pancake.

But let’s humor the globists for a moment, and pretend the earth’s shape is like a basketball. First, you would need to put a clipboard on top of it, to represent the Pacific Ocean. It covers 30% of the earth’s surface.

basketball earth pacific ocean clipboard 2

Next, you need a slightly smaller clipboard to represent the Atlantic Ocean, since it represents 20% of the earth’s surface.  And, as my friend @rokro111 points out, you need quarters, nickels and dimes to represent all the earth’s lakes.

Since all the world’s oceans and lakes are flat and level, you’ll end up with a lot of flat shapes on your sphere. And I don’t mean things that look flat close up, like a basketball, I mean things that are demonstrably flat, like oceans.

That’s why earth’s shape can’t be represented by a basketball. This glober meme is nonsense.

Globe defenders think the reason the horizon looks straight and flat, is because we are viewing it from too close. But the reason the horizon looks straight and flat is because it is straight and flat.

Occam’s razor applies here. The explanation that requires the least amount of assumptions, is that the horizon is straight and flat.

Also, it rises to eye level at every altitude, which would be impossible if it were curved.

ascend helicopter water tower
View from a helicopter as it ascends. via Mike Davino @davino_mike

Also, Globers debunk themselves when they say we’re too close to the horizon to see the curve, but then in the next breath, they say a ship disappears over the curve. So we can’t see it from 120,000 feet, but we can see it from sea level, aka zero elevation? #selfdebunk

Thanks for reading. When a globe defender posts the basketball meme, feel free to post the clipboard meme.



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Throw a Ball on a Moving Train

In order to explain how earth’s atmosphere sticks to its surface while the earth spins, globe defenders use this illustration:


Inside a moving train, throw a ball up in the air. Does the ball fly to the back of the car? No it does not! It falls back into your hand! Checkmate, Flat Earth!

Other variations of this include hopping while on a moving train and throwing a ball inside a moving car.

As delightful as these scenarios are, they do nothing to explain how earth’s atmosphere would be velcroed down as the earth spins 1,040 mph.

My favorite, and most succinct, response to this comes from @FriePresseDK on Twitter. He wrote, “A train car has walls that push the air along with it, next”

He dismisses this very simply, as it ought to be done. And while I can’t add to his elegance, I’ll say that I don’t know why globers think we are inside the earth. You would have to be inside earth for your ball analogy to work. For this to be analogous to the globe model, you would have to be on top of the train, and toss your ball.

Or better yet, stand on the wing of a Concorde jet flying 1,040 mph, and toss your ball.

h/t @rokro111


Are Stars Really Far Away?

When I write how constellations prove earth is stationary, a globe defender usually responds with, “But the stars are really far away.”

I’m not sure how this would enable us to see stars that are behind us. The stars would be on the other side of the globe earth, if we were orbiting the sun.

sun stars 3

But let’s start with the embedded assumption:

Stars are far away. Says who? And why would they say that? Light years and trillions of miles are a hoax to support the idea that the universe is unfathomably huge. They want us to think we are a tiny speck in a vast universe. But there’s no evidence for that. They made up the numbers of the distances to the stars, and globers repeat those numbers without questioning.

When you look up information on constellations and stars, you have to wade through pages of disinformation about how old the star is, and how far away it is. It’s all conjecture at best, and a deliberate lie at worst.

Most of us bought the idea of far-away stars without much thought. But lately telescopic lenses have fallen into the hands of truth-seekers. And we can zoom in on stars.

And when we do, we discover 1) they look like twinkly lights, 2) they are colorful, and 3) they look like electrical energy reflecting through water.

stars nikon p900

The Nikon P900, 1000, and similar cameras with telescopic lenses have brought us a long way towards understanding stars. But even without these images available to us, if we were simply to observe stars with the naked eye, would we think stars are trillions of miles away? The whole idea is absurd. We’ve been told they are far away, through indoctrination, but there’s no evidence to support it.

Stars are lights in the sky, just as they appear to be. Some have investigated whether they are sonoluminescent (activated sound) and/or electromagnetic. What we observe of stars leads us to think they are close, not far.


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