The Curve on the Ocean, aka the Coke Can

I love this glober talking point because it’s so easily debunked.

Globe defenders often bring up this time-honored meme: When a ship disappears on the horizon, it’s going over the curve of the earth.

Never mind that you can bring that ship back into view with a powerful zoom lens. If we can bring it back into view, it’s not behind a hill of water, is it? It’s just moved out of our field of vision.

Most globe defenders don’t realize that if there’s no curve on the horizon from left to right, like this <———————————-> but there’s a curve between the observer and the horizon, that would make a cylinder.

They don’t like this debunk, and they get mad and say, “I never said cylinder!” But that’s the shape they’re describing. Let me illustrate with a Coke can:


Another reason the “ship going over the curve” doesn’t work, is because globers like to say you have to be really high, higher than any human can go, in order to see the curve. But then they say you can see it with the naked eye on the ocean!

But then, consistency can’t be found in globe logic.

Anyways, let me know how you respond to this globey talking point. Leave your answer in the comments!

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