Stars represent one of my favorite Flat Earth proofs, and my Twitter fam knows I write about them all the time!

If we were orbiting the sun, we would see 100% percent different stars every three months. But since earth is stationary and the sky-dome moves


• Some asterisms all year-round, like the Big Dipper and Southern Cross
• Stars that should be obscured by earth’s curve, but aren’t
• Polaris keeping his place forever


• Stars changing constantly as we spin through S P A C E ™ 
• Stars fading as universe expands
• Polaris moving


Polaris has been levitating above Magnetic North for millennia. He’s the original truther!




13 thoughts on “Stars

  1. The distance bewteen polaris and the earth is 20’426,870 astronomical units (an astronomical unit is the distance between the earth and the sun). We got a triangle formed by earth, sun and polaris. Now, suppose that this is a right triangle. The distance between the sun and earth is 1 astronomical unit and the distance between sun and polaris is 20’426,870 astronomical units. Then apply basic trigonometry: α = atan(1/20 426 870) = 0.000002804922° this is the angle variation in the position of polaris between earth and the sun, the half between the earth and the earth in the opposite position in their orbit. So, the maximum variation in the position of polaris in a period of six months (the time that earth takes to arrive to the other side of its ordbit) is 0.000005609844 degrees. Our eye cannot see that variation.
    “[..] we would see 100% percent different stars every three months.” Actually, we see a different portion of the sky every day. Too slow to notice. The relative position of the stars that you can see in march nights are different from the position of the september ones. If you live near the equator, you will be able to see completely different constelations this night and one night six months later, because, when it’s march, let’s say, you see the constelations at the “right” of the sun, and, when it’s september, you will see the constelations at the “left” of the sun.
    If you live very close to southern or northern poie, the stars that you see this night and the night six months later will be the same, except that they will appear 180° rotated, so, if you turn on yourself 180°, you’ll see the same sky six months ago.
    The distances between stars and other planets are so huge that is hard for our brains imagine it. Of course that the stars are fading while the universe is exanding, but, I insist, the distances are unimaginable. The changes are minimal, you don’t notice to one day to the next.


  2. I appreciate your making the effort to copy and paste from government-approved websites.
    But if stars were that far away, we couldn’t see ’em.
    Thanks for visiting my site!

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  3. I think that this site was made to create some controversy.
    You say something that is not accepted as a truth by the majority of people (I’m not saying that is false or true). So, the people that thinks the opposite will try to explain to you some things, like I did. And, when this happens, the people expect that you explain more about your opinion, and not just: “thanks for your manipulated comment”.
    I think that you read what i wrote and you don’t think in the posibility. Like a kid fighting with another kid which has their hands in his ears and yelling: “I don’t hear you I don’t hear you…”
    Just answer this question:
    ¿You really think in the posibility of what i said?
    I mean, try to imagine the astronomical distances of the stars, and try to figure it out if this fits with the reality.
    You are saying that the earth is flat because your senses tell that, but, your senses can be fooled so easily, (optical illusions for example). I say that the earth is a globe because my “indoctrination”. which I don’t know why the goverment lies about.
    Every word that I wrote in my last comment fits with the observation and reality, and you just say: “[…] copy paste […] goverment-approved websites […] we couldn’t see ’em”. Actually, because its size, perfectly can be viewed from earth. Why do you think that this is not possible?


    1. Hyperkubo,
      Thanks again for posting. Stars aren’t far away. I know Government textbooks and and Wikipedia say they are, in order to support the idea of infinite space, and our insignificance in the cosmos, etc. But no one can prove they are far away.
      In your scenario, you’re assuming the location of Polaris and the sun before you do your trigonometry. How do you know their positions?
      You say, “The distances between stars and other planets are so huge that is hard for our brains imagine it.”
      How do you know that? I know your teachers said that, but how do you know it’s true?
      I didn’t create this blog to stir controversy. I created it because I’m passionate for truth. I’m honored that you would take the time to comment.

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      1. How do I know their positions?
        Same answer: Trigonometry.
        If you look a star (with something that can measure little angles) one day, and six months later register the angle variation, you can determine the distance.
        This isn’t about beliefs. It’s all about measurements. Do the experiments. You cannot say: “I think that the earth is flat because I don’t like the research and my eyes can’t see the curvature.”
        I didn’t provide any info we couldn’t find on or Wikipedia (…)
        Well, this is because I think that these people are doing an excellent work researching.
        I say that stars are too far away because so many experts in this things know that.
        You say that are so much closer because your beliefs…
        You said that no one can prove they are far away. This is wrong, many people and equipment already went out there. You choose deny the facts because your beliefs…
        I ask to you: How do you know that stars aren’t far away?


      2. So people who say they’re smarter than you…
        @Hyperkubo: “I say that stars are too far away because so many experts in this things know that.”
        They say it, so you believe it?


  4. Same question to you:
    If someone smarter than you tells you that the earth is flat, you believe it?
    I “belive” in trigonometry. This thing is so magical that you can find in a triangle all the measures if you know only two sides and an angle, or two angles and one side forming that angle…
    If these people (smarter than me or not), if they are using something that everyone can use, it’s possible that this guys are telling the truth.
    You ignored all that i wrote in my last post about how the people can know the distance of the stars and the fact that we see different stars, (at least, different position of them if you live near poles). We see different stars in a spherical earth, This works perfect.
    You, again, choose ignore/deny because your beliefs.

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    1. Hyper, it’s because you’re assuming these fantastic distances are right (light years).
      How do you know the stars are so far away?


      1. Again, you just ignored my comments.
        The answer to your question is trigonometry. If you press Ctrl + F you will notice that this word, until this comment, has been writed 5 times.
        Maybe this may seem magical and fantastic to you, but they are simple calculations.
        I suggest you read a little about trigonometry and go to YouTube and search: “how to know star distances”. The evidence is there. It depends on you if you want to read it and if you want to accept it.


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