The Circular Reasoning of Globe Defenders

Many lies of heliocentrism only exist to prop up other lies. Science bros continually offer assumptions as proofs, without realizing they are assumptions. They rely on one assumption to make the next one true.

They say, “I know the ocean looks level, but it is actually curved. The ocean is curved because the earth is curved.” Then we say, “But how do you know the earth is curved?” They don’t realize that curved earth is an assumption, with no evidence to support it. So they get themselves into a loop of circular reasoning, where the ocean is curved because the earth is curved because the ocean is curved.

This loop is only broken by an appeal to authority, which they say is the scientific establishment, but if you probe a little deeper, it’s usually their Grade 5 teacher.

spiral circle reasoning 2
The circular reasoning of globe defenders

As another example, if you look at the stars, with no indoctrination, you wouldn’t think they were trillions of miles away. They told us they’re far away, but why? To support all the other lies of the “solar system,” “galaxy,” “Big Bang,” etc.

This leads to circular reasoning:

Space is a  vacuum!
How do u know?
Because that’s the only way light can travel trillions of miles!
But how do u know stars are trillions of miles away?
Because space is a vacuum!
But how did you know space is a vacuum?
Because that’s the only way light could travel trillions of miles!
[repeat indefinitely]

circular reasoning 2

Another example of circular reasoning is gravity. Globe defenders cry out when I post about the Nile, because they say I don’t understand gravity, and that gravity makes rivers flow in all directions, because it’s pulling everything towards the center of the earth. But what evidence do we have that gravity is pulling everything to the center of the earth?

They don’t realize gravity is an assumption because it’s an assumption shared by so many, particularly the priests of scientism and science teachers. Unfortunately, most teachers are just repeating what they were taught, without objectively verifying it. And as for the elites at the top of the pyramid, they may know, but they ain’t tellin’.

So you get what we have daily on my Twitter:

*science bro puts forth an assumption
*someone points out that it’s an assumption
*he gets mad, throws insults, or changes the subject

I don’t write much about evolution, because my focus is Flat Earth, but the same is true there. The “billions-of-years” lie only exists to prop up the other lies. The notion that Slime + Time = a bald eagle, or whatever, is nonsense. No one would believe a bald eagle just magically appeared one day, so they concocted the idea that over millions of years, a bald eagle might appear. It’s still nonsense, but seems to be somehow more palatable nonsense.

Apart from Bill Nye & Co. telling you earth is millions of years old, what evidence do you have? When you look around, what makes you go, “Oh yeah, gazillions of years?” The carbon dating process that suggests fossils are gorillions of years old has been proven a hoax. Even the Grand Canyon, which scientism teaches was formed over zillions of years, was created by the sudden rushing waters of the Great Flood.

Anyways! I’ve gone off-topic here! But I guess that’s the luxury of a blog post as opposed to a Twitter! Many many thanks for reading and I’ll see you around!

P.S. If you have another example of circular reasoning in scientism, please leave it in the comments!
reply meme


The Bad Guys That Run Our World


Elected officials are only puppets. But who are the men behind the puppets–the elite who run our world? Meet the Illuminati, Freemasons, Jesuits, and International Bankers! Thanks to Leonard Ulrich and his video for the framework for this thread.

This post gives a framework for understanding, and to inspire further research; it’s not meant to be comprehensive. Many have devoted years to these topics, so I link to their work. Thanks for understanding!

Meet the Bad Guys: Illuminati, Freemasons, Jesuits and International Bankers

All secret societies trace their roots back to the ancient religions of Sumaria, Babylonia, and Egypt. These “mystery religions” served to keep the masses controlled by the elite.  The word “occult” doesn’t mean evil—it means, “secret!” You are not supposed to know the secrets of the elite. That’s why it comes as such a shock to many when they realize the power of secret societies. 

In the ancient world, the Israelites were unique in their monotheism. However, as they began to absorb the customs of the surrounding nations, their belief system was corrupted. Mystery religions and secret societies trace their roots back to this mixture of truth and error, codified in Kabbalah, which offers counter-explanations to truths found in Scriptures.

The beliefs of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans merged with Christianity when the Roman emperor Constantine converted and made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire. Gnosticism, or the idea of salvation through knowledge, has always been a primary driver of the New World Order.

The Knights Templar knightbegan in 1118 as a military-religious order that escorted pilgrims to Jerusalem during the Crusades. Dominated by the nobility, they grew in power and influence and had special protection from the Pope. Eventually they degenerated into perversion and Satan worship. The Knights merged with the Rosicrucians, a mixture of Christianity and occult religions, in the 1600s.

The Rosicrucians became the key vehicle through which occult practices were spread throughout Europe, and influenced the Jesuits’ counter-reformation. The Jesuits, an order within the Catholic system, founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier, rigorously opposed the Reformation and have a long track record of nefarious deeds including alleged assassinations.

jesuit chartSome believe the Jesuits are at the top of the Secret Society power structure; some say it’s the Illuminati. Depends on who you ask!

The Freemasons evolved from European stonemasons who, when the cathedral-building industry declined, began to focus on occult practices. Within the Freemasons exists an elite group called the Illuminati, made up of only the highest ranking Freemasons. The Illuminati combined Freemasonry, banking and religious interests.

The Illuminati, founded in Germany by Adam Weishaupt, rose to power in the late 1700s and began to influence political and banking affairs in Europe and America. Their goals include the elimination of monarchial government and patriotism to it, elimination of private property and inheritance, destruction of traditional family, and the abolition of religion. These goals line up with the New World Order. For Illuminati origins (from an author who doesn’t believe they play a role in today’s affairs) go here.illuminati

The Rothschild family was becoming the most powerful banking family in the world, and had close ties to the Illuminati. They funded both sides of the War of 1812, the Napoleonic wars, and every major war to follow. They eventually contrived to own the Bank of England. Through intermarriage, they have become royalty.

This central banking system they created, which manifests as the Federal Reserve in the United States, means that banks own the nations. They not only control a nation’s money supply, but they loan money to the government at interest, so that the government can never be free of debt. Please see this video for a breakdown of New World Order machinations, particularly how central banks work.

Before the American Revolution, the Colonies had their own interest-free monetary system, but it was outlawed by the King. After that war, and through every other war, the United States has never been able to wrest control from the banks. We remain indebted as a nation today.

In 1907, 

hegelian dialectic

a rumor caused a panic that resulted in a run on the banks, and a few years later the Federal Reserve was born. This serves as a classic example of Hegelian dialectic: 1) The government causes or exploits a problem; 2) The people cry out for help; 3) The government enacts the pre-planned “solution,” resulting in more government control.

And thus, through endless wars and other schemes, the ruthless elite maintain their control over the populace. Membership in secret societies is a prerequisite in the upper ranks in all realms including politics and entertainment. The goals of the Illuminati synthesize with those of the New World Order, and from the French Revolution to 9/11, we see them being enacted today.

For additional insight on who the bad guys are, and why they lie, please see this book on the connections between the New World Order and the New Age Movement. The author is Gregory Lessing Garrett, and you can find him on Twitter.



It’s Time to Question the Moon Landing

Oliver Stone helped move the Overton Window on the Kennedy assassination. His film JFK, drawing from Jim Marrs’s book, paints a picture of what could have happened that day. At first it wasn’t common to question the narrative; the official story was generally accepted. But many began to question the details surrounding the President’s death, and now it’s fairly common to say the official story doesn’t tell the whole story. According to this poll, a majority believe the government was involved.

A man pushes the window of discourse from unthinkable, radical, acceptable, sensible, popular, policy

The same needs to happen for the Moon Landing. Doubting the moon landing needs to become acceptable, common, a must for every critical thinker. My aim here is not to thoroughly examine all the evidence for the moon hoax. For a meticulous debunk go here  or here. I aim to provide inspiration for further investigation, and appeal to all critical thinkers to reconsider the moon landings.

A brief sampling of evidence fits into three basic categories: 1) Logistics  2) Optics  and 3) Relics.

moon hoax evidence pages screen shot
Points for investigation about the moon landing.

Apart from all the anomalies in evidence, the moon itself debunks the landing. With a powerful zoom lens, we see that the moon isn’t a spherical rock like we supposed. While in gibbous phase, pictures show the top edge of it has depth. It appears to change shape like a deflating bag, and behaves more like a

part of moon
The moon in gibbous phase

The moon isn’t 237,000 miles away like they said, it’s much closer, as you can tell in the photo. But it isn’t a spherical rock. There’s no way anyone landed on it. For years many have documented the inconsistencies in the moon landing story, but now we have evidence from the moon itself: it’s a light, not a rock.

gibbous photo 2
The moon has depth to its upper edge, proving it’s not a sphere

For people who like videos:

This video contains a clip of Kubrick confessing his involvement.

This chronicles the behavior of astronauts questioned about their role in the hoaxes.

Please see this breakdown of moon hoax basics.

Here astronaut Don Pettit claims we destroyed the technology to go to the moon.

1970s meme 6
Did we really have the tech to reach the moon?

How do we shift the Overton Window on the moon hoax? How does it become commonplace to question it? We’re on twitter daily mocking the Lunar Lander. We ask people if they believe we went to the moon as a starting point, to see how much they’ve looked into things. But how do we keep pushing, til skepticism becomes the standard? Leave your answer in the comments.

These Two Little Lights Debunk the Globe

Flat Earth has many stand-alone proofs. Taken separately, any one of these debunks the globe.

The star Polaris is one; lack of curvature is another; flat oceans is still another.

But today I want to talk about Mercury and Venus, the two little truthers that Globers hate!

I have a friend who is very intelligent. When he goes all science-y on me, and starts using big science words, I tell him: Please explain it to me like you would a Golden Retriever.

Now, I know my readers are way, way smarter than a Golden, but I want to give you the accessible version of why Mercury and Venus debunk the globe. Because every time I post this, globers’ wiring starts to short-circuit, and they say, “refraction,” and “gravity,” and other words from their default programming.

So here it is, how Mercury and Venus debunk the globe, Golden Retriever version:

golden 2
I often ask my friend to give me the “Golden Retriever version.”

In the heliocentric model, Mercury and Venus orbit closer to the sun than earth. So they orbit inside earth’s orbit of the sun. Their circle around the sun is smaller than Earth’s circle around the sun. They are ALWAYS closer to the sun. You with me so far?

graphic solar system meme 2
In the Helio model, Mercury and Venus orbit close to the sun.

Now, let’s suppose it’s nighttime. What causes night in the helio model? It’s when part of the earth faces away from the sun. Right? Half of earth faces AWAY from the sun, and that part experiences night.

Let's Explore Science... Space
In the helio model, the part of earth facing away from the sun experiences night.

OK, so Mercury and Venus orbit close to the sun. And half of earth is facing away from the sun. If you’re on the part of the earth facing away from the sun, you’re also facing away from Mercury and Venus. So you should never see Mercury and Venus at night.

solar meme 4
If facing away from the sun causes night, we should never see Mercury and Venus at night.

We should never be able to see Mercury and Venus at night.

If the rotation of earth causes day and night, and Mercury and Venus orbit closer to the sun than earth, we should never see them at night.

But we do:

flat earth
Sometimes Mercury and Venus are visible all night long. That debunks heliocentrism.

Whenever I post this article, globe defenders tell me to read the whole thing. They say, it’s only visible at dusk and dawn! But guess what the article says? It says, Venus is visible all night long this weekend.

( is not a Flat Earth publication, as far as I know).

And it’s not an anomaly. It happens often. See this article about how Venus is visible three hours after sundown.

venus leave evening sky

So that’s it, the globe is debunked. We can all go home. I know they come up with excuses, and say it’s refraction, or gravity, or something. The reality?

What they call Mercury and Venus are wandering stars. Lights in the firmament. There’s no “planet” Mercury, or “planet” Venus. And we never would have known about them unless they were visible at night. 

venus 2
Venus taken with a Nikon P900. It’s not a “planet,” it’s a star.


So there ya go. Globe debunked. Again.

Thanks for reading!

Five Easy Ways to Tell Earth is Flat

1) No Curve

If earth were a ball of 25,000 miles circumference, we would see 8″ per mile squared of curvature. See the formula here and a curve calculator here.

But we never see the curve from any height. Globe defenders say we’re too close to the ground to see the curve. But even at 120,000 feet, the horizon is straight, flat, and always rises to eye level.

If we were on a sphere, the horizon would drop away from us in all directions. But it doesn’t, and that proves we are on a plane, not a sphere.

Photo taken by a weather balloon at 120K feet (3,6576 meters).

2) No Spin

No one can prove the earth is spinning. No one can feel it, sense it, or measure it. They say the earth’s spin causes day and night, but we see the sun travel across the sky, causing day and night.

If earth were spinning, a hot air balloon or helicopter could simply hover in midair and wait for its destination to arrive beneath it. But that’s impossible, because earth isn’t moving.

Globe defenders say the atmosphere spins along with the earth, but in their model, it has no enclosure to make the atmosphere move with the earth.

hot air balloon
No hot air balloon can hover and wait for its destination to arrive beneath it.

3) No Upside-Down Continents

Australia doesn’t cling to the bottom of a ball. This piece of globe logic gets increasingly ludicrous the more you ponder it. After a while, you’ll marvel that you ever believed it.



4) Gyroscopes

Many tools function perfectly on our stationary plane, but would not work on a spinning globe.

For example, airplanes use gyroscopes to fly straight and level. It works by spinning on an axis relative to the horizon or the ground. If the horizon were curved, or the ground were moving, gyroscopes could not work.

gyroscope 2
The most sophisticated airplane navigation tech is based on the humble gyroscope.

Examples of tools that could not function on a spinny Spacepear™:

Carpenter’s Level
Laser Level
Plumb Line
Rail Gun

These all depend on a flat, stationary earth and could not function on a spinning globe.

5) Small, Local, Mobile Heavenly Bodies

We observe daily how the sun moves across the sky. I know your teacher told you that we are moving around the sun, but forget about that for a second. Use your senses and observe. What do you see? You see the sun moving, not the earth.

We can see the moon, take pictures of it, and get close-ups of its surface. Would this be possible if the moon were 237,000 miles away?

We see the stars twinkle in the night; a good zoom lens reveals how they seem to reflect light through water. I know your teacher said they’re trillions of miles away, but if they were, how could we see them?

The heavenly bodies are small, local, mobile lights. They’re not far away. The heliocentric model depends on celestial bodies being extremely distant. But they’re not.

deflated bag
Could we get a close-up of the moon’s surface if it were 237,000 miles away?


Besides these 5 proofs, how do *you* know earth is flat? Leave your answer in the comments!


What About the Edge?

People ask about the edge.

When people hear about Flat Earth, they ask about the edge. They say the universe doesn’t have an edge, or it’s constantly expanding. But when people hear “flat earth,” they picture an edge with water running off the sides.

We’re surrounded by an ice wall.

Evidence suggests an ice wall surrounds our realm. What’s beyond it? We don’t know. The Antarctic Treaty, signed by 53 nations and never violated, declares Antarctica exists for scientific purposes only and is owned by no one. No settlement or energy exploration is allowed.

antarcica w ship
An international navy patrols the ice wall.

What’s beyond the ice wall?

Some believe more land lies beyond the wall. Some believe the dome meets the earth. But Antarctica isn’t a continent like they told us. It’s a circle that extends around our realm.

AE map
The white circle around the edge is Antarctica.

Are you saying no one has ever been to Antarctica?

No, I’m saying Antarctica doesn’t have Eastern or Western borders, or cling to the bottom of a ball. The government-sponsored media periodically releases stories to support the narrative. Globe defenders like to post those stories, like the one below. They underscore how the world’s government tightly controls exploration and information on Antarctica.

Please note the British military sponsored this story:

british ladies
Globers like to post this article as proof that anybody can go to Antarctica whenever he likes. They somehow fail to note it was govt-sponsored.

Antarctica is not what they told us.  Thanks for reading!




What About the Sunset?

What about the sunrise/sunset?

We get this question a lot in Flat Earth. To understand the answer, throw away all notions of a huge blazing gas ball sun, central to our system.

The sun is a small, mobile, local light. It makes a circuit across the sky every day. When it goes too far away, it disappears into the line of convergence, or horizon.

The best illustration I’ve seen so far is from @VerumBellator1 :


Properly understood, the sun doesn’t “set” or “rise.” It advances and retreats. No spinning globe required.

One more illustration that kinda helps too:path sun

The sun doesn’t disappear or a curve, it merely moves beyond our line of sight.

Thanks for reading! If you have a better way of explaining sun advance/retreat, please leave your idea in the comments!

How to Tell Friends and Family About Flat Earth

You’ve done your research and you’re convinced. Earth is not a spinning globe. But how do you tell your loved ones? A few things that have worked for others:

Go Slowly

When you share about Flat Earth, some people get very emotional. The globe earth lie touches something deep inside them, and they can get angry and upset. Sometimes their Cognitive Dissonance kicks into high gear. They might attack you verbally. Don’t attack them back. Stay calm.

Start with NASA

nasa lies 4For many, NASA is the tip of the spear. It’s easier for people to look at a picture of the Lunar Lander and see its flaws, than for them to comprehend a lifetime of lies. Show them that hunk of junk or Kubrick with the head of NASA. These visuals can be powerful, and plant a precious seed.

Mention the Spin

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning 1,040 mph? Simple questions like these can get a person’s mind moving in the right direction. To point out the great weaknesses in the globe system, ask people to apply their reasoning skills to everyday situations. Have you ever noticed the horizon is always straight and flat, even from an airplane? In this picture from 120,000 feet? Etc.

Send Links to Your Favorite Resources

In the moment, they may not seem interested. But follow up with your favorite Twitter account, YouTube channel, article, etc. And later, in the middle of the night, in a fit of boredom, they might click the link you sent them.

Be Patient

I have received a broad range of responses when I share FE with friends and family:

1) It’s not true and it’s not important
2) Even if it’s true it’s not important
3) It’s true but it’s not important
4) It’s true and important!
5) Violent Rage
6) Meh

So be patient. People travel their personal journey and can’t be rushed. Somebody told me the truth about 9/11 and it took me years to wake up. So never underestimate the power of planting a seed. Respect their “No,” when they prefer not to talk about it, and just wait.

Someday, *everyone* will be a Flat Earther. Until then we plant seeds and wait.

What has helped you share with friends and loved ones? Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, Stacey



My Story

cropped-stacey-airplane1.png-be me
-read about Kubrick’s moon landings
-think about it
-meet someone who works for NASA
-did y’all fake the moon landings?
-accept her answer
-time goes by
-don’t look into it
-become a Twitter-head
-scrolling Twitter, as one does
-on my TL: “Earth is flat”
-are these people for real?
-look into it to see if they’re for real
-they’re for real
-earth is flat, they believe it
-all afternoon looking at memes
-see it’s true
-look into it, research it for weeks
-know for sure it’s true
-tell friends & family
-some people get it, some think it’s wild
-create twitter account
-tweet about FE for six months
-start blog

How did you find out about Flat Earth? Leave your answer in the comments!


Why Would They Lie?

Many people let the 24/7 news cycle guide their thinking. They hate certain politicians and love others. They get upset about the latest outrage. They might have patriotic feelings, or they might think their country is the bad guy, depending on the latest thought trends.

They believe we put a man on the moon and a rover on Mars. They believe youths with box cutters brought down the Towers, NFL games are left totally to chance, and doctors lovingly inject patients with pathogens to make them healthy. They believe celebrities are regular people like you and me, they just earned their place with a little luck.

Then Flat Earth comes across their TL. And they have to re-think all that. “What do you mean the governments of the world are in collusion?” They scream at me on Twitter. “What do you mean we never went to the moon? What do you mean secret societies wield tremendous power?”

The reason governments lie is complex, and it prevents many from looking into FE. They can’t figure out why the powerful would lie, so they assume Flat Earth is crazy and don’t look into it. 

But the answer is not so much about the details, since some are unknown and will remain unknown. It’s more about opening your mind to the staged world in which we live, and seeing that world governments collaborate for their purposes.

Ancient Cosmologies

machu picchu
Machu picchu by Skeeze on Pixabay


Globe earth appeared on the scene relatively recently. For thousands of years, ancient cultures taught a flat earth, with stars moving on a dome overhead. All major religions had their version of it. This agreed with what they observed, especially stargazers, who used sundials and astrolabes to predict movements of heavenly bodies with 100% accuracy. 

Copernicus & The Heliocentric Model

In the 1500s, Copernicus theorized a rotating earth with the sun in the center. Later the Vatican endorsed it, and the idea took hold. The scriptures teach a stationary earth, but soon all authorities, sacred and secular, were pushing the spinning globe earth.

For all of human history, we knew earth was flat and stationary. This model has the support of our own senses and ancient writings. But the globe took hold and the psy-op began. Soon a child would see a globe in every classroom.

copernicus 3
Copernicus theorized a round earth that moves around the sun.

1940s & 50s — Discovery of the Dome and Ice Wall

In the 1940s, the U.S. government attached cameras to rockets and sent them high above the New Mexico desert. They captured images from 65 miles (100 km)! As you see, no curve detected! But this is how they discovered the dome.

no curve 1946
Photo courtesy of airspacemag. I added the red line & text.

Operations Dominic & Fishbowl

Shortly afterward, they began exploding bombs at high altitudes in projects called Operation Dominic and Operation Fishbowl. Russia was doing the same thing. They were testing the limits of the dome.

fishbowl n dominic
U.S. Govt exploded bombs high in the air to test the limits of the dome.

Operation High Jump

Around the same time, the U.S. and others were sending teams to explore the Antarctic Ice Wall and beyond. What they discovered is a mystery; many believe Admiral Byrd’s report was a hoax. But whatever they found compelled them to draft the Antarctica Treaty.

All the powerful nations quickly signed the treaty, and they declared Antarctica a land for scientific study only; no one can own it, settle it, or use it for any other purpose.

penguin families
Penguin families. Photo by MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

Confess the Truth or Double Down?

Having discovered the limits of the earth and sky, the government had a choice to make. Would they tell the truth, or double down?

They doubled down. The “space race” began.

The Phony Space Race

dog laika
Russia claimed they sent a dog into space. Photo by 41330 at Pixabay.


People have a hard time understanding that Russia and the USA were in collusion on the whole space race hoax. Maybe they don’t understand how ranks work, how they control the flow of information, so that only the people at the top of the pyramid know the truth.

In 1957 Russia claimed to send a dog into orbit. Since it was before the days of  public outrage over the fate of an animal, they made no plan for Laika’s recovery and claimed that she died painlessly in space one week later. (How did they know it was painless?)

Before anyone gets upset, Laika probably lived to a ripe old age here on the ground, because Russia never sent anyone anywhere, dog or human. And neither did USA. But in keeping with Russia’s publicity stunts, President Kennedy declared we’d have a man on the moon by the end of the decade. So in 1969 Nixon sprang into action. He contacted Kubrick and they faked the moon landing.

The Moon Hoax deserves its own post, but suffice to say it helped drive the narrative of USA’s dominance on the world stage.

control room
Perhaps not everyone who works at NASA knows about the fakery, but they all sign non-disclosure agreements.

Space Generates Revenue

Today, space and space exploration is worth billions of dollars. NASA’s budget is 18 billion annually. Hollywood & the military-industrial-educational complex all participate. The idea of a vast universe invokes fear and awe, and aims to keep people living in fear of an asteroid strike or alien invasion.

NASA has become the propaganda arm of the Climate-Hoax™ industry, a form of fear-based mind control where victims fear they’ve done something wrong to damage the earth, and feel helpless because they can’t stop others from doing what kills the polar bears, melts ice caps, causes hurricanes, etc. 

I Have to Mention Secret Societies Here

Many balk at the idea of Secret Societies, but it’s crucial to understand that membership in these clubs is common among the elite. It helps explain how powerful countries like USA, Russia and Chinathough they seem to be at odds on certain issues actually cooperate and conspire to maintain their power.

secret societies
The elites often participate in secret societies.

Many people ask truthers, Are China and Russia lying about their space programs too? The short answer is yes. If we know that wickedness dwells in high places—that people in power are willing to lie, cheat and steal—doesn’t it follow that the leaders of other nations do this too? If NASA isn’t able to recover a human from a rocket, but rather sends empty rockets into the ocean, why would Russia be any different? All nations lie about their space programs.

The world’s leaders cooperate to maintain their power.

Oh and Another Thing: It’s Spiritual

The end result/goal of lying about the earth is to discredit God. If the elites convince us we’re an insignificant speck in a vast universe, with no God and no purpose in life, they have created a fearful, ignorant populace, easy to control. We will look to government to save us and will not resist, because there’s nothing worth fighting for.

Satan has control over all the kingdoms of the world, and he gives them to whomever he pleases (Luke 4:6). So the leaders of the world, whether aware of it or not, are merely puppets of Satan, doing his will.

For additional insight on who the bad guys are, and why they lie, please see this book on the connections between the New World Order and the New Age Movement. The author is Gregory Lessing Garrett, and you can find him on Twitter.

This video explains how the NWO works, especially regarding the international bankers’ control of government via federal banks.

Thanks for reading. I know there’s much more to say on this; I didn’t even go into the Jesuits, Illuminati, etc. Those are topics for other posts, and one could spend a lifetime researching all the connections. But I hope this gives you a framework for understanding the government’s concealment about the shape of the earth.