The Moon

The moon is a small, local, mobile light. It’s not millions of miles away. No one has ever landed on it, and no one ever will.

It doesn’t just reflect the sun’s light. It self-illuminates, and it’s electromagnetic. It’s a light that resets on a monthly basis. No one knows how its phases work.

Lunar eclipses are not caused by shadows. Sometimes during a lunar eclipse, the sun and moon are both visible in the sky. This is called a selenelion, and it proves lunar eclipses are not caused by shadows. A better explanation for eclipses must be sought!


  • 237K miles away
  • Controlling the tides
  • Affected by shadows
  • Just reflecting the sun’s light
  • Something firm on which you could land


  • Mobile
  • Small and local
  • A complete mystery
deflated bag
The moon isn’t a spherical rock. It acts like a bag that inflates and deflates.



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